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October 14, 1992-Holland 2-Poland 2

October 14, 1992
Holland 2-Poland 2
World Cup Qualifying-Group 2
Venue: Rotterdam-De Kuip-Feyenoord Stadion       
Attendance: 14,500
Referee: Arcangele Pezella (Italy)
Goalscorers: (Holland): Peter Van Vossen, 44,48          
                    (Poland): Marek Kozminski 18, Wojciech Kowalczyk 20

1-Stanley Purl Menzo (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [6 / 0]
2-Hubertus Aegidius Hermanus ‘Berry’ van Aerle (Philips Sports Vereniging Eindhoven) [35 / 0]
4-Ronald Koeman (Fútbol Club Barcelona / Spain) [63 / 10]
5-Robert ‘Rob’ Witschge (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [14 / 1]  
3-Wilhelmus Maria ‘Wim’ Jonk (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [5 / 1] 
6-Jan Jacobus Wouters (Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V. / Germany) [55 / 4]
8-Franklin Edmundo ‘Frank’ Rijkaard (Associazione Calcio Milan / Italy) [59 / 6] (13-Arnold Hendricus ‘Henk’ Fräser  (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [6 / 0]   80th)
7-Peter Jacobus van Vossen (Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht / Belgium) [2 / 2]
11-Arthur Johannes Numan (Philips Sports Vereniging Eindhoven) [1 / 0] (14-Gerald Mervin Vanenburg (Philips Sports Vereniging Eindhoven) [42 / 1] 40th)
10-Dennis Nicolaas Maria Bergkamp (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [20 / 12]
9-Marcel ‘Marco’ van Basten (Associazione Calcio Milan / Italy) [58 / 24]

Coach: Dirk Nicolaas ‘Dick’ Advocaat

Other Subs:
Eduard Franciscus ‘Ed’ de Goey (Feyenoord Rotterdam) 
Willem Cornelis Nicolaas ‘Wim’ Kieft (Philips Sports Vereniging Eindhoven)
Aron Mohamed Winter (Società Sportiva Lazio-Roma / Italy)  

Team Captain: Marcel ‘Marco’ van Basten
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Lotto
Uniform Colors: Orange Shirts, White Shorts, Orange Socks

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, de histoire van oranje, 1989-1995, Authors: Matty Verkamman and Henk Mees
(Holland squad)

1-Jaroslaw Jozef Bako (Besiktas Jimnastik Kulübü–Istanbul / Turkey)   [31 / 0]
2-Piotr Czachowski (Udinese Calcio / Italy)  [39 / 1] (14-Marek Andrzej Rzepka (Kolejowy Klub Sportowy Lech  Poznán) [11 / 1]   40th) 
3-Roman Edward Szewczyk (Górniczy Klub Sportowy Katowice)  [25 / 3]
4-Andrzej Lesiak (Fußballclub Wacker Innsbruck / Austria)   [15 / 1]
5- Marek Jan Kozminski (Udinese Calcio / Italy) [2 / 1]
6-Dariusz Adamczuk (Morski Klub Sportowy Pogon- Szczecin)   [3 / 0]
7-Jerzy Jozef Brzeczek (Kolejowy Klub Sportowy Lech  Poznán)   [5 / 0]
8-Robert Andrzej Warzycha (Everton Football Club-Liverpool / England) [42 / 6]
11-Jacek Ziober (Montpellier-Hérault Sports Club / France)  [39 / 8]
10-Roman Jacek Kosecki (Club Atlético Osasuna / Spain)  [50 / 15]
9-Wojciech Kowalczyk (Legia Warsaw) [8 / 3] (13-Wlodzimierz Wojciech Smolarek (Football Club Utrecht / Holland) [60 / 13] 68th)

Coach: Andrzej Strejlau
Booked: Adamczuk 47

Other Subs:
Jarosław Araszkiewicz (Kolejowy Klub Sportowy Lech  Poznán)     
Adam Matysek (Wrocławski Klub Sportowy Śląsk Wrocław)   
Tomasz Wałdoch (Klub Sportowy Górnik Zabrze)     

Team Captain: Robert Andrzej Warzycha
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: ?
Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Red Shorts , White Socks

Photo from: Bialo Czerwoni 1921-2001, Author Andrzej Gowarzewski
(Poland squad)


-Match number 490 for Holland and number 503 for Poland

-This was the 12th meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as the previous match on Dutch soil, was a Friendly in Eindhoven on September 11, 1991 that ended in a one to one tie.
Holland players: van Aerle, Koeman, Wouters, Rijkaard, Bergkamp, Kieft and Winter and Poland Players: Bako, Szewczyk, Czachowski, Lesiak, Ziober, Kowalczyk and Kosecki were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Rob Witsche’s brother Richard also played for Holland.
The goals were scored by Bergkamp and Ziober.
Ziober was booked in that match.

