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November 16, 1983 -Holland 2-Spain 1

November 16, 1983
Holland 2-Spain 1
UEFA European Championship Qualifying-Group 7     
Venue: Rotterdam-De Kuip-Feyenoord Stadion       
Attendance: 58,000
Referee: Michel Vautrot (France)
Goalscorers: (Holland): Peter Houtman 26, Ruud Gullit 63     
 (Spain): Carlos ‘Santillana’ 41
1-Pieter ‘Piet’ Schrijvers (PEC (Prins Hendrik E.D.N.( Ende Desespereert Nimmer) Combinatie) ’82-Zwolle) [44 / 0]       
5-Huibertus Johannes Nicolaas ‘Ben’ Wijnstekers (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [26/ 0]
7-Rudi Dil ‘Ruud’ Gullit (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [11/ 5]  
3-Edo Ophof (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [11 / 2]  
4-Peter Boeve (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [10 / 0 ] 
8-Wilhelmus Antonius ‘Willy’ van de Kerkhof  (Philips Sports Vereniging Eindhoven) [54/ 5] 
6-Ronald Koeman (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [5 / 1]
10-Gerald Mervin Vanenburg (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [8/ 0]
2-Erwin Koeman (Football Club Groningen) [3 / 0] 
11-Budde Jan Peter Maria ‘Bud’ Brocken (Football Club Groningen) [4 / 0] 
9-Petrus Johannes ‘Peter’ Houtman  (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [3 / 2] 

Coach: Cornelius ‘Kees’ Rijvers
Booked: Wilhelmus Antonius ‘Willy’ van de Kerkhof  75

Other Subs:
Johannes Frederik ‘Joop’ Hiele (Feyenoord Rotterdam)
Jan Jacobus ‘Sonny’ Silooy (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) 
Adrianus Andreas ‘Adri’ van Tiggelen (Football Club Groningen)
Machiel ‘Michel’ Valke  (Philips Sports Vereniging Eindhoven)
Hubertus ‘Huub’ Jozef Margaretha Stevens (Philips Sports Vereniging Eindhoven)  

Team Captain: Huibertus Johannes Nicolaas ‘Ben’ Wijnstekers
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Orange Shirts, White Shorts, Orange Socks

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, De Histoire van Oranje, 1905-1989

1-Luis Maria ‘Arconada’ Echarri (Real Sociedad de Fútbol) [52 / 0]  
2-Jose Vicente ‘Sánchez’ Felip (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [13 / 0]  
4-Antonio ‘Maceda’ Frances (Real Sporting de Gijón) [11 / 2]  
5-Andoni ‘Goikoetxea’ Olaskoaga (Athletic Club de Bilbao) [5 / 0]  
3-Jose Antonio ‘Camacho’ Alfaro (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol)           [42 / 0]  
10-Ricardo ‘Gallego’ Redondo (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [9 / 1]  
11-Juan Antonio ‘Senor’ Gomez (Real Zaragoza) [8 / 3]  
6-Rafael ‘Gordillo’ Vazquez (Real Betis Balompié-Sevilla) [42 / 1]  
8-Francisco ‘Guerri’ Ballarin (Real Zaragoza) [2 / 0]    (16-Hipolito ‘Rincon’ Povedano (Real Betis Balompié -Sevilla) [5 / 1]  67)
9-Carlos ‘Santillana’ Alonso Gonzalez (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [41 / 8]    
7-Francisco Javier ‘Carrasco’ Hidalgo (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [14 / 1]   (15-‘Marcos’ Alonso Pena (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [16 / 0]  78)

Coach: ‘Miguel Munoz’ Mozun
Booked: Rincon 72

Other Subs:
Francisco Buyo (Real Zaragoza)
Salvador ‘Salva’ Garcia Puig  (Real Zaragoza)
Enrique ‘Quique Ramos’ Gonzalez (Club Atlético de Madrid)

Team Captain: Luis Maria ‘Arconada’ Echarri

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas

Uniform Colors: Blue Shirts, Blue Shorts , Black Socks


-Match number 415 for Holland and number 279 for Spain.

