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Football’s Quarrels and Feuds, Part two

1- Diego Maradona and Luis Reyna
Peru’s Luis Reyna would probably not be remembered today, were it not for his brutal treatment of Maradona during Peru and Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying clashes on June 23, 1985 (0 to 1 Peru win) and June 30, 1985 (2 to 2 tie).
Reyna’s handling of Maradona was similar to Italian Claudio Gentile’s during the 1982 World Cup.

Photo from: El Grafico Number 3429, 1985
(Luis Reyna and Diego Maradona)

Photo from: Mondial, new series, issue 65, August 1985
(Luis Reyna and Diego Maradona)

2- Gerard Houllier and David Ginola
In France’s crucial World Cup Qualifier on November 17, 1993 vs. Bulgaria (1 to loss Bulgaria win), with the match tied in the dying seconds, France had a free kick on the left side, David Ginola over hit a cross and gave the ball away to Bulgarians who scored through Emil Kostadinov on a breakaway in the last seconds and eliminated France.
Afterwards France Manager Gerard Houllier publicly blamed Ginola for giving the ball away and causing France’s elimination on his own.
He even said that France ‘were stabbed in the back’ by this action.
In 2011, Ginola sued Houllier for slander when he made disparaging remarks about him for the incident, but the lawsuit was dismissed.

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, Issue 49, February 1993
(France Manager Gerard Houllier)

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, Issue 59, December 1993
(Emil Kostadinov scoring the winner with Alain Roche unable to stop, November 17, 1993, World Cup Qualifier, France 1-Bulgaria 2)

Photo from: Les Bleus,le livre Officiel de L'equipe de France, Author Dominique Grimault
(David Ginola walking off dejected after the loss, November 17, 1993, World Cup Qualifier, France 1-Bulgaria 2)

3- Andy Cole and Teddy Sheringham
Despite being teammates for a number of years, England and and Manchester United strikers did not speak to one another.
The incident that caused the rift was during Any Cole’s debut for the English National Team on March 29, 1995 at Wembley in a friendly vs. Uruguay (scoreless tie.)
In the 71st minute, Andy Cole replaced Teddy Sheringham, and as Sheringham was walking off Cole extended his arm, but Sheringham ignored him and did not wish him good luck or anything of the sort.

Photo from: World Soccer, September 1997
(Teddy Sheringham with Manchester United)

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, Issue 70, November 1994
(Andy Cole with Newcastle United)

4- Luis Cubilla and foreign based Uruguay players
Upon taking over as Uruguay National Manager in 1991, Luis Cubilla had criticized the foreign based players for Uruguay’s failure in 1990 World Cup.
He had even excluded midfielder Ruben Pereira from the 1991 Copa America squad as soon as he joined an Italian club.
The leading foreign based players ,that included Ruben Sosa, Enzo Francescolli, Daniel Fonseca and Carlos Aguilera in effect boycotted the national team.
With the results not improving, finally in the summer of 1993, Luis Cubilla was forced to make peace with the leading players in time for the 1993 World Cup Qualifiers in July-August.
Despite their return Uruguay did not qualify for the World Cup and Cubilla resigned.

Photo from: France Football, Issue 2428, October 20, 1992
(Daniel Fonseca in action for Napoli, 1992/93)

Photo from: El Grafico, July 1993
(Enzo Francescolli upon his return to the National team, July 17, 1993, Uruguay 3-Peru 0)

Photo from: El Grafico, July 1993
(Uruguay Manager Luis Cubilla)

Photo from: El Grafico, July 1993
(Ruben Sosa, September 17, 1989, World Cup Qualifier, Uruguay 2-Bolivia 0)

5- Fernando Redondo and Daniel Passarella
Upon taking over as Argentina Manager had insisted on all National team players to have short hair.
Newspapers reported that Fernando Redondo was excluded because he refused to cut his long hair.
Passarella said that Redondo’s exclusion was based upon his insistence on only playing in central midfield, refusing to do it on the left side.
Nevertheless, efforts were made to include him.
On January 22, 1997, Fernando Redondo rejected the opportunity to play for Argentina and on n February 22, 1997 , Fernando Redondo announced his decision not to play for  the national team while Passarella was in charge.
Others thought his refusal to play under Passarella was because of the style and mentality of Passarella’s tactics. 

Photo from: Mondial, old series, issue 26, January 1979
(Daniel Passarella)

Photo from: World Soccer, July 1994
(Fernando Redondo)

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