-The previous match between the nations, in the same stadium, was a friendly on October 10, 1973 that ended in a one to one tie.

(Captains van Basten and Warzycha)

- Holland’s previous win, as well as the previous match on Polish soil, was a European Championship Qualifier in Zabrze, also on October 14, 1987, that Holland won 2 to 0.
Holland players: van Aerle, Koeman, Vanenburg, van Basten and Winter and Poland Players: Araszkiewicz and Ziober were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Berry van Aerle earned his first cap for Holland in that match.

-The next match between the nations as well as Holland’s next win, would be the return World Cup Qualifier played on November 17, 1993 in Poznan that Holland won 3 to 1.
Holland players: de Goey, Koeman, Wouters, Bergkamp, Jonk and Winter and Poland Players: Matysek, Waldoch, Kozminski, Robert Warzycha, Brzeczek, Szewczyk and Adamczuk were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Bergkamp scored twice for Holland.
Andrzej Strejlau was no longer the Poland manager. His replacement was Leslaw Cmikiewicz.
Ronald Koeman’s brother Erwin also played in this match. 

Photo From: France Football, Issue 3141, June 20, 2006
(Bako on the ground with van Basten looking on)

- Poland’s previous win was a European Championship Qualifier in Chorzow, on May 2, 1979, that Poland won 2 to 0.

-On September 18, 1992, Dutch Captain Ruud Gullit withdrew from Holland squad for personal reasons.
At the time he was having playing time difficulties with his club AC Milan due to foreign player restrictions.
In his absence Marco van Basten captained the side.

-As stated in previous entries in this blog, Holland Manager Dick Advocaat was initially only appointed for the qualification phase.
Once that achieved he was supposed to make way for Barcelona Manager Johann Cruyff to manage in the WC Finals in USA in 1994.

-Holland still had not won a match under Advocaat. Their first friendly after the Euros on September 9, 1992 ended in a 3 to2 home loss vs. Italy.
They then lost a World Cup Qualifier on September 23rd, in Oslo to Norway by a score of 2 to 1.
Their first win under Advocaat would be away on December 16th vs. Turkey (3 to 1 win).

-This match turned out to be Marco van Basten’s last match for Holland.
He missed most of the rest of the season through injury and was completely inactive during the 1993/94 and 1994/95 seasons.
In the summer 1995 he retired prematurely due to these injuries.

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, de histoire van oranje, 1989-1995, Authors: Matty Verkamman and Henk Mees

-This was Peter van Vossen’s second cap and he scored twice. His previous cap was vs. Yugoslavia on March 25th (2-0 Holland win).
He also scored twice in Holland’s next qualifier away vs. Turkey on December 16th (3 to 1 win).

-Following the 1992 European Championships, Dutch goalkeeper Hans van Breukelen and veteran defender Adri van Tiggelen hard retired from the National Team.
Stanley Menzo was now the starting goalkeeper.

-This was Menzo’s last cap for Holland, as his blunders allowed the two polish goals.
Following this match, the starting goalkeeper was Feyenoord’s Ed de Goey.
By the spring of 1993, Menzo also lost his club spot at Ajax due to other blunders. His replacement there was Edwin van der Saar, the future Holland goalkeeper.

-This was PSV Eindhoven midfielder Arthur Numan’s first cap.

-Poland were missing Sporting Lisbon’s Andrzej Juskowiak, as well as Panathinaikos’ Krzysztof Warzycha  and Tomasz Lapiński of Widzew Lodz.

