Monday, March 13, 2023

The Soccernostalgia Interview-Part 53 (Video Interview and Blog Presentation with English Blogger Mr. Tom Griffiths discussing his site ‘Calcio England’ and his love of Italian Calcio)


For this interview, I interview English Blogger Mr. Tom Griffiths


Mr. Griffiths is the administrator of the website ‘Calcio England’.

On this site, Mr. Griffiths shares his passion of Italian Calcio.

The site has many parts, there are writings about history of Italian Calcio as well as the contemporary Football of the day.

There are stories of his Football related travels in the Italian Peninsula.


In this video Interview, we’ll get into the depth of Mr. Griffiths ‘s passion for the game and his interest on Italian Calcio.

We’ll discuss the contents of his site, the writings, the travels and even the online shop.


Mr. Griffiths’s contact info:

Twitter: @CalcioEngland






My contact information:

on twitter @sp1873 and on facebook under Soccernostalgia.

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