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november 17, 1993-northern Ireland 1-Republic of Ireland 1

November 17, 1993
Northern Ireland 1-Republic of Ireland 1
World Cup Qualifying-Group 3
Venue: Belfast-Windsor Park  
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Ahmet Cakar (Turkey)
Goalscorers: (Northern Ireland): James Quinn 73rd
                    (Republic of Ireland): Alan Francis McLoughlin 76th 

Northern Ireland:
1-Thomas James Wright (Nottingham Forest Football Club / England) [18 / 0]
2-Gary James Fleming (Barnsley Football Club / England) [24 / 0]
3-Nigel Worthington (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club / England) [47 / 0]
4-Gerald Paul Taggart (Barnsley Football Club / England) [24 / 5]
5-Alan McDonald  (Queens Park Rangers Football Club-London / England) [43 / 3]
6-Malachy Martin Donaghy (Chelsea Football Club-London / England)  [87 / 0]
7-Kevin James Wilson (Notts County Football Club-Nottingham / England) [36 / 6] (15-Kingsley Terence Black (Nottingham Forest Football Club / England) [29 / 1] 82nd )
8-James Magilton (Oxford United Football Club / England) [18 / 4]
9-James Martin Quinn (Reading Football Club / England)   [37 / 8]
10-Phillip Gray (Sunderland Association Football Club / England) [7 / 1] (13-Iain Dowie (Southampton Football Club / England) [21 / 2] 72nd )
11-Michael Eamonn Hughes (Racing Club de Strasbourg Football / France) [14 / 1]

Coach: William Laurence Bingham
Booked: Nigel Worthington 20

Team Captain: Alan McDonald
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Umbro
Uniform Colors: Green Shirts, White Shorts, Green Socks

(Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland squads)

Republic of Ireland:
1-Patrick ‘Paddy’ Bonner (Celtic Football Club- Glasgow / Scotland) [69 / 0]
2-Joseph Dennis Irwin (Manchester United Football Club / England)  [24 / 1]
3-Terence Michael Phelan (Manchester City Football Club / England) [18 / 0]
4-Alan Nigel Kernaghan (Manchester City Football Club / England) [9 / 1]
5-Paul McGrath (Aston Villa Football Club-Birmingham / England)   [63 / 7]
6-Roy Maurice Keane (Manchester United Football Club / England)  [19 / 0]
7-Andrew David Townsend (Aston Villa Football Club-Birmingham / England)    [41 / 4]
8-Raymond James Houghton (Aston Villa Football Club-Birmingham / England)  [56 / 3]  (14-Alan Francis McLoughlin (Portsmouth Football Club / England) [15 / 1] 70th )
9-Niall John Quinn (Manchester City Football Club / England) [43 / 10]
10-John William Aldridge (Tranmere Rovers Football Club / England) [56 / 13]  (12-Anthony Guy Cascarino (Chelsea Football Club-London / England)  [46 / 11]   81st )
11-Edward John Paul ‘Eddie’ McGoldrick (Arsenal Football Club-London / England [9 / 0]

Coach: John ‘Jack’ Charlton (England)
Booked: Terry Phelan 15

Team Captain: Andrew David Townsend
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Green Shorts, White Socks


-Match number 293 for Republic of Ireland and number 425 for Northern Ireland

-This was the 6th meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as the previous on Republic of Ireland soil, and the previous Republic of Ireland victory was the first leg of these World Cup Qualifiers in Dublin on March 31, 1993 that the Republic won 3 to 0.
Northern Ireland players: Tommy Wright, Donaghy, Worthington, Taggart, McDonald, Magilton, James Quinn, Black, Dowie, Gray and Hughes and Republic of Ireland Players: Bonner, Irwin, McGrath, Phelan, Houghton, Keane, Townsend, Niall Quinn, McGoldrick and Cascarino were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Kingsley Black and Cascarino came on as a substitute in both matches.
Townsend and Niall Quinn scored in that match.
Alan McDonald and Townsend skippered the sides for this match as well.

