Friday, December 2, 2011

Articles on Teams and Events-Part 5

An article about Bayern Munich during 1990/91 season
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, December 1990 / English)

Photo from : World Soccer, December 1990
(Bayern Munich’s Scottish Striker Alan McInally and Dortmund’s Thomas Helmer during 1990/91 season)

An article about Barcelona during 1983/84 season
(Magazine / Language : Mondial, March 1984 / French)

Photo from : Mondial , March 1984
(Barcelona’s West German midfielder Bernd Schuster during 1983/84 season)

An article about the history of design of Italian National team jersey
(Magazine / Language : Calcio 2000, April 1999 / Italian)

Photo From: Il Libro Azzuro, Author: Walter Perosino, 1998
(The very first Italian national lineup, May 15, 1910, Italy 6-France 2)

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