Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Old team and match Photographs-Part 5

Photo From: Todo Sobre La Seleccion Espanola, Felix Martialay, 2006 
(Spanish national team, Olympics Games, August 29, 1920-Belgium 3-Spain 1)

Photo from: Seleccao Brasileira -90 Anos 1914-2004, Authors Antonio Carlos Napoleao, Roberto Assaf
(From left to right: Martim, Meazza, Domingos and Walter, June 16, 1938-
World Cup- Semi-final-Italy 2-Brazil 1)

Photo From: Shoot, June 18, 1977
(Argentina squad 1977, Standing left to right: Rene Houseman, Daniel Killer, Jorge Olguin, Jorge Carrascosa, Hugo Gatti, Alberto Tarantini
Front Row: from left to right: Americo Gallego, Osvaldo Ardiles, Leopoldo Luque, Ricardo Villa, Daniel Bertoni)

Photo from: Mondial, December 1985
(Brazil lineup, June 8, 1985, Brazil 3-Chile 1, Back Row: From left to right: Leandro, Oscar, Carlos, Edinho, Cerezo, Junior, Front Row: from left to right: Renato, Careca, Zico, Socrates, Eder)

Photo From: Onze, June 1982
(Bordeaux midfielder Jean Tigana)

Photo From: Onze, April 1980
(Internazionale FC Milano midfielder Gabriele Oriali)
Photo From: Onze, April 1981
(Hugo Gatti and Diego Maradona)

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1993
(England and AC Milan midfielder Ray Wilkins vs. Udinese, most likely 1984/85 season)

Photo From: World Soccer, February 1993
(PSV Eindoven Lineup, December 9, 1992-Champions League-PSV 1-AC Milan 2, Back Row: From left to right: Wim Kieft, Ernst Faber, Juul Ellerman, Gheorge Popescu, Hans Van Breukelen,  Front Row: from left to right: Romario, Arthur Numan, Edward Linskens, Gerald Vaneneburg, Raymond Beerens, Jan Heintze)

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  1. Daniel Killer - one of my favourite football player names of all-time!


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