-The previous match between the nations, in the same stadium was another World Cup qualifier on September 14, 1988 that ended in a scoreless tie.
Northern Ireland players: Donaghy, Worthington, McDonald, James Quinn, and Black and Republic of Ireland Players: Aldridge, McGrath, Houghton and Cascarino were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Alan McDonald was booked in that match.
Both Managers were still in charge of their respective teams.
Mal Donaghy captained Northern Ireland for that match.

-The next match between the nations, as well as the next match at the same venue and Republic’s next victory would be a UEFA European Championship qualifier on November 16, 1994 that ended in a 4 to 0 Republic away win.
Northern Ireland players: Fleming, Worthington, Taggart, Kevin Wilson, Magilton, Dowie, Hughes and Gray and Republic of Ireland Players: Irwin, Aldridge, McGrath, Keane, Townsend and Niall Quinn were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Aldridge, Keane and Townsend scored in that match.

- Republic’s previous victory was another World Cup qualifier on October 11, 1989 in Dublin that they won 3 to 0.
Northern Ireland players: Fleming, Worthington, Donaghy, McDonald and Kevin Wilson and Republic of Ireland Players: Bonner, Aldridge, Houghton, Townsend and Cascarino were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Cascarino and Houghton scored in that match.
Aldridge and Worthington were booked in that match.
Both Managers were still in charge of their respective teams.
Mal Donaghy captained Northern Ireland for that match.

(Jackie Charlton and Billy Bingham before the match)

-Northern Ireland’s previous victory and only victory up to that point and in the same stadium was a UEFA European Championship qualifier on November 21, 1979, that they won 1 to 0.

- Northern Ireland’s next victory (and first away victory) would be a Friendly match on May 29, 1999 in Dublin that they would win 1 to 0.
Northern Ireland players: Dowie and Black and Republic of Ireland Players: McLoughlin, Niall Quinn and Cascarino were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Alan McLoughlin and Cascarino once again came on the field as substitutes.
-The nations would also play one another in a UEFA European Championship qualifier on March 29, 1995 that ended in a one to one tie.
Northern Ireland players: Worthington, Taggart, McDonald, Magilton, Dowie and Hughes and Republic of Ireland Players: Irwin, McGrath, Keane, Townsend, Cascarino and Niall Quinn were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Niall Quinn and Dowie scored in that match.
Cascarino once again came on the field as a substitute.

-This November 17th match was the final round of World Cup qualifiers for the 1994 USA World Cup.
The other teams in this World Cup qualifying group were Denmark, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia and Albania.
Going into this match, Denmark led the group with one point more than Spain and Republic of Ireland.
Spain were scheduled to play Denmark simultaneously in Seville and a win for them coupled with at least a tie in the all Irish qualifier would have qualified Spain and Republic of Ireland.

-This match was also the Final match of Billy Bingham in charge of Northern Ireland.  This was his second spell in charge of the National Team.
He had previously managed the team from 1967 through 1971. He also managed the Greek national team from 1971 to 1973.
His second spell in charge of Northern Ireland had begun in 1980 and was to end with this 1993 match. This was his 98th match in charge in his second spell (128 matches overall).

-Billy Bingham is the most successful Northern Ireland Manager having qualified the team to two consecutive World Cups (1982 and 1986).
He also represented Northern Ireland in the 1958 World Cup.
Republic of Ireland’s Assistant Coach Maurice Setters and Jackie Charlton’s brother Bobby were in the England squad for that same World Cup.

-In the weeks preceding the match there had been incidents of sectarian violence that had led to many deaths.
There had been suggestions to change the venue, such as to Manchester.
FIFA left the decision of venue to IFA who decided to maintain Windsor Park and guaranteed safety.

- Republic of Ireland flew to Belfast instead of driving due to security concerns.

-Security was such a concern that Security officers in Republic of Ireland gear mixed with the players during training and even on the team bus.

