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May 23, 1987 Republic of Ireland 1-Brazil 0

May 23, 1987
Republic of Ireland 1-Brazil 0
Venue: Dublin -Lansdowne Road 
Attendance: 17,000
Referee: Georges Sandoz (Switzerland)
Goalscorers: (Republic of Ireland): Liam Brady 31     
 (Brazil): None
Republic of Ireland:
1-Patrick ‘Paddy’ Bonner (Celtic Football Club- Glasgow / Scotland) [18 / 0]
2-John Christopher Patrick Anderson (Newcastle United Football Club / England)   [12 / 1]
4-Michael Joseph  ‘Mick’ McCarthy (Celtic Football Club- Glasgow / Scotland)  [21 / 0] (14-Kenneth John Philip Petit De Mange (Liverpool Football Club / England) [1 / 0]  64)
5-Kevin Bernard Moran (Manchester United Football Club / England)  [28 / 2]
3-Ronald Andrew ‘Ronnie’ Whelan (Liverpool Football Club / England)  [21 / 0] (12-David Francis Langan (Oxford United Football Club / England) [24 / 0]   60)
8-Liam Francis O'Brien (Manchester United Football Club / England)  [2 / 0] (13-Niall John Quinn (Arsenal Football Club-London / England) [4 / 0]  80) 
7-Paul McGrath (Manchester United Football Club / England) [17 / 1]
6-William ‘Liam’ Brady (West Ham United Football Club-London / England) [64 / 9]
11-Kevin O'Callaghan (Portsmouth Football Club / England) [21 / 1]
10-John Frederick Byrne (Queen's Park Rangers Football Club-London / England)   [7 / 0]
9-John William Aldridge (Liverpool Football Club / England) [11 / 0]

Coach: John ‘Jack’ Charlton (England)

Team Captain: Michael Joseph  ‘Mick’ McCarthy
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Green Shirts, White Shorts, Green Socks

1-‘Carlos’ Roberto Gallo (Sport Club Corinthians Paulista- São Paulo) [30 / 0]
‘Josimar’ Higinio Pereira  (Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas- Rio de Janeiro) [5 / 2]
3-’Geraldão’ Dutra Pereira (Cruzeiro Esporte Clube-
Belo Horizonte)  [2 / 0]
4-Ricardo Roberto Barreto da Rocha
Ricardo Rocha’ (Guarani Futebol Clube) [2 / 0]
6-Nelson Luis Kerchner
Nelsinho’ (São Paulo Futebol Clube- São Paulo)    [2 / 0]
5-William Douglas Humia Menezes
Douglas’ (Cruzeiro Esporte Clube- Belo Horizonte) [2 / 0]
8-Paulo ‘Silas’ do Prado Pereira (São Paulo Futebol Clube-
São Paulo) [7 / 0]
10-Eduardo Antonio dos Santos Edu Manga’ (Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras-
São Paulo)  [1 / 0] (17-‘Raí’ Souza Vieira de Oliveira (Botafogo Futebol Clube- Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo) [2 / 0] 65)
7-Luís Antônio Corrêa da Costa ‘Müller’  (São Paulo Futebol Clube-
São Paulo)   [14 / 1] (19-4Sergio Donizeti Luiz João Paulo’  (Guarani Futebol Clube) [1 / 0] 74)
9-Francisco Ernandi Lima da Silva ’Mirandinha’  (Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras-
São Paulo)  [2 / 1] ( 18-‘Romário’ de Souza Faria (Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama - Rio de Janeiro) [1 / 0]  67)
11-’Valdo’ Cândido Filho  (Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense)  
[2 / 0]

Coach: Carlos Alberto Silva

Team Captain: ’Geraldão’ Dutra Pereira

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Topper

Uniform Colors: Yellow Shirts, Blue Shorts , White Socks

Photo from: Onze, June 1987
(Brazil squad, Standing from left to right: Douglas, Josimar,
Geraldao, Nelsinho, Carlos, Ricardo Rocha, Seating from left to
right: Muller, Silas, Mirandinha, Edu Manga, Valdo)


-Match number 231 for Republic of Ireland and number 493 for Brazil.

