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1993 (June 10) Brazil 3-Germany 3

June 10, 1993
Brazil 3-Germany 3
US Cup
Venue: Washington, DC- Robert F Kennedy Memorial Stadium, USA      
Attendance: 34,737
Referee: Arturo Angeles (USA)
Goalscorers: (Brazil): Thomas Helmer (own goal) 13, Careca 32pen,
Luisinho 37
 (Germany): Jürgen Klinsmann 66,90, Andreas Möller 80

1-Cláudio André Mergen  ‘Taffarel’  (Associazione Calcio Parma / Italy) [50 / 0]
2-Jorge de Amorim Campos  ‘Jorginho’
(Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V. / Germany) [32 / 3]
3-’Júlio César’ da Silva  (
Juventus Football Club-Torino / Italy)   [14 / 0]
14-Marcio Roberto dos Santos
Márcio Santos’  (Football Club des Girondins de Bordeaux / France) [14 / 1]
6-Claudio Cláudio Ibrahim Vaz Leal ‘Branco’
(Genoa 1893-Genova / Italy) [57 / 4] (19-Raimundo Nonato da Silva  Nonato’ (Cruzeiro Esporte Clube- Belo Horizonte) [2 / 0] 82)
5-Caetano Bledorn Verri  ‘Dunga’ (
Pescara Calcio / Italy) [30 / 2]
8-Luis Carlos Quintanilla
Luisinho’ (Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama - Rio de Janeiro)   [4 / 1]
21-‘Raí’ Souza Vieira de Oliveira  (São Paulo Futebol Clube-
São Paulo)  [28 / 10]
11-Elivelton Alves Rufino
Elivélton’ (São Paulo Futebol Clube- São Paulo)   [7 / 1]   (17-Evangelista Moraes Cafu’ (São Paulo Futebol Clube- São Paulo) [19 / 0] 70th)
9-Antônio de Oliveira Filho
Careca’  (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli / Italy)  [59 / 29]
7-‘Valdeir’ Celso Moreira
(Football Club des Girondins de Bordeaux / France) [14 / 0] (16-Almir de Souza Fraga Almir’ (Santos Futebol Clube- Santos - São Paulo) [4 / 0] 64)

Coach: Carlos Alberto Parreira
Booked: Branco 51, Dunga 79

Other Subs :
4- Vargo Célio do Nascimento silva  ‘Célio Silva’ (Sport Club Internacional- Porto Alegre)
10-Marcos Antônio Boiadeiro Boiadeiro’  (Cruzeiro Esporte Clube- Belo Horizonte)
12-‘Carlos’ Roberto Gallo (Associação Portuguesa de Desportos – São Paulo)
13-Luiz Carlos Coelho Winck Luís Carlos Winck’  (Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense)   
15- Sergio Donizeti Luiz João Paulo’  (Associazione Sportiva Bari / Italy)
18- Marcos corrêa dos Santos Marquinhos’ (Clube de Regatas Flamengo- Rio de Janeiro)
20-Jorge Ferreira da Silva ‘Palhinha’ (São Paulo Futebol Clube- São Paulo)
22-Valber da Silva Costa  ‘Valber’  (São Paulo Futebol Clube-
São Paulo)     

Team Captain: ‘Raí’ Souza Vieira de Oliveira
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Umbro
Uniform Colors: Yellow Shirts, Blue Shorts, Blue Socks

1- Andreas Köpke (1.Fußball-Club Nürnberg - Verein für Leibesübungen e.V. ) [10 / 0]
4- Jürgen Kohler (Juventus Football Club -Torino/ Italy) [53 / 0]
6- Guido Buchwald (Verein für Bewegungspiele Stuttgart 1893 e.V.) [63 / 2]
3- Thomas Helmer (Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V.) [17 / 0]
17-Christian Ziege (Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V.)  [1 / 0] (14-Michael Schulz (Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund 1909 e.V.) [3 / 0] 74th)
10- Lothar Herbert Matthäus (Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V.) [99 / 19]
2- Stefan Effenberg (Associazione Calcio Fiorentina / Italy) [19 / 4]
8-Michael Zorc (Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund 1909 e.V.)  (19-Thomas Strunz (Verein für Bewegungspiele Stuttgart 1893 e.V.) [4 / 0] 58th)
16-Matthias Sammer (Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund 1909 e.V.) [15 / 1] (9- Karlheinz Riedle (Società Sportiva Lazio / Italy) [31 / 11] 46th)
7- Andreas Möller (Juventus Football Club -Torino/ Italy) [28 / 7]
18- Jürgen Klinsmann (Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club / France)  [49 / 15]