-To avoid any violence, the Northern Ireland Football Association had not allocated tickets to the Republic of Ireland fans; nevertheless some Republic fans were able to obtain tickets through other means.

-Security was tight with soldiers patrolling outside of the stadium as well. There were up to 2000 security officers on duty.

-The departing Bingham raised the tensions even further by suggesting that even though they were already eliminated, they would do everything to ‘stuff Ireland’ and eliminate them from the World Cup finals.
-Bingham also attacked the Republic players by branding them as mercenaries. He described them as players who have settled for the Republic since they were not good enough for England or Scotland.

 -Bingham was very critical of the Grandparent rule that had made players such as Houghton, Aldridge and Cascarino eligible for the Republic.

-But the brunt of Bingham’s criticism was for the selection of Protestant Alan Kernaghan.
Kernaghan had earned six U-15 caps for Northern Ireland and had even been a ball boy at Northern Ireland International matches.
He was ineligible from further Northern Ireland caps after it was revealed that neither of his parents had been born in Northern Ireland.
However, he was eligible for the Republic due to the grandparent rule.
Needless to say, during the match he was booed with every touch and called ‘Judas’.

Photo From: Provided by Football Association of Ireland (FAI) (Special thanks to Peter Sherrard)
(Alan Kernagahn)

-In their previous qualifier on October 13, 1993, Republic of Ireland had lost at home to Spain (1-3) to put their qualification hopes in jeopardy.

Photo From: Provided by Football Association of Ireland (FAI) (Special thanks to Peter Sherrard)
(Niall Quinn and Gerry Taggart with Roy Keane in the background)

-Republic of Ireland were missing some players. Steve Staunton had been injured in the match vs. Spain and required surgery. Eddie McGoldrick took his place.
Kevin Moran, John Sheridan, Ronnie Whelan and Kevin Sheedy were also unavailable.
Paul McGrath moved in defense to provide cover.
Gary Kelly of Leeds United and Phil Babb of Coventry City were called in as cover.

-Northern Ireland were missing Stephen Morrow and Michael O’Neill.

-Both teams employed a 4-4-2 formation.

-As expected the crowd, with chants of ‘Mercenaries’ and sectarian insults, verbally abused the Republic of Ireland squad.
On top of these insults, Paul McGrath and Terry Phelan were subjected to racial insults as well.
So hostile was the atmosphere that Alan McLoughlin later declared that the  ‘safest place to be was on the pitch’.

-Northern Ireland dominated the first half, but could not break through.

-Both teams’ number Nine were named Quinn.

-In the other match, in the tenth minute Spain goalkeeper Andoni Zubizaretta was sent off for a professional foul on Barcelona club mate and Denmark’s Michael Laudrup.
As a result, Spain were to play the remaining 80 minutes with one man down. This was a blow to Republic of Ireland’s prospects, who were hoping for a Spanish win.
The Spanish took the lead in the 63rd minute through Fernando Hierro despite their numerical disadvantage to give hope to the Republic of  Ireland.

-Midway through the second half, Republic of Ireland’s Ray Houghton was replaced by Alan McLoughlin.

-In the 73rd minute, Iain Dowie, who had just come on a s a substitute, sent a cross from the left side to Kevin Wilson who immediately laid it on for James Quinn who shot from outside of box to open the scoring.

-After James Quinn scored, Northern Ireland Assistant Manager Chris Nicholl taunted his Republic counterpart Maurice Setters by shouting ‘up yours’.

-Just a few minutes later, Dennis Irwin took a free kick from right side touchline that Taggart headed out, and it fell perfectly for substitute Alan McLoughlin who slammed it home from just outside of the box.

-This was Alan McLoughlin’s first ever goal for Republic of Ireland. This was also the Republic’s first ever goal on Northern Ireland soil.

(Alan McLoughlin’s equalizer)

- After James Quinn’s goal, Jackie Charlton had wanted to send on Tony Cascarino.
Cascarino had forgotten to wear his jersey and only had a T-Shirt on.
McLoughlin scored before anything could be done and according to Cascarino, McLoughlin’s goal ‘saved’ him from Charlton’s wrath.

