Monday, February 23, 2015

Articles on Teams and Events-Part 33

Three articles about El Salvador’s national team that qualified for the 1982 World cup
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, March 1982 / English by Jeff Cross) 
(Magazine / Language : El Grafico, Issue 3251 / Spanish by Jose Luis Barrio) 
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, June 1982 / English by Eric Weil) 

Photo From: World Soccer, June 1982
(El Salvador squad)

An article about Psych games that Managers use
(Magazine / Language : Four Four Two, issue 32, April 1997  / English By Paul Simpson) 

An Article about the break up of the Iron Curtain  in 1989 and its effect on Soccer transfers from Eastern Bloc Nations
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, January 1990 / English By Ian MacLeod) 

Photo From: World Soccer, January 1990
(Czechoslovakia’s Lubos Kubik and Ivo knofilcek who had defected to the west during the 1988/89 season)

An Article about the decline of Manchester City in the 1990s
(Magazine / Language : Goal, December 1996 / English By Bill Borrows)  

Photo From: Goal, December 1996
(Manchester City’s Tony Brook, Dennis Tueart and Peter Swales)
decline of Manchester City

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