Coach: Hans-Hubert ‘Berti’  Vogts

Other Subs :
5-Olaf Thon (Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V.) 
11-Bruno Lababdia (Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V.) 
12- Bodo Illgner (1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 e.V.)
13- Karl-Heinz Pflipsen (Borussia Moenchengladbach)
15-Uwe Bein (Eintracht Frankfurt e.V.)  

Team Captain: Lothar Herbert Matthäus
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Black Shorts , White Socks


-Match number 573 for Brazil and number 595 for Germany

-This was the 14th meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as Brazil’s previous victory and the previous match between the Nations in Brazil, was a friendly in Porto Alegre, just months earlier on December 16, 1992 that Brazil won 3 to 1.
Brazil players: Taffarel, Jorginho, Branco, Luisinho and Careca and Germany Players: Buchwald, Kohler, Zorc, Sammer, Matthäus, Effenberg and Klinnsman also took part in that match.
Brazil’s Jorginho and Germany’s Sammer scored in that match.
Brazilian defender Celio Silva, who was an unused substitute for the US Cup match, also played in this match.
German goalkeeper Bodo Illgner, who was an unused substitute for the US Cup match, also played in this match.

-The previous match between the nations, on German soil, as well as Germany’s previous victory, was a friendly on March 12, 1986 in Frankfurt that Germany won 2 to 0.
Brazil player: Careca and Germany Players: Buchwald and Matthäus also took part in that match.
Brazilian goalkeeper Carlos, who was an unused substitute for the US Cup match, also played in this match.
Germany’s Olaf Thon, who was an unused substitute for the US Cup match, also played in this match.
Brazilian Captain Rai’s brother Socrates also played in that match.

-The previous match between the nations at a neutral venue was during the Mundialito Tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay on January 7, 1981, that Brazil won 4 to 1.
Brazilian Captain Rai’s brother Socrates played in that match.

-The next match between the nations as well as Germany ’s next win, would be a Frriendly played five months later in Köln, on November 17, 1993 that Germany won 2 to 1.
Brazil players: Jorginho, Marcio Santos, Branco, Dunga and Rai and Germany Players: Effenberg, Kohler, Helmer, Matthäus, Buchwald, Möller, Riedle and Klinsmann also took part in that match.
Brazil’s Valber, who was an unused substitute for the US Cup match, also played in this match.
German goalkeeper Bodo Illgner, who was an unused substitute for the US Cup match, also played in this match.
Germany’s Buchwald and Möller scored for Germany. Möller has scored in both matches vs. Brazil in 1993.
Branco and Dunga were booked in both matches.

-Brazil’s next win over Germany would a friendly, played in Stuttgart, on March 25, 1998, that Brazil won 2 to 1.
Brazil players: Taffarel, Cafu and Dunga and Germany Players: Köpke, Kohler, Helmer, Ziege, Möller and Klinsmann also took part in that match.
Germany’s Olaf Thon, who was an unused substitute for the US Cup match, also played in this match.
Brazilian Dunga was booked in this match as well.

-This match was part of US Cup. , a dress rehearsal of sorts for the World Cup the following year in USA.
The other participants were the hosts United States and England.

-Brazil had already defeated the United States on June 6th in Hew Haven, Connecticut by a score of 2 to 0 on goals from Careca (5th minute) and Winck (87th minute).
Brazil ended the Tournament on June 13th by tying one to one with England in this same RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.
Marcio Santos scored for Brazil in the 77th minute, after David Platt had opened the scoring for England in the 47th minute.

