Saturday, March 1, 2014

Debate Topic, Part Seven

In Argentina you are either a ‘Menottist’ or a ‘Bilardist’
Which Manager do you believe was better for Argentina? Both won the World Cup with different methods and different circumstances
The stereotypes are that Cesar Luis Menotti is the apostle of attacking football and Carlos Bilardo is synonymous with negative football.

Where do you stand on this debate?

Photo From:  Onze, July 1979
(Cesar Luis Menotti)

Photo From:  World Soccer, October 1990
(Carlos Bilardo)


  1. Bilardo had more success, not only one WC victory but also a 2nd place and he came closer to winning a Copa America than Menotti. The circumstances of the Argentine victory in 1978 are still disputed (because of the match against Peru) but Menotti brushed off the then ruling military junta and that is something he will be remembered for...

    I think that Argentina from 1994 on had better teams than in 1990, 1986 and 1978 when they reached the final. In 90 and 86 it was Maradona who made the difference.. I hope that they make the way to the semifinals this year in Brazil!

    1. I think Bilardo's success solely depended upon Maradona's presence, without him Bilardo's Argentina squads were no better than average. But won the WC under unique circumstances and neither managed to achieve much since

    2. one thing about Menotti that stands out is the fact that despite being such a free thinker he banned transfers for all Argentina internationals and secluded them in training camps for long periods at a time


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