-This was only the 3rd meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as Brazil’s previous victory over Republic of Ireland, was a Friendly, played in Uberlândia on May 27, 1982, that Brazil won 7-0.
Republic of Ireland players: John Anderson, Liam Brady and Kevin O'Callaghan also took part in that match.
Brazilian player, Rai’s brother Socrates played in that match and scored two goals.

-This was the first match between the nations on Irish soil.

-The next match between the nations, as well as the next in the same stadium, would be a Friendly in on February 18, 2004 that ended in a scoreless tie.

Photo from: World Soccer, May 1990
(Romario, his first cap for Brazil)

-Brazil’s next win over Republic of Ireland would be a Friendly in on February 6, 2008 that they won 1-0 at Dublin’s Croke Park Stadium.
Carlos Dunga, who was stayed on the bench fpoor this 1987 match, managed Brazil in that match.

-This was Republic of Ireland’s first ever victory over Brazil and the only one to date.

-On the same day of this match, England and Scotland played a scoreless tie for Stanley Rous Cup of 1987.

-On March 9, 1987, Carlos Alberto Silva was appointed as Brazil Olympic/national team manager.

-This was a young home based Brazil team in preparations for future tournaments mainly the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.
Players such as Zico, Socrates, Leao, Junior, Edinho, Edson, Oscar and Falcao, had either retired from the national team or were out of reckoning.
Others such as Walter Casagrande, Branco, Alemao, Elzo and Julio Cesar were unavailable; their European clubs did not release most of the mentioned.

-The Brazil squad was announced on May 8, 1987
Goalkeepers: Carlos, Ze Carlos,
Defenders: Josimar, Jorginho, Ricardo Gomes, Geraldao, Ricardo Rocha, Nelsinho
Midfielders/Strikers: Batista, Dunga, Bebeto, Edu Marangon, Douglas, Silas, Mirandinha, Edu Manga, JoaoPaulo, Muller, Valdo, Careca (Captain)

-On May 12, 1987, Flamengo, Guarani and Sao Paulo announced they would not release their players for Brazil’s European tour. This involves 9 players:
Flamengo-Ze Carlos, Jorginho, Bebeto
Guarani-Ricardo Rocha, Joao Paulo
Sao Paulo-Careca, Muller, Silas, Nelsinho

-On May 14, 1987, CBF announced it had reached agreements with Guarani and Sao Paulo, but not with Flamengo. Therefore, Flamengo’s players would not be present.
Careca opted out of the tour due to fatigue.

-Muller and Silas arrived at team gathering without traveling papers/etc

-Brazil played five matches on this European Tour:
May 19, 1987- England 1-1 tie (Stanley Rous Cup) –Mirandhina scoring for Brazil
May 23, 1987-Republic of Ireland 0-1 loss
May 26, 1987-Scotland 2-0 win (Stanley Rous Cup)-Rai and Valdo scoring for Brazil
May 28, 1987-Finland 3-2 win-Romario, Valdo and Muller scoring for Brazil
June 1, 1987-Israel 4-0 win-Romario scoring twice and Dunga and Joa Paulo

-Mirandhina, after his goalscoring and impressive display against England four days prior, joined Newcastle United of the English League the following season 

Photo from: Onze, June 1987
(Liam Brady and Edu Manga)

-On May 21, 1987, Josimar was reprimanded for breaking curfew and going out at night in London before the England match.

-Five days later, on May 28th, Republic of Ireland played a UEFA European championship qualifier at Luxembourg and won 2-1. Galvin and Whelan scored the goals. This was Whelan’s first ever goal for Ireland.

-The following Brazil players were part of the squad, but did not play this match with Ireland
Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri  ‘Dunga’ (Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama - Rio de Janeiro) 
Reginaldo Paes Leme Ferreira  ‘Regis’ (Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama - Rio de Janeiro) 
Batista’   (Clube Atlético Mineiro- Belo Horizonte)
Ricardo’ Raimundo Gomes (Fluminense Football Club- Rio de Janeiro)    
Carlos Eduardo Edu Marangon’ (Associação Portuguesa de Desportos – São Paulo)    

-Ireland played a 4-3-3 formation. John Anderson occupied both full back positions during the match.