-This was the 6th meeting between the nations.

-This was a UEFA European Championship Qualifier, The other teams in the group were Republic of Ireland, Iceland and Malta.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as Spain’s previous victory over Holland, was the first leg of this Qualifier, played in Sevilla on February 16, 1983, that Spain won 1-0 from a penalty kick by Juan Senor.
Holland players: Schrijvers,  Wijnstekers, Gullit and Boeve and Spain Players:  Arconada, Maceda, Goikoetxea, Camacho, Senor, Gordillo, Carrasco, Gallego and Marcos also took part in that match.
Dutch player Vanenburg was an un-used substitute for that match, while Valke who was an un-used substitute for the November match did play in the February match.
Spain’s Hipoliuto Rincon was am un-used substitute for that match, while Francisco Buyo was an un-used substitute for both matches.

-The next match between the nations would be a Friendly in Barcelona on January 21, 1987 that ended in a one-one tie.
Holland players: Gullit and Vanenburg and Spain Players:  Goikoetxea, Camacho and Gordillo also took part in that match.
Dutch player Ronald Koeman was un-used substitute for that match, while van Tiggelen and Silooy  who was an un-used substitutes for the 1983 match did play in this 1987 match. Joop Hiele was an un-used substitute for both matches.

-Holland’s previous victory over Spain had been a 3-2 Friendly win in Amsterdam on May 2, 1973.

-Holland’s next win over Spain would be a 2-1 Friendly win in Sevilla on November 15, 2000.

-Spain’s next win over Holland would be the 2010 World Cup Final in South Africa on July 11,  2010 (1-0 win).

-Spain were wearing their away uniform of Blue.

-The dutch were missing the Ajax pair of Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkaard.

-Spain were missing Barcelona’s Victor Munoz.

Photo From: France Football, January 10, 1984, Numero 1970
(Willy van der Kerkhof)

-Less than two months before this match, on September 24, 1983, Andoni Goikoetchea had savagely injured Barcelona’s Diego Maradona.

-Andoni Goikoetchea had made his debut for Spain vs. Holland on February 16th, 1983.

-Holland believed they had more or less qualified after this win, however, Spain in their last match on December 21st vs. Malta controversially won 12-1 and edged out Holland on goal difference. In that match both Santillana and Rincon scored 4 goals apiece.

-Erwin and Ronald Koeman are brothers.

-Ronald Koeman played for FC Barcelona (1989-1995).
He also managed Valencia CF in the Spanish La Liga.

-Gullit, Ronald Koeman and Valke have played for both PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord in their careers.

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, De Histoire van Oranje, 1905-1989
(Ronald Koeman)

-Jose Antonio Camacho has managed the Spanish national team (1998-2002).

-Wijnstekers, Gullit and Houtman  were playing in their home stadium.

-Holland did not call-up Real Madrid based Johnny Metgod for this match.

-Gullit, Ronald Koeman and Gerald Vanenburg eventually became teamamtes at PSV Eindhoven.

-Erwin Koeman and un-used substitute Adri van Tiggelen also played for PSV Eindhoven in their careers.
Both were rivals in teh Belgian League when playing for Mechelen and Anderlecht respectively.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 96, December 1983

-Ricardo Gallego of Spain and Ruud Gullit of Holland eventually joined Italy’s Serie A by joining Udinese and AC Milan respectively.

-Francisco Carrasco and un-used dutch substitute Sonny Silooy joined the French League later in their careers by joining Sochaux and Matra Racing Paris respectively.

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, De Histoire van Oranje, 1905-1989
(Dutch midfielder Erwin Koeman wearing a Spanish shirt after the match)

-By the following year, Spain changed their kit designer to Le Coq Sportif. They would revert back to Adidas in the Fall of 1991.

-Maceda, Gordillo and Buyo would eventually join Real Madrid. Hipolito Rincon is a former Real Madrid player.

Match Reports:

Todo Sobre La Seleccion Espanola, Felix Martialay, 2006

Het Nederlands Elftal, De Histoire van Oranje, 1905-1989

Match Video / Highlights:

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