Thursday, July 24, 2014

Events and Consequences, Part Eight

1- Event:
Republic of Ireland International Timothy O’Keeffe stealing a Belgian player’s wallet.
Timothy O’Keeffe played in a World Cup qualifier vs. Belgium on February 25, 1934 at Dublin ( 4 to 4 tie).
At the post match banquet, one of the Belgian players reported his wallet stolen and it was found in O’Keeffe’s possession.

Timothy O’Keeffe was banned from the National team until 1938. In all he gained just 3 caps.

Photo From: The Boys in Green, THE FAI international Story, Author: Sean Ryan
(Timothy O’Keeffe)

2- Event:
France playing a Friendly vs. Switzerland in Geneva on February 29, 1920 (0 to 2 France win).

England were boycotting Germany (because of World War I) and also the countries that did not boycott Germany which included Switzerland
They insisted on France doing the same. But the match went ahead and in anger England left FIFA.
Because of this they did not particpate in the first three World Cups.

3- Event:
French striker Rene Bliard getting injured before the 1958 World Cup.

Initially Rene Bliard was to be the starter for France as a striker with Just Fontaine in reserve.
Rene Bliard’s injury made Fontaine the starter and he scored his record setting 13 goals during the World cup.

Photo From: Les Bleus, Le livre official de l'Equipe de France, Author: Dominique Grimault, 1997
(Just Fontaine, June 15, 1958, World Cup, France 2-Scotland 1)

Photo From: Les Bleus Author Denis Chaumier, 2004
(Rene Bliard, February 15, 1956, Italy 2-France 0)

4- Event:
Diego Maradona’s drugs ban in 1991 in addition to his arrest in 1991 for possession of Cocaine.

Argentina were due to participate in the Kirin Cup of 1994 held in Japan, along with the hosts and France.
However, Maradona had problems obtaining a visa to Japan as a result of his past with drugs.
As a result Argentina did not particpate in the Kirin Cup and Australia replaced them.
Similarly in 1997 , Maradona was refused entry in USA to train as a result of this past drugs ban.

Photo From: L’Equipe Magazine, June 18, 1994
(Diego Maradona being arrested in Buenos Aires on April 26, 1991)

5- Event:
Yugoslavia midfielder Mehmet Bazdarevic spitting at match referee Yousouf Namoglou of Turkey, in the 13th minute of a World Cup Qualifier vs. Norway at Sarajevo on October 11, 1989 (Yugoslavia 1-Norway 0).

On February 2, 1990, FIFA announced that Mehmet Bazdarevic was banned from the World Cup for spitting at referee in Norway match.

Bazdarevic had been an integral part of Yugoslavia’s squad and had actively participated in the qualification, however, this incident took away his opportunity of playing in the 1990 World Cup.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 4, May 1989
(Mehmet Bazdarevic with Sochaux 1988/89, in front of Matra Racing Paris’ Enzo Francescolli)

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