Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trivia and Facts-Part 30

1- During Australia’s friendly match vs. Czechoslovakia on February 9, 1980 (2 to 2 tie), Australia was forced to take the same penalty kick 4 times.
For the first three times, Czech goalkeeper Dusan Keketi moved before the kick was ordered to be taken. Finally the fourth kick was scored.

Photo From: se Lvickem na prsou-Authors O.Bartunek, J.Kalat
(Dusan Keketi of Czechoslovaki and Spartak Trnava, 1980)

2-During the 1936 Olympics, on August 8, Peru defeated Austria (4 to 2) by scoring twice in the last 4 minutes of overtime.
After the Fourth goal in the 119th minute, Peruvian fans had invaded the field to celebrate.
As a result, Austria protested and the result was cancelled by the jury of appeal and ordered to be replayed by FIFA.
Peru did not show up for the replay because all their Olympics delegation
had returned home in disagreement with the ruling.

Photo From : Calcio 2000, August 2000
(Peru squad, August 8, 1936, Olympic Games, Peru 4-Austria 2)

3- In 1985, a Belgian Television reporter noted that Everton’s Pat van den Hauwe had a Belgian father and an English mother.
He was having an excellent season with his club and won the League title and Cup Winners Cup.
He was therefore eligible for Belgium. He notified Guy Thys who observed and visited him.
Van den Hauwe finally decided to represent Wales.

Photo From : Mondial, June 1985
(Everton’s Pat van den Hauwe, May 15, 1985, Cup Winners Cup, Everton 3-Rapid Vienna 1)

Photo From : Foot Magazine, March 1982
(Belgium Manager Guy Thys)

4-On September 23, 1973, Argentina were scheduled to play a World Cup Qualifier vs. Bolivia at LaPaz.
Argentina’s Managers Enrique Omar Sívori and Miguel Ignomiriello decided to take the squad away for an extended stay in Bolivia to acclimatize with the high altitude.
The secluded squad became known as ‘El Equipo Fantasma’ (Ghost Team).
The team traveled to the town of Tilcara, Province of Jujuy, at 2500 meters above sea level. 75 days before the match.
According to some of the players, The Argentina Federation ‘forgot’ about the team and did not send funds for supplies/hotel/food/etc.
Therefore, instead of the scheduled two friendlies, the team was forced to play six or seven to have enough money to buy food.
Ian all the team trained in Jujuy, Peru, Costa Rica and LaPaz.
The ‘Ghost Team’ photo was taken by Photographer Lucio Flores, the idea of the sheets was from Miguel Tapia, a Journalist from ‘Hoy’.
The match against Bolivia was won 1 to 0 and Argentina were on their way to qualify for the World Cup.

Photo From : El Grafico, Historia de la seleccion Argentina, 1971-75
(Argentina’s El Equipo Fantasma, September 1973)

5-In 1966 in the Czech town of Olomouc , there was a team made of entirely of brothers aged 16 to 25.
Their father, Josef Olbert, was a 63 year old greengrocer who wanted to form a family football team.

Photo From : World Soccer, August 1966
(Olomouc all family team 1966)


  1. The most interesting post in the series yet! :-)

  2. Are there any examples of a penalty kick having to be taken 5 times?

  3. I think Tunisia v Tahiti in the 2004 Olympics holds the record for penalty retaken the most times

  4. It was Tunisia vs Serbia with the referee from Tahiti