-For their next two matches in the tournament, Germany defeated the hosts United States on June 13th, at Chicago, Illinois by a score of 4 to 3, from goals by Klinnsman and a hat trick from Riedle.
They ended the tournament by defeating England at Detroit’s Pontiac Silverdome on June 19th by a score of 2 to 1.
Pontiac Silverdome is an indoor stadium.
Effenberg and Klinnsman scored Germany’s goals and Platt scored England’s goal.

-Jurgen Klinnsman scored in all three matches and was named the MVP (Most valuable Player) of the tournament.
Germany were the winners of this tournament on points.

-Following the 1992 UEFA European Championships, Germany Manager Berti Vogts had been alternating the starting goalkeeping position between former starter Bodo Illgner and Andreas Kopke.

-Germany were missing AS Roma’s Thomas Haessler.
Defenders Stefan Reuter (Dortmund) and Thomas Berthold (Bayern Munich) were out of National team reckoning.
Bayer Leverkusen striker Ulf Kirsten was also unavailable.
Thomas Doll of Lazio had been excluded from National team set up after inconsistent displays.

-Brazil were missing even more players.
Due to club commitments, Paris St Germain could not release Ricardo Raimundo Gomes and Valdo.
Deportivo La Coruna could not release Bebeto and Mauro Silva.
Real Madrid could not release Ricrado Rocha.
AS Monaco’s Luiz Henrique was injured.
Romario had been excluded due to indiscipline, though he would be back in the team by September.
Carlos Mozer and Luis Muller were unavailable, as was AS Roma defender Aldair.

-This was Julio Cesar’s 14th and last cap for Brazil. He was a veteran of the 1986 World Cup team.
During the match, his hotel room had been broken into and some of his possessions had been robbed.

-Brazilian substitute goalkeeper  Carlos’ Roberto Gallo, was on Brazil squad as far back as 1978 World Cup.

-Brazil’s Celio Silva, Carlos, Marquinhos and Joao Paulo did not play at all during the Tournament.
Similiarly, Germany’s Olaf Thon and Bruno Labbadia also saw no action.

-The Temperature during the match was in the 90s Fahrenheit (30s Celsius).

Photo from : World Soccer, September 1993
(Bayern Munich teammates, Jorginho and Lothar Matthaus)

-Germany started the match very sluggish, perhaps to to the weather, and were behind 0-3 by halftime.
They managed to score three goals of their own in the second half.

-For Brazil’s first goal in the 13 th minute, Thomas Helmer deflected Elivelton’s shot into his own net.
Helmer then fouled Elivelton in the penalty area, and Careca scored from the spot kick.
Careca then set up Luisinho on a breakaway fro Brazil’s third.

Photo from : World Soccer, March 1994
(Luisinho and Elivelton celebrating after scoring)

-For the second half, Vogts sent on an extra striker, Karl-Heinz Riedle.

-This was Christian Ziege’s first national team appearance for Germany.

-Christian Ziege set up Klinnsman for Germany’s first goal in the 66th minute.

Photo from: World Soccer, March 1994
(Marcio Santos and Karl-Heinz Riedle)

-In the 80th minute, Substitute Michael Schulz took a shot that was deflected back to his head and diverted towards goalmouth. Taffarel punched out the ball towards Moeller who chested and scored.

-In the last minute, Michael Schulz took a throw- in that bounced on the ground and went over everyone and Klinnsman headed it in for the equalizer.

-On June 14, 1993, Christian Worns of Bayer Leverkusen was called up to the German squad after injury to Jurgen Kohler.

-Nonato earned all his 3 caps for Brazil during this tournament. He never played a full match, he either came on as a substitute or was substituted.

-Luisinho’s eighth and Final cap for Brazil was 17 days later, on June 27th, vs Argentina (1-1 tie) during the Copa America.

