Monday, August 5, 2013

Eric Batty, Brian Glanville and other World Soccer Columns- Part Three

I.  Eric Batty

WS Magazine Issue: September 1966                   
Article Title(s): ‘It was such a crying shame’
-Eric Batty’s controversial Analysis of 1966 World Cup that was critical of the World Cup and went against the grain of general opinion due to England’s victory

WS Magazine Issue: August 1975     
Article Title(s): ‘Demise of Ajax now complete-will they come back? ‘
-Eric Batty’s Analysis of crisis at Ajax following the departure of many of their stars

WS Magazine Issue: April 1984     
Article Title(s): ‘Streich is my choice’
-Eric Batty’s Analysis of who would be his choice as European Footballer of the year

WS Magazine Issue: October 1963 and October 1964  
Article Title(s):  ‘Is this really the best selection?’ and ‘The Best Eleven Best of the Year?’
-The World XI selections for the years 1963 and 1964.

II.   Brian Glanville

WS Magazine Issue: August 1969
Article Title(s): ‘How Would Italian Players React to Allison….?’
-Discussing Juventus’ attempting to hire Englishman Malcolm Allison as their Manager 

WS Magazine Issue: February 1971
Article Title(s): ‘Manchester-Crisis Town’
-About the crises with both Manchester clubs

WS Magazine Issue: August 1980
Article Title(s): ‘Lessons to be learned from the Euro Cup’  plus ‘Onnis leaves Monaco’
-Analysis of the Europeo in Italy and under the pseudonym of Andre Duclos commenting on the French soccer scene

WS Magazine Issue: August 1991
Article Title(s): The Brian Glanville Column’
- His Column with Analysis on England Manager Graham Taylor and Azeglio Vicini’s impending sacking as Italy manager

III.  Other Writers:

a) Roger Mc Donald

WS Magazine Issue: August 1972
Article Title(s): ‘Are the Champs over the top?’
-Analysis of the Independence Cup held in Brazil

b) Norman Cutler

WS Magazine Issue: November 1969
Article Title(s): ‘Illegal Signings’
-Spanish League Correspondent Norman Cutler reporting on illegal signings of foreign palyers

b) Phillip Rising/ Leslie Vernon

WS Magazine Issue: April 1973
Article Title(s): ‘Leeds United-For and Against’
-The two pundits opinion of the playing style of Leeds United

Other Writers’ Columns-Part 3


  1. I do remember reading that Streich pick by E.Batty in 1984.... a provoking choice, obviously, in Platini's eponimous year.

  2. Yes Eric batty certainly had unconventional ideas, by this time stretch was nearing retirement and his heyday had bee in the 70s