Sunday, September 30, 2018

Short International Careers, Part Nineteen

1- Paul Walsh
English forward Paul Walsh had a good spell at Luton (1982/84) and was rewarded with five caps in this period. He never seemed likely as a long term option despite a transfer to Liverpool in 1984.

                                       Photo From: 90 minutes, March 26, 1994
(Paul Walsh)

2- Jean-François De Sart
Belgian defender Jean-François De Sart had a long spell at RFC Liege in the 1980s into the early 1990s.
He earned three caps in 1989 at a time when Liege had qualified for the UEFA Cup. 

                               Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 24, May 1983
(Jean-François De Sart)

3- Wolfgang Funkel
German defender Wolfgang Funkel was a mainstay of the Bayer Uerdingen side of the 1980s along with his brother Friedhelm. Wolfgang Funkel would be rewarded with two caps in 1986 but failed to make the final cut for the 1986 World Cup. He did however, participate in the 1988 Olympics.

                 Photo From: Fussball Magazin, Issue 1, January February 1985
(Wolfgang Funkel with Uerdingen Manager Karl-Heinz Feldkamp and brother Friedhelm Funkel)

4- Tomas Locatelli
Tomas Locatelli was a promising young Italian midfielder and was signed by AC Milan in 1995. He had his best spell at Udinese (1997/2000) and earned two caps in 1999/2000 span.

                          Photo From: Calcio 2000, Issue 21, July 1999
(Tomas Locatelli)

5- Stepehn Wright
Scottish right back Stephen Wright was part of Aberdeen squad of the early 1990s. He would earn two caps for Scotland in 1993 but no more, despite a transfer to the mighty Rangers Glasgow in 1995.

                                        Photo From: Shoot, June 15, 1991

(Stephen Wright)

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