Monday, September 30, 2013

Eric Batty, Brian Glanville and other World Soccer Columns- Part Four

I.  Eric Batty

WS Magazine Issue: August 1961                   
Article Title(s): ‘Contrasts in Coaching Methods’
-Eric Batty’s analysis of coaching in Britain vs. Continental Europe

WS Magazine Issue: August 1970 
Article Title(s): ‘Good World Cup, Worthy Winners but Poor Final’
-Eric Batty’s Analysis of the 1970 World cup

WS Magazine Issue: February 1980     
Article Title(s): ‘Where will Keegan Go?’
-Eric Batty’s investigating Kevin Keegan’s future prospects due to his impending departure from SV Hamburg

WS Magazine Issue: September 1965 and September 1966  
Article Title(s):  ‘The Headache of Selection … for the World’s Best XI’ and ‘The World’s Best Eleven?’
-The World XI selections for the years 1965 and 1966.

II.   Brian Glanville

WS Magazine Issue: December 1965
Article Title(s): ‘Economy plus Success?’
-Discussing the merits of the nursery system at clubs

WS Magazine Issue: January 1975
Article Title(s): ‘How about foreigners, Arsenal in favour’
-About the prospect of foreign players arriving to the English league

WS Magazine Issue: February 1981
Article Title(s): ‘Why bother with this charade? And ‘Wingers –Give them the ball’
-Discussing the relevance of the Intercontinental Cup after many brutal encounters and his usual column for World Soccer

WS Magazine Issue: December 1992
Article Title(s): Brian Glanville’s Last Word’
- His regular Column with his selection of best ever XI and other thoughts

III.  Other Writers:

a) Eric Weil

WS Magazine Issue: January 1968
Article Title(s): ‘Tarnished Image’
-About Argentina’s physical and rough play during the 1966 World Cup and the Intercontinental Cup matches of Estudiantes

b) Norman Cutler

WS Magazine Issue: February 1971
Article Title(s): ‘Spain Laughs at the Goalkeeper Affair: Real’s Blunder’
-Spanish League Correspondent Norman Cutler reporting on Real Madrid’s emergency signing of Valencia goalkeeper Jose Pesudo and pulling out of the deal after medical examinations revealed an injury

c) Leslie Vernon

WS Magazine Issue: August 1981
Article Title(s): ‘Applaud Liverpool? No, not me!’
-Analysis of the English Season

Other Writers’ Columns-Part 4

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