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March 25, 1992 Italy 1-Germany 0

March 25, 1992
Italy 1-Germany 0
Venue: Torino (Turin) - Stadio delle Alpi             
Attendance: 35,800
Referee: Rune Larrson (Sweden)
Goalscorers: (Italy): Roberto Baggio 86pen
                      (Germany): None
1-Walter Zenga (Internazionale Football Club- Milano) [56 caps / 0 goals]    
2-Moreno Mannini (Unione Calcio Sampdoria-Genova)  [2 caps / 0 goals]    
3-Amedeo Carboni (Associazione Sportiva Roma) [1 caps / 0 goals]          
4-Stefano Eranio (Genoa 1893-Genova) [8 caps / 0 goals]   (15-Alessandro Bianchi (Internazionale Football Club- Milano) [2 caps / 0 goals] 80)
5-Alessandro Costacurta (Associazione Calcio Milan- Milano) [4 caps / 0 goals]       
6-Franco Baresi (Associazione Calcio Milan- Milano)  [60 caps / 1 goals]      
7-Roberto Donadoni (Associazione Calcio Milan- Milano) [39 caps / 4 goals]       
8-Fernando De Napoli (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli) [54 caps / 1 goals]     (17-Gianluigi Lentini (Torino Calcio 1906) [6 caps / 0 goals]     61)
9-Pierluigi Casiraghi (Juventus Football Club-Torino) [4 caps / 1 goals]    
10-Roberto Baggio (Juventus Football Club-Torino) [20 caps / 11 goals]    (16-Nicola Berti (Internazionale Football Club- Milano) [23 caps / 3 goals]   91)
11- Alberigo Evani (Associazione Calcio Milan- Milano) [3 caps / 0 goals]       

Coach: Arrigo Sacchi
Booked: Carboni

Other Subs:
Gianluca Pagliuca (Unione Calcio Sampdoria-Genova)  
Ciro Ferrara (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli)
Riccardo Ferri (Internazionale Football Club- Milano)   
Gianfranco Zola (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli)
Ruggiero Rizzitelli (Associazione Sportiva Roma)  

Team Captain: Franco Baresi
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Diadora
Uniform Colors: Blue Shirts, White Shorts, Blue Socks

1-Bodo Illgner (1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 e.V.) [33 caps / 0 goals]    
5-Manfred Binz (Eintracht Frankfurt e.V.) [8 caps / 0 goals]    
2- Stefan Reuter (Juventus Football Club -Torino/ Italy) [31 caps / 2 goals]    
6-Guido Buchwald (Verein für Bewegungspiele Stuttgart 1893 e.V.) [48 caps / 1 goals]    
4-Thomas Helmer (Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund 1909 e.V.) [6 caps / 0 goals]    
3-Andreas Brehme (Internazionale Football Club- Milano / Italy)  [67 caps / 8 goals]    (16-Michael Schulz (Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund 1909 e.V.) [1 caps / 0 goals]  46)
8- Thomas Häßler (Associazione Sportiva Roma / Italy) [26 caps / 2 goals]      
10- Lothar Herbert Matthäus (Internazionale Football Club- Milano / Italy)  [93 caps / 0 goals]    
7-Thomas Doll (Società Sportiva Lazio / Italy)  [8 caps / 1 goals]      (15-Uwe Bein (Eintracht Frankfurt e.V.) [14 caps / 3 goals]    69)
9-Rudolf 'Rudi' Völler (Associazione Sportiva Roma / Italy) [80 caps / 42 goals]     (13-Jürgen Klinsmann (Internazionale Football Club- Milano / Italy) [34 caps / 9 goals]      46)
11-Karlheinz Riedle (Società Sportiva Lazio / Italy) [19 caps / 6 goals]    

Coach: Hans-Hubert ‘Berti’  Vogts

Other Subs:
Andreas Köpke (1.Fußball-Club Nürnberg - Verein für Leibesübungen e.V. )
Stefan Kuntz (1.Fußball-Club e.V. Kaiserslautern)
Markus Schupp (1.Fußball-Club e.V. Kaiserslautern)

Team Captain: Lothar Herbert Matthäus
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Black Shorts and White Socks

Photo : from World Soccer, June 1992


-Match number 490 for Italy and number 579 for Germany.

-This was Italy’s first match vs. a unified Germany since 1940.

-This was Italy’s first match hosted at Stadio delle Alpi. This was the home stadium of Turin clubs Juventus and Torino.
The following players were playing in their home stadium: Italians Gianluigi Lentini, Pierluigi Casiraghi, Roberto Baggio and German Stefan Reuter.
In addition Germany’s other Juventus player Jurgen Kohler was unavailable for this match.
Germany’s Thomas Häßler was a Juventus player the previous season.

-Thomas Helmer took Kohler’s place in the German lineup.

-New uniforms for Germany.