Photo from: Onze, June 1987
(Liam O’Brien challenging Nelsinho)

-This was Ireland’s Liam O’Brien’s second ever cap. He was the last player signed by Ron Atkinson at Manchester United, prior to the arrival of Alex Ferguson.

-This was Liverpool’s Ken De mange’s first ever cap. His second and Final cap would be in 1988 vs. Tunisia.

-Both Liam Brady and Silas have played for Italian club Sampdoria in their career.

-Silas and Douglas have played in Portugal for Sporting Lisbon. Geraldao has played for Porto in Portugal and Valdo has played for Benfica in Portugal.
Ricardo Gomes who did not play this match also played for Benfica.

-Ireland’s Brady and Brazil’s Silas, Muller and Joao Paulo have played in Italy.
Edu Marangon and Dunga who did not play in this match have also played in Italy.

-Ireland’s Mick McCarthy (Lyon) and Byrne (Le Havre) and Brazil’s Rai, Geraldao, Valdo (all Paris St. Germain) have all played in France.
Ricardo Gomes who did not play this match also played for Paris St. Germain.

-The following season Anderson and Mirandhina became teammates at Newcastle.

-Ireland were missing Frank Stapelton, Tony Galvin and Ray Houghton.

-Mick McCarthy managed the Irish National team (1996-2002), as did the absent Dunga for Brazil (2006-2010).

-Striker John Aldridge with 11 caps had still not scored a single goal for Ireland.

-Liam Brady had just returned to the English League after 7 years in Italy during the midseason.

-Brazil’s Josimar scored in his first ever cap vs. Northern Ireland during the previous year’s World Cup.

-This Brazil squad contained five players that won the World Cup in 1994: Ricardo Rocha, Rai, Muller, Romario and Dunga (who did not play vs. Ireland)

-Brazil captain Geraldao earned all his 9 caps for Brazil during this year of 1987.

-Romario would play for Spain’s Barcelona while teammate Ricardo Rocha would play for archrivals Real Madrid.

-Carlos, Josimar, Silas, Muller and Valdo were part of the 1986 Brazil World Cup Squad.

-Ricardo Rocha, Ricardo Gomes, Dunga, Silas, Romario, Muller and Valdo were part of the 1990 World Cup squad.

-Mirandhina earned all 4 caps for Brazil in May 1987 in a 9 day span

 -Geraldao, Ricardo Rocha, Douglas, Rai, Mirandhina and Valdo earned their first cap vs. England 4 days prior.
Edu Manga, Joao Paulo and Romario earned their first cap in this match with Ireland.

-Brazil goalkeeper Carlos was in Brazil’s squad for the 1978, 1982 and 1986 World Cups.

-Ireland’s David Langan also earned his last cap in 1987.

-This was Liam Brady’s last goal for Ireland.

Photo from: Onze, June 1987
(Luis Muller of Brazil)

-Kevin O'Callaghan’s final cap for Ireland.

-Ireland were missing Jim Beglin who suffered a horrific injury months prior while playing for Liverpool vs. Everton and never fully recovered.

-Brazil Manager Carlos Alberto Silva would be dismissed after the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He managed Porto a few years later.

-This Brazil squad would suffer a humiliating 0-4 loss to Chile in July of that year during the Copa America Tournament.

-This team would win the Stanley Rous Cup, by tying England (1-1) on May 19th and defeating Scotland (2-0) on May 26th.

-In the summer of 1988, Brazil was trying to get release for Edu and Muller from Torino, but was unsuccessful. As a result of this, Brazil Federation made it mandatory for all player transfers to include a clause that would guarantee release for national team duty.

Match Reports:

Ireland, On the Ball

Onze, June 1987 (French with English Translation attached at end)

Match Video / Highlights:

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