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Football’s Quarrels and Feuds, Part Fifteen

1- Gerd Muller and Pal Csernai/Sepp Maier, 1978/79
In the Spring of 1979, Gerd Muller left Bayern Munich after a dispute with Manager Pal Csernai.
As a parting shot, he declared that Stuttgart’s Helmut Roleder was the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga. This was a parting shot at teammate Sepp Maier, who had sided with Csernai.

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, February March 1978
(Gerd Muller (on the left) and Sepp Maier (on the right))

 Photo From: Fussball Magazin, Issue 2, March April 1980
(Pal Csernai)

2- Hugo Sanchez and Michel, 1989
During the 1989/90 season, it was revealed that Real Madrid teammates Hugo Sanchez and Michel had not spoken to one another for over two years.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 57, October 1993
(Hugo Sanchez)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 14, March 1990

3- Moreno Roggi and Mario Cecchi Gori, 1991
On June 14, 1991, Moreno Roggi quit his post as General Manager of Fiorentina following a dispute with club President Mario Cecchi Gori.
Moreno Roggi had wanted to acquire defender Marco Baroni from Napoli and Cecchi Gori had felt the
£5 Million transfer fee was excessive.

Photo From: 1974-75 Calciatori Panini
(Moreno Roggi as a Fiorentina player)

Photo From: 1988-89 Calciatori Panini
(Marco Baroni as a Lecce player)

Photo From: World Soccer, August 1992
(Brian Laudrup and Fiorentina President Mario Cecchi Gori)

4- Brazil and Chile, 1987 thru 1989
Footballing relations between Brazil and Chile had been strained for some time in the late 80s. Brazil’s humiliation at the 1987 Copa America (0-4 loss) had been followed with the ill-tempered 1989 World Cup qualifiers that had resulted in the sending offs of Romario and Hisis in the first leg, as well as the fake-injury/firecracker incident of Roberto Rojas that had led to Chile’s suspension from the 1994 World Cup.
Two friendlies were arranged in 1990, one in Santiago on October 17th and the other at Belém on November 8th.
The matches were looked upon as ‘diplomatic’ matches and both scoreless results were satisfactory given the circumstances.

Photo From: Placar, Issue 893, July 13, 1987 
(Antonio Careca, July 3, 1987, Copa America, Chile 4-Brazil 0)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, October 1989 
(Photos that appeared at Brazil’s Placar Magazine, showing the trickery)

5- Pascal Olmeta and Jean-Luc Sassus, December 1996
On December 20th, 1996, following Olympique Lyonnais’ match vs. Nantes at home (0-1 Lyon loss), Lyon goalkeeper Pascal Olmeta punched his clubmate and friend Jean-Luc Sassus. It later emerged the source of tension was a woman.
Apparently, Sassus forgave Olmeta, however, the Lyon Management fired Olmeta for his action. He was shortly thereafter transferred to RCD Espanyol.

Photo From: 1996-97 Panini Foot
(Pascal Olmeta and Jean-Luc Sassus at Olympique Lyonnais, 1996/97)

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