Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Trivia and Facts-Part 49

 Note: These selections have already been uploaded on twitter and soccernostalgia Facebook page in the last couple of years.

1-On their way to the 1982 World Cup in Spain, in the Rome Airport, a young girl insulted Italy manager Enzo Bearzot for not selecting Evaristo Beccalossi. Bearzot slapped the girl and later said, it was an “educational” slap, and he added he would have done the same to his own daughter.


2-In early 1969, 1930s Italian star Giuseppe Meazza was kidnapped near Reggio Calabria, while visiting Inter supporters group. The ransom demanded was 3 goats and 20 litters of wine. The kidnappers were students celebrating their entrance into school.

Attached is the actual report from France Football, Issue 1190, January 21, 1969.


3-It was reported in France Football, Issue 1975, February 14, 1984 that a West German multi-millionaire offered to buy Bernd Schuster back and inject cash into Koln, if the club agreed to change its crest to his company’s to include his company’s name.


4-According to Diego Maradona, after Argentina’ s win over hosts Italy in the World Cup semifnal on July 3rd, 1990, all the Italian players refused to swap shirts with him except non-playing substitute Roberto Mancini.


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5-In late 1970, Sweden Manager Orvar Bergmark revealed that a Brazilian had phoned him during the 1970 World Cup to arrange the Sweden-Uruguay match in Sweden’s favor.

After a second phone call, Bergmark notified FIFA President Sir Stanley Rous.


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