Thursday, October 3, 2013

Magazine Awards, Part Two

France Football’s Ballon d’Or:

Year 1983:
Player of the year: Michel Platini (Juventus and France)

Photo from: France Football, December 27, 1983 Issue 1968
(Michel Platini on the cover of France Football)

Onze’s Onze d’Or:

Year 1977:
Player of the year: Kevin Keegan (Liverpool/SV Hamburg and England)

Photo from: Onze, December 1977
(Kevin Keegan on the cover of Onze)

World Soccer’s Player of the Year:

Year 1983:
Player of the year: Zico (Udinese and Brazil)
Manager of the Year: Sepp Piontek (Denmark)

Team of the year: SV Hamburg

Photo from: World Soccer, December 1983
(Zico on the cover of World Soccer)


  1. Platini and zico were great, great players. All time greats. Loved watching both of them. Its hard to compare the 2 in the italian league because zico played for a smaller team(although he did score alot of goals and had a good understanding with causio) personally i would choose zico over platini because of how he and brazil 82 inspired a generation and left a lasting legacy to this day. And zico was much more beautiful to watch. .great post yet again mate !!!

  2. It is a shame that zirco did not get to play for one of the big teams in Europe

  3. Zico had the chance to join a big european team..there were alot of offers made to him but for some reason he liked udinese.. Maybe it was the 3 foreign player ruling of the time ?