Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old Match Photographs-Part 8

Photo From: Onze, May 1989
(Gheorge Hagi of Steaua Bucharest in action vs. Galatasaray in April 1989, during the Champions Cup Semi Finals)

Photo From: Onze, November 1983
(Tottenham’s Alan Brazil of Scotland)

Photo From: Onze, March 1978
(Juevntus’ Morini and Gentile and Ajax’s Frank Arnesen, March 1, 1978, Champions Cup, Ajax 1-Juevntus 1)

Photo From: Mondial , March 1983
(Diego Maradona 1982/83 season)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, April 20-27, 1983
(1960s Internazionale’s Mario Corso and Tarcisio Burgnich)

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, September/October 1984
(The Rummenigge brothers Michael and Karl-Heinz in a friendly match shortly after Karl-Heinz’s transfer to Internazionale in 1984)

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, September/October 1978
(1970s Moenchengladbach goalkeeper Wolfgang Kneib)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, October 1982
(Standard Liege’s Arie Haan, 1982/83 season)

Photo From: Don Balon, July 10-16, 1995
(Real Madrid President Ramon Mendoza and Robert Prosinecki upon his signing in the summer of 1991)

Photo From: World Soccer, February 1995
(Juventus’ Alessandro Del Piero and Fabrizio Ravanelli, 1994/95 season)

Photo From: World Soccer, May 1991
(AC Milan’s Franco Baresi and Napoli’s Diego Maradona, October 21, 1990, Napoli 1-AC Milan 1)

Photo From: World Soccer, November 1989
(Internazionale’s Liam Brady and AC Milan’s Ray Wilkins)

Photo From: World Soccer, May 1971
(England goalkeepers Peter Bonetti and Gordon Banks and referee Roger Kirkpatrick)

Photo From: World Soccer, August 1968
(John Greig of Rangers Glasgow and Mick Jones of Leeds, during the 1967/68 Fairs Cup)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Hors-Serie 1, 1989
(Frank Passi of Toulouse and Jean-Pierre Papin of OM, 1988/89 season)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, February 1993
(Rafael Martin Vazquez back with Real Madrid, 1992/93 season)

Photo From: Onze, March 1981
(Standard Liege captain Eric Gerets, 1980/81 season)

Photo From: Onze, September 1983
(Alan Simonsen back in Denmark with Vejle 1983)

Photo From: Onze, December 1976
(Robby Rensenbrink in action for Anderlecht 1976/77 season)

Photo From: Mondial, August 1980
(Music Legend Bob Marley with a SV Hamburg jersey)

Photo From: Mondial, January 1983
(Manchester United’s Norman Whiteside, between Southampton’s Armstrong, Baker and Williams)

Photo From: Mondial, September 1980
(Viv Anderson of Nottingahm Forest in action vs. Aston Villa)

Photo From: Le Livre d’or du Football, 1992
(the Boli brothers, Roger of RC Lens and Basiel of OM)

Photo From: L’Annee du Football, 1983
(April 1983, Cup Winners Cup semi final action between Internazionale and Real Madrid)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, June 5-11, 1991
(SV Hamburg’s Keegan and Hrubesch)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, June 5-11, 1991
(SV Hamburg’s Uwe Seeler)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, September 24-30, 1986
(Former Argentina teamamates, Maradona and Tarantini, September 17, 1986, UEFA Cup, Toulouse 1-Napoli 0)

Photo From: Goal, April 1977
(Future England manager, Bobby Robson, as a player with West Bromwich Albion)

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, September/October 1978
(Eintracht Braunschweig Manager Branko Zebec with Sweden’s Hasse Borg and Paul Breitner)

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, January/ February 1984
(Schalke’s 18 year old star, Olaf Thon)

Photo From: Don Balon, March 20-26, 1995
(Luis Figo with Sporting Lisbon, 1994/95)

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, May 1977
(Wolfgang Overath and Lohr of FC Koln, June 1968)

Photo From: France Football, April 11, 1989, Issue 2244
(Pietro Vierchowod and Johnny Bosman, April 5, 1989, Cup Winners Cup, Mechelen 2-Sampdoria 1)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, May 1988
(Mechelen’s Marc Emmers, 1987/88 season)

  Photo From: 100 Anni del Campionato del Calcio
(1970s Torino striking partners, “Gemelli del Gol”, Francesco Graziani and Paolino Pulici)

Photo from : Mondial, May 1982
(Spain’s Satrustegui heading, June 28, 1981,Venezuela 0-Spain 2)

Photo from : Onze, August 1980
(Brazil and USSR players taking the field, June 15, 1980, Brazil 1-USSR 2)

Photo From: Azzurri, Storia della Nazionale di calcio tre volte campioni del Mondo, 1910-1983
(Franco Causio, June 5, 1976, Italy 4-Romania 2)

Photo  from : Mondial, July 1978
(Iran’s Hassan Rowshan, June 11, 1978, World Cup, Peru 4-Iran 1)

Photo From: L'Equipe Magazine, June 12, 1999, Issue 894
(Garrincha in action, May 30, 1962, World Cup, Brazil 2-Mexico 0)

Photo from : World Soccer, January 1969
(Oslizio and Jairzinho, June 20, 1968, Poland 3-Brazil 6)

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, Hors Serie 28
(June 19, 1954, World Cup, Mexico 2-France 3)

Photo from:  år med Svensk Fotboll 1904-84, Author Glanell Thomas red
(August 5, 1948, Olympics, Sweden 2-Korea 0)

Photo From: IFFHS, Schweiz,Suisse, Svizzera (1905-1940)
(October 29, 1933, World Cup Qualifying, Switzerland 2-Romania 2)

Photo from: La Glorieuse Epopee de la coupe du monde, by Mondial, 1982
(Uruguay goalskeeper Mazali in action, June 13, 1928, Olympics Final Replay, Uruguay 2-Argentina 1)

Photo From: Scotland, The Team, Author Andrew Ward, 1987
(April 2, 1910, British Championship, Scotland 2-England 0)

Photo From: IFFHS-Belgique-Belgie (1904-1940)
(April 18, 1908, Belgium 2-England (Amateur) 8)
Photo from : World Soccer, January 1992
(June 13, 1991, Scania 100, Sweden 2-USSR 3)

Photo from: L’equipe , June 18, 1994
(Maradona and Prosinecki, Juen 4, 1994, Croatia 0-Argentina 0)

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