-Germany’s last match in this stadium was on July 4, 1990, the World Cup semifinal vs. England. The following players were present at that match: Bodo Illgner, Guido Buchwald, Andreas Brehme, Thomas Häßler, Stefan Reuter, Lothar Herbert Matthäus, Jürgen Klinsmann, Rudolf 'Rudi' Völler and Karlheinz Riedle.
Andreas Brehme scored in that match.

-On February 28, 1992, Berti Vogts announced that Andreas Moller would not be considered for the Italy match as long as his future club transfer was not resolved.
Juventus who had acquired him wanted him to be loaned to Atalanta, but he refused.

-The following Germany players were playing for Italian Serie A clubs: Stefan Reuter, Andreas Brehme, Thomas Häßler, Lothar Herbert Matthäus, Thomas Doll, Rudolf 'Rudi' Völler, Jürgen Klinsmann and Karlheinz Riedle.

-Germany’s Reuter and the absent Kohler were club teammates with Casiraghi and Baggio.

Photo : from World Soccer, May 1992

-Germans Matthäus, Brehme and Klinnsman were club teammates with Walter Zenga, Alessandro Bianchi, Nicola Berti and Riccardo Ferri at Internazionale Football Club- Milano.

-Germans Häßler and Völler were club teammates with Amedeo Carboni and Ruggiero Rizzitelli.

- Jürgen Klinsmann would also play for Italian Serie A club Sampdoria in 1997.

-Germans Matthäus, Brehme and Klinnsman were club teammates with AC Milan’s Franco Baresi’s brother Giuseppe.

-Italy’s Paolo Maldini was unavailable for this match.

Photo : from World Soccer, June 1992

-The Italian Donadoni and Germans Völler and Jürgen Klinsmann would manage their respective nations. Matthäus would manage Hungary and Bulgaria.

-Germany’s unused substitute Markus Schupp never played for Germany.

-Italian unused substitute Ruggiero Rizzitelli would join German club Bayern Munich in 1997. He would be teammates with Thomas Helmer, Lothar Matthäus and Jürgen Klinsmann.

Photo : from World Soccer, August 1992

-Italian unused substitute Ciro Ferrara would join Juventus in 1994 and also manage Juventus.

-The penalty kick was awarded after Buchwald fouled Lentini in the box.

-The last match between the two nations was a 1-1 tie at Düsseldorf on June 10, 1988 during the UEFA European Championships.
Germany players: Guido Buchwald ,Andreas Brehme ,Lothar Matthäus ,Jürgen Klinsmann and Rudolf 'Rudi' Völler and Italian players: Walter Zenga ,Franco Baresi ,Riccardo Ferri ,Roberto Donadoni ,Fernando De Napoli and Ciro Ferrara were the only players still remaining from that match.
Andreas Brehme scored Germany’s goal in that match.
Bodo Illgner was Germany’s non-playing substitute goalkeeper.

Photo From: France Football, April 14, 1992, Issue 2401

-This was Italy’s first win over Germany since the 3-1 win on  July 11, 1982, the 1982 World Cup Final.
The only players who remained from that match were then non-playing substitutes, the Italian France Baresi and German Lothar Matthäus.
Both were captains in this 1992 match.

-Both captains Baresi and Matthäus were part of World Cup winning sides. Matthäus. Captained Germany to victory in 1990, while Baresi was a non-playing substitute for the 1982 campaign.
Both captains played for cross-town rivals in the city of Milan.

Photo From: France Football, April 14, 1992, Issue 2401

-The previous Germany win over Italy was a 2-1 away win on February 5, 1986 at Avellino.
Germany players: Guido Buchwald and Lothar Matthäus were the only players still remaining from that match.

-Italy’s Gianluca Vialli had been sent off in Italy’s friendly match vs Bulgaria on September 25, 1991. As a result he was due to serve a one match suspension in Italy’s next frienbdly.
To insure Vialli’s availability for this high profile match vs Germany, a friendly was hastily arranged on february 19, 1992 vs San Marino, so that Vialli would serve his suspension.
However, Vialli was sent off in an Italian Cup match prior to this international match with his club Sampdoria agaisnt Parma. As a result he was suspended for the Germany match.

-Michael Schulz’s first cap for Germany.

-After Schulz was subbed-in, Thomas Helmer moved to left back.

-Amedeo Carboni’s first cap for Italy.

-Fernando de Napoli’s last cap for Italy. He was first capped in 1986 vs. China.

Photo From: France Football, June 9, 1992, Issue 2409

- Both German Lothar Matthäus (1990) and Italian Roberto Baggio (1993) were past and future France Football Magazine’s European Player of the year (Ballon D’Or) winners.
Both were also FIFA’s player of the year winner in 1991 (Matthäus) and 1993 (Roberto Baggio)

-Italian Nicola Berti would become teammates once again with German Jürgen Klinsmann at English Premier League Tottenham Hotspur during 1997/98 season.

-Both German Lothar Matthäus and Italian Roberto Donadoni eventually joined USA’s MLS club New York/New Jersey Metrostars. Italian Walter Zenga also played in the MLS.

-Thomas Doll had an additional 29 caps and 7 goals scored for East Germany.

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