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Events and Consequences, Part Twenty

1- Event:
Heribert Weber’s dispute with Austria Manager Josef Hickersberger
He had had a row with Hickersberger over his position on the field and other issues.

Apparently, the problems started before Austria’s crucial qualifier vs. East Germany on November 15, 1989 (3-0 win for Austrians).
Weber had dental surgery days before and Hickersberger did not want to risk him to start but chose to have him on the bench. Weber felt he could play and was determined to start and this in some way had led to a rift between the two.
On February 2, 1990, had was formally dropped from the World Cup squad.
Austria’s Heribert Weber missed the chance to participate in the 1990 World Cup, which would have been his third. (after 1978 and 1982)

Photo From:  Panini World Cup, 1982
(Heribert Weber)

Photo From:  Panini World Cup, 1978
(Josef Hickersberger)

2- Event:
France’s Ibrahim Ba being excluded from France’s 1998 World Cup Finals squad.

In 1997, France and Bordaeux’s Ibrahim Ba was the toast of France and was being groomed to be one of the stars of the upcoming World Cup in France in 1998.
His transfer to AC Milan in the summer of 1997, could have helped but he joined a team in decline and his form suffered.
Ba was one of the six players who were cut in the last minute from France’s Final 28 players to make the final cut of 22 (Nicolas Anelka was also another).
His career spiraled down from then on and he was loaned to teams such as Perugia and Olympique Marseille but was unable to recover his previous form.
He even ended up playing in the Swedish league with Djuurgarden.
As a gesture of goodwill, AC Milan President Silvio Berlusconi signed him in 2007. He made no appearances (in the League) and retired at the end of the season.
Many have traced the root of his problems to the disappointment of being cut in such a fashion.

Photo From:  Onze-Mondial, Issue 103, August 1997
(Ibrahima Ba at Ac Milan, 1997/98)

3- Event:
West German striker Dieter Muller’s poor match in the Champions Cup for Bordeaux vs. Dnepr

Bordeaux faced USSR’s Dnepr Dniepropetrovsk at home in the quarterfinals of the Champions Cup on March 6, 1985.
Bordeaux’s West German striker Dieter Muller had been having an excellent season up to that point forming a successful striking partnership with Bernard Lacombe up front.
In this crucial quarterfinal, Bordeaux were awarded a penalty kick. Muller was charged with taking it and he missed. After that his confidence waned and he missed many more chances.
This match was the catalyst for his poor end of the season and he was hardly his old confident self.
At the end of the season the veteran was shipped out (after 3 succssful seasons) to Switzerland and Grasshoppers Zurich by Club President Claude Bez.
In his place Bez signed another West German veteran, Werder Bremen’s Uwe Reinders.

Photo From:  France Football, Issue 2031, March 12, 1985
(Dieter Muller missing a penalty kick and other chances, March 6, 1985, Champions Cup, Bordeaux 1-Dnepr 1)

Photo From:  France Football, Issue 2031, March 12, 1985
(Diagram of Dieter Muller’s missed chances, March 6, 1985, Champions Cup, Bordeaux 1-Dnepr 1)

4- Event:
Argentina goalkeeper Hugo Gatti desire to leave Argentina’s training camp in 1978.

In February 1978, just months before the World Cup, Argentina goalkeeper Hugo Gatti requested a month vacation to heal his damaged knee.
It must be remembered that the squad were sequestered in a training camp to prepare for the World Cup.
Argentina Manager Cesar Luis Menotti deemed his demand excessive and excluded him from the squad. Menotti felt Gatti’s demands compromised the World Cup preparations.
Gatti missed the chance to play in a World cup on home soil.

Photo From:  Mondial, new series, issue 40, July 1983
(Cesar Luis Menotti)

Photo From:  World Soccer, December 1992
(Hugo Gatti)

5- Event:
Mario Corso’s dispute with Gianni Rivera in 1966.

Italian National Team Manager Edmondo Fabbri decided to leave out Internazionale Milano’s Mario Corso from the 1966 World Cup Finals squad.
Corso missed the chance to participate in the World Cup for the second time.
In 1962 he had also been excluded after a dispute with National Team Manager Fabbri.

Photo From: Ferrero 66-67
(Mario Corso)

Photo From:  Ferrero 66-67
(Gianni Rivera)

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