Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Events and Consequences, Part Fifteen

1- Event:
Heysel Disaster in 1985

The Heysel Disaster of 1985, led to the suspension of all English Clubs from European Competition.
This in a way led to a series of high profile English based stars to join Scotland’s big spending club Rangers Glasgow.
First, Former Scotland Captain Graeme Souness was brought in as Player-Manager. He started doing something unprecedented, signing English players still at the top of their game, who were more than willing to join them to get a taste of European Football.
As a result English Internationals such as Chris Woods, Terry Butcher, Gary M. Stevens, Trevor Steven and Mark Hateley, among others, joined them.

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1995
(Heysel disaster, May 29, 1985, Champions Cup, Juventus 1-Liverpool 0)

2- Event:
Denmark’s Frank Arnesen being sent off vs. West Germany (June 13, 1986, World Cup, Denmark 2-West Germany 0)

Danish midfielder Frank Arnesen was a vital cog in Denmark’s play and tactics. After he was sent off vs. West Germany, he was suspended for the Quarterfinal vs. Spain (June 18, 1986, World Cup, Spain 5-Denmark 1).
Many point at his absence to explain Denmark’s heavy loss.

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2126, January 6, 1987
(Frank Arnesen , June 13, 1986, World Cup, Denmark 2-West Germany 0)

3- Event:
Christoph Daum being approached to be the German National Team Manager after Euro 2000.

Christoph Daum had originally been approached to coach the national team after the Euro 200 debacle.
On July 2, 2000, in an unexpected move at a special meeting, Bayer Leverkusen Representative Rudi Voeller was chosen to fill the interim job for 10 months until Daum's contract with Leverkusen expired on June 30th, 2001, since Leverkusen were unwilling to immediately release Daum.
In October 2000, A German newspaper, Abendzeitung, printed critical allegations about Daum's private life, quoting Uli Hoeness, general manager of Bayern Munich, who accused Daum of Drug use. Daum threatened to sue Hoeness for slander following the remarks.
Christoph Daum offered to provide a voluntary hair samples for test to clear his name. However, the test revealed he had actually consumed cocaine.
AS a result, Daum’s agreement was annulled by the DFB on October 21, 2000.
Rudi Völler was given the job on full time basis, which he would hold until 2004.
As a result of the scandal, Daum was fired from Bayer Leverkusen.

Photo From: World Soccer, August 2000
(Rudi Voller and Christoph Daum)

4- Event:
Pietro Vierchowod’s father involvement in World War II.

Pietro Vierchowod’s father was a Soviet POW captured by the Germans during World War II. He was sent to a Prisoner of War Camp in Italy. At the end of the War, he chose to remain in Italy to build a new life and Pietro was born in Italy and became an Italian International. Vierchowod was nicknamed ‘the Tsar’ because of his Soviet ancestry.

Photo From: World Soccer, January 1994
(Sampdoria’s Pietro Vierchowod)

5- Event:
Franco Zeffirelli’s outburst against Juventus

Italian director Franco Zeffirelli, who was also a member of Fiorentina’s Board, once made a very insensitive remark about rivals Juventus.
In September 1991, he stated that Juventus “Had to climb over the dead bodies of the Heysel Stadium to win the cup”.
Due to the outcry, he was forced to resign from the Board.

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