Photo From: France Football, December 29, 1992, Issue 2438
(van Aerle and Ziober)

-Following Holland’s defeat vs. Norway in the previous qualifier, Advocaat dropped Frank de Boer, John van’t Schip and Danny Blind.
In their place he called up Berry van Aerle, Wim Jonk, Gerald Vanenburg, Peter van Vossen.

-The teams in this World Cup Qualifying group were: Holland, Norway, England, Poland, Turkey and San Marino.
Norway and Holland qualified to the World Cup.

-Holland’s Sonny Silooy had to withdraw due to injury, Henk Fraser was called up as replacement.

-Bryan Roy was also missing for Holland as he was dropped and eventually transferred out of Ajax by Manager Louis van Gaal.

Photo from : Voetbal International Special, Nummer 7, 1992-Oranje in 1992
(van Vossen, the two goals hero)

-This was Berry van Aerle’s last cap. Therefore his first cap and last cap were vs. Poland exactly five years apart as both matches were played on an October 14th.

-This was also Henk Fraser’s last cap for Holland.

-Poland Manager Andrzej Strejlau resigned on September 27, 1993 after having failed Qualification.

-This was Marek Kozminski’s second cap and first goal for Poland.
Some sources erroneously credited his goal to Kosecki.

-Kozminski, Waldoch, Adamczuk, Brzęczek and Kowalczyk were members of Poland’s 1992 Olympic squad that finished runners-up in the Barcelona Olympics months earlier.

(Peter van Vossen)

-The attendance of 14,500 was one of Holland’s lowest ever attendances for a World Cup Qualifier.

-The match was being played in Feyenoord’s home stadium. Witschge, Fraser and De Goey were Feyenoord players.
They won the Dutch League title at the end of the season.
Ronald Koeman and van Vossen also played for Feyenoord in their careers.
Poland’s Smolarek was also a one time Feyenoord player.

-This was Smolarek’s last cap for Holland. He was playing for dutch club Utrecht and was selected most likely for that.
His previous cap was in 1988. He also managed Feyenoord youth teams.
He passed away in 2012. His son Euzebiusz has aso represented Poland and started out at Feyenoord.

-Smolarek and Adamczuk were past and future Eintracht Frankfurt players.

-Holland’s Wouters and Vanenburg and Poland’s Smolarek, Adamczuk, Matysek and Waldoch all played in the German Bundesliga in their careers.

-Bergkamp and Jonk joined Internazionale Milano the following season in a joint deal.

-Holland’s Rijkaard, van Basten , Jonk, Bergkamp, Kieft and Winter and Poland’s Czachowski, Kozminski, Adamczuk all played in Italy’s Serie A in their careers.

- Jacek Ziober eventually joined Spain’s Osasuna like his teammate Kosecki.

(van Aerle taking a throw –in)

-For Poland’s first goal, Kosecki took a shot from outside the box that Menzo could not hold on to, Kozminski picked up the rebound and scored.
For the second goal, Kosecki crossed from the right on to the far post and Kowalczyk just headed across , taking advantage of Menzo’s poor positioning.

-For Holland’s first goal, Wim Jonk sent in a through ball for van Vossen who scored with only the goalkeeper to beat.
Holland’s second goal was similar to Kozminski’s goal for Poland, Bergkamp took a shot from outside the box that Bako sould not hold on to and van Vossen picked up the rebound.

-Van Basten and Bergkamp were criticized for missing many chances.

-After the match, the dutch  fans chanted for the return of Rinus Michels.

-Menzo, Jonk, Bergkamp and Winter won the UEFA Cup in 1992 with Ajax.

-Ronald Koeman scored the winning in the Champions League Final that year for Barcelona vs. Sampdoria and also won the League title.
He would go on to win the League title with Barcelona again that season.

-Rijkaard and van Basten won the Serie A title with AC Milan in 1992 and would also go on to win it at the end of that season.

-Peter van Vossen won the Belgian League title with Anderlecht that season and would join Ajax the following season.

-Marco van Basten became Ballon d’Or winner in December. That was his third title after 1988 and 1989.

-Dick Advocaat was appointed as PSV Eindhoven Manager in early 1995. Menzo, Jonk, Numan and Wouters were in his team.

-Jan Wouters joined PSV Eindhoven in early 1994.

-As stated in previous entries in this blog, Rijkaard and van Basten have managed the Dutch national Team.

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