Saturday, March 5, 2016

Politics and The Game, Part Four

1- Ivica Osim and War in Bosnia, 1992
On May 23, 1992, Ivica Osim resigned as Yugoslavia National Team Manager as protest over the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He was a native Bosnian and the fighting had intensified in Bosnia after they declared Independence in 1992.

Photo From: World Soccer, August 1991
(Ivica Osim)

2- Karl Rappan and the Nazi Authorities
The famous Austrian Manager Karl Rappan had his run-ins with Nazi Officials while he was managing the Swiss National Team. He managed the Swiss National Team during the 1938 World Cup (concurrently with Grasshopper Zurich).
After leading the Swiss to victory over the Germans during the 1938 World Cup, he was ordered by a Nazi Official to leave the lodgings in France where the Swiss squad were residing and return to Munich at once (remember Austria was part of Germany after the Anschlus). He refused this demand/order.
Just after the World Cup, he was approached by another high-ranking Nazi Official and offered (given an ultimatum according to Rappan) to replace Sepp Herberger as Germany’s National Team Manager.
Upon returning to Switzerland, his contract was extended by Grasshopper President Dr. Hoffmann and was asked not to make any hostile comments about Zurich’s German community.

Photo From: Die Nati, Die Geschichte der Schweizer Fussball-Nationalmanschaft, author Beat Jung, 2006
(Karl Rappan)

3- Robbie Fowler and Dockers, 1997
The Liverpool Dockers strike was a strike in support of Dockers who had been fired by their employers.
On one occasion, Native-born Scouser Robbie Fowler after scoring a goal lifted his shirt to show a T-Shirt in support of the Dockers (designed similar to Calvin Klein Logo).

Photo From: World Soccer, May 1997
(Robbie Fowler)

4- Vladan Lukic/Joel Muller and NATO bombings of Yugoslavia, 1999
Former Yugoslavian International striker Vladan Lukic was playing for French club Metz when NATO bombings of Yugoslavia took place in 1999. He publicly stated that he was ready to take up arms, which drew the ire of his Manager Joel Muller, because France were part of the coalition bombing Yugoslavia and in essence he was stating he was ready to take arms against France.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Hors Serie 26, August 1997
(Metz Manager Joel Muller)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Hors Serie 26, August 1997
(Vladan Lukic at Metz)

5- The 1981 British Home Championship
The 1981 British Home Championship was incomplete and no team was declared winner. Northern Ireland were to host England and Wales at Belfast. However, both teams refused to go because of security concerns due to Political unrest.

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