-After the match ended, there were four agonizing minutes (for the Republic) left in the Spain –Denmark match that the Spanish led by a single goal.

-Alan McDonald and Paul McGrath were named joint men of the match.

-Once the Spain-Denmark match ended, Spain had qualified along with the Republic of Ireland.
Republic of Ireland were in fact tied with Denmark in the number of points and goal difference. They only edged out Denmark because they had scored more goals. They became the first ever European qualifier ever to qualify in this manner.
Republic of Ireland qualified for its second successive World Cup, both achieved with Englishman Jackie Charlton.
It is also important to remember that Denmark were the reigning UEFA European Champions. They became the second reigning Euro Champions (After Czechoslovakia, 1976-78) to not qualify for the following World Cup.

-After the game Charlton confronted Bingham and told him ‘up yours too ’.
Charlton later apologized to him during Bingham’s press conference. He even awarded Bingham an award at the post match banquet.

-Bingham did not take back his ‘Mercenaries’ comment following the match.

-In an interview months before, Bingham had stated that it would have been easy for him to quit in 1986 with all the glory. He knew hard times were coming and decided to stay and help out. He was convinced that had he not done so, Northern Ireland would have gone through three or four managers during this period.

-From Bingham’s squad that night Mal Donaghy was the sole survivor from the 1982 World Cup.
From the 1986 World Cup squad, in addition to Donaghy, Alan Mc Donald, James Quinn and Nigel Worthington were also present.

-Former Legend George Best had expressed interest to replace Billy Bingham, though the Northern Ireland Authorities had others in mind.

-From Jackie Charlton’s squad: Bonner, McGrath, Houghton, Aldridge, Cascarino, Townsend, Niall Quinn and McLoughlin were present during the 1990 World Cup.

-Incidentally, the two Ireland were also to be paired in the upcoming 1996 Euro qualifiers.

-All of Republic of Ireland’s team played in the English Premier League, except goalkeeper Pat Bonner of Celtic Glasgow.
All of Northern Ireland’s players also played in the English League, except Michael Hughes who played in France with Strasbourg.

-Ray Houghton and John Aldridge were former Liverpool players and had been club mates.

-As stated in a previous entry on this blog (See 1990 Rep. of Ireland 1-England 1),  Tony Cascarino revealed years later that he was ineligible to play for Republic of Ireland.

-Ireland’s Roy Keane had just joined Manchester United that season from Nottingham Forest.
He won the English League and Cup double with teammate Dennis Irwin that season.

-Roy Keane and Kingsley Black had been teammates at Nottingham Forest the previous season and suffered relegation from the Premier League.
Mal Donaghy and Paul McGrath were teammates at Manchester United, 1988/89.
Phil Gray and Cascarino played at French club Nancy, 1996/97.
Cascarino was also teammates with Bonner at Celtic Glasgow 1991/92 and Townsend at Chelsea 1991/93, as well as McGrath at Aston Villa 1990/91.
Cascarino was also then teammates with Donaghy at Chelsea.

-Mc Grath, Houghton and Townsend won the English League Cup with Aston Villa that season.

-Eddie McGoldrick won the Cup Winners Cup trophy at the end of that season with Arsenal.

-Niall Quinn sustained a serious injury on November 29th, which effectively ruled him out of the World Cup.
His next match for Ireland would be the next year, on September 7, 1994, in a UEFA European Championship qualifier at Riga vs. Latvia (3-0 Irish win).

-On February 20, 1994, Bryan Hamilton was appointed as Northern Ireland national team manager.

-Jackie Charlton’s tenure as Republic of Ireland manager ended two years later in December 1995 after failure to qualify for the 1996 Euros.

-Nigel Worthington managed Northern Ireland (2007/ 2011)

-In June 2006, Niall Quinn was part of a group of investors who took control of Sunderland. He became Chairman/Manager, shortly afterwards in late August 2006, he appointed Roy Keane as Manager.

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