Photo from: World Soccer, July 994
(Lothar Matthaus with Luisinho in the background)

-Almir’s sixth and Final cap for Brazil was 17 days later, on June 27th, vs Argentina (1-1 tie) during the Copa America.

-Elivelton earned his 13th and Final cap on August 8, 1993, vs. Mexico (1-1 tie.)

-This was Antonio Careca’s last goal for Brazil. His last match was on August 1st, 1993 vs. Venezuela in a World Cup Qualifier (5-1 win).
On August 3, 1993, Antonio Careca withdrew from Brazil squad.

-Valdeir earned his 18th and Final cap on September,  1993, vs. vs. Venezuela in a World Cup Qualifier (4-0 win).

-Immediately following this Tournament, Brazil competed in the Copa America in Ecuador.
Most players in US Cup were excused and the Copa America was used for experimentation.
The following players from the US Cup squad were retained for the Copa America: Taffarel, Cafu, Valber, Boiadeiro, Carlos, Winck, Luisinho, Marquinhos, Almir and Elivelton

Photo from: Soccer International, August 1993
(Rai, Klinnsman and Julio Cesar)

-Brazil ended up playing 21 official matches for the calendar year 1993.

-Carlos Dunga was teammates in the beginning of the season with Stefan Effenberg at Fiorentina before he was transferred to Pescara in midseason.
He joined Stuttgart the following season and became teammates with Buchwald and Strunz.

-This tournament was the last time Lothar Matthaus played in the midfield for Germany. Starting the fall season, he was switched to Libero.
He became the 25 th player to be tried in that position since Franz Beckenbauer’s retirement in 1977.

-Uwe Bein announced his international retirement on October 1, 1993.

-Brazilian defender Jorginho was teammates with Matthaus, Helmer, Ziege, Thon and Lababdia at Bayern Munich
He was formerly a Bayer Leverkusen player.

-Brazil won the World Cup, the following year in the United States.
The following players from US Cup squad were on the World Cup Finals squad: Taffarel, Jorginho, Marcio Santos, Branco, Dunga, Rai and Cafu.

-The following Germany players from US Cup squad were on the World Cup Finals squad: Kopke, Illgner, Kohler, Buchwald, Helmer, Matthaus, Effenberg, Strunz, Sammer Riedle, Moeller and Klinnsman.

-Brazil’s Julio Cesar was teammates with Kohler and Moeller at Juventus.
All three would eventually join Borussia Dortmund. Julio Cesar and Moeller together in 1994 and Kohler in 1995.
Julio Cesar also played for Germany’s Werder Bremen in his career.

-Carlos Dunga and Jurgen Klinnsman eventually became their respective nations’ national team managers. Klinnsman is the current USA national team coach.

-Karl-Heinz Pflipsen never played for Germany again after this tournament.

-Rai joined Paris St Germain the following season.

-Karl-Heinz Riedle joined Dortmund the following season.

-Germany’s Borussia Dortmund players had reached that season’s UEFA Cup Final and lost to Juventus squad that contained Julio Cesar, Kohler and Moeller.

-Germany’s squad did not contain a single Werder Bremen player, who had just clinched the Bundesliga title.

-Brazil’s Sao Paulo players won the Copa Libertadores and the Intercontinental Cup in 1992 and 1993.

-Cafu captained Brazil to World Cup victory vs. Germany during the 2002 World Cup.
Christian Ziege played the last six minutes of that Final.

-Cafu, along with Matthaus (1990) and Dunga (1994) captained a World Cup winning team.
Cafu is a double World Cup winner (1994 and 2002)

-Cafu and Matthaus are record holders for appearances in the World Cup Finals.

Match Reports:

Match Video / Highlights:


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    I have one question: In the post about the 1993 USA cup tournament match between Brazil and Germany, you mentioned:

    This tournament was the last time Lothar Matthaus played in the midfield for Germany. Starting the fall season, he was switched to Libero. He became the 25 th player to be tried in that position since Franz Beckenbauer’s retirement in 1977.

    Is it possible you could provide the list and the dates of the 25 liberos tried out during this 16-year period. It would be really helpful.



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