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October 13, 1993 Holland 2-England 0

October 13, 1993
Holland 2-England 0
World Cup Qualifying-Group 2
Venue: Rotterdam-De Kuip-Feyenoord Stadion                           
Attendance: 48,000
Referee: Karl-Joseph Assenmacher (Germany)
Goalscorers: (Holland): Ronald Koeman 61, Dennis Bergkamp 67
                      (England): None          
1-Eduard Franciscus ‘Ed’ de Goey (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [7 caps / 0 goals]    
2-Johannes Hildebrand ‘John’ de Wolf (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [4 caps / 2 goals]    
3-Franciscus ‘Frank’ de Boer (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [18 caps / 1 goals]    
4- Ronald Koeman (Fútbol Club Barcelona / Spain) [68 caps / 12 goals]    
5-Erwin Koeman (Philips Sports Vereniging Eindhoven) [29 caps / 2 goals]    
6-Jan Jacobus Wouters (Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V. / Germany) [62 caps / 4 goals]    
8-Franklin Edmundo ‘Frank’ Rijkaard (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [64 caps / 6 goals]    
7-Marc Overmars (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [6 caps / 1 goals]    (12-Aron Mohamed Winter (Società Sportiva Lazio-Roma / Italy) [32 caps / 2 goals]  74)
9-Ronaldus ‘Ronald’ de Boer (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam)  [3 caps / 2 goals]    (13-Ulrich Van Gobbel (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [2 caps / 0 goals]   89)
10-Dennis Nicolaas Maria Bergkamp (Internazionale Football Club- Milano / Italy) [25 caps / 14 goals]    
11-Bryan Edward Steven Roy (Foggia Calcio / Italy) [15 caps / 2 goals]    

Coach: Dirk Nicolaas ‘Dick’ Advocaat
Booked: R.Koeman 57-Rijkaard 71

Other Subs:
14-Wilhelmus Maria ‘Wim’ Jonk (Internazionale Football Club- Milano / Italy)
15-Johannes Jacobus ’John’  Bosman (Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht / Belgium)
16-Theodorus Antonius Gerardus ‘Theo’  Snelders (Aberdeen Football Club / Scotland)

Team Captain: Ronald Koeman
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Lotto
Uniform Colors: Orange Shirts, White Shorts, Orange Socks

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, de histoire van oranje, 1989-1995, Authors: Matty Verkamman and Henk Mees

1- David Andrew Seaman (Arsenal Football Club-London) [11 caps / 0 goals]    
5- Anthony Alexander Adams (Arsenal Football Club-London) [28 caps / 4 goals]    
3- Anthony Robert Dorigo (Leeds United Association Football Club) [15 caps / 0 goals]    
2- Paul Andrew Parker  (Manchester United Football Club) [18 caps / 0 goals]    
6- Gary Andrew Pallister (Manchester United Football Club) [11 caps / 0 goals]    
11- Paul Emerson Carlyle Ince (Manchester United Football Club) [11 caps / 0 goals]    
10- Lee Stuart Sharpe (Manchester United Football Club) [8 caps / 0 goals]    
7- David Andrew Platt (Unione Calcio Sampdoria-Genova / Italy) [44 caps / 20 goals]    
4- Carlton Lloyd Palmer (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club) [18 caps / 1 goals]   (15-Andrew Sinton (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club)  [11 caps / 0 goals]  46)
9- Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers Football Club) [7 caps / 2 goals]    
8- Paul Charles Merson (Arsenal Football Club-London) [13 caps / 1 goals]    (12-Ian Edward Wright (Arsenal Football Club-London) [15 caps / 0 goals] 70)

Coach: Graham Taylor
Booked: Tony Dorigo  32-Ince 61

Other Subs:
13- Christopher Charles Eric Woods
 (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club)
14- Desmond Sinclair Walker (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club)
16-Edward Paul ‘Teddy’  Sheringham (Tottenham Hotspur Football Club-London)

Team Captain: David Andrew Platt

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Umbro

Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Navy Blue Shorts, White Socks


-Match number 498 for Holland and number 698 for England.

-Holland and Norway qualified from this World Cup qualifying group. This loss effectively eliminated England from the 1994 World Cup Finals. The last World Cup England had failed to qualify was the 1978 tournament.
This loss was England’s fourth loss of the calendar year.

-This was England’s first match in Holland since a Friendly on November 5, 1969 in Amsterdam that England won 1-0.

-The previous match between the two nations was a 2-2 tie on April 28, 1993 World Cup Qualifier at Wembley.
Holland players: De Goey, Frank De Boer, Wouters, Winter, Rijkaard, Bergkamp, Overmars and De Wolf and England players: Adams, Palmer, Ince, Platt and Merson were the players still remaining from that match.
David Platt scored one of England’s goals.
Dennis Bergkamp scored in both matches.

-England’s previous victory over Holland was a 2-0 win on May 25, 1982 at Wembley.
Frank Rijkaard was the only player from either team that played in that match.

-Holland’s previous victory over England was a 3-1 win in UEFA Euro Championships in Dusseldorf, West Germany on June 15, 1988.
Holland players: Rijkaard, Wouters, Ronald Koeman, Erwin Koeman and England player Tony Adams were the players still remaining from that match.

-The next match between the two nations would be on June 18, 1996 at Wembley during the UEFA Euro Championships.
The match ended as a 4-1 win for England.
Holland players: Ronald De Boer, Winter and Bergkamp and England players: Seaman, Adams, Ince and Platt were the players still remaining from that match.

Photo from:Onze-Mondial, November 1993

-The only players who became national team managers were Rijkaard and Erwin Koeman.
Rrijkaard eventually became the national team manger of Holland. He presently has been appointed as manager of Saudi Arabia.
Erwin Koeman managed the national team of Hungary.

-England Captain Stuart Pearce missed this match through injury. David Platt captained England in his absence.
Stuart Pearce was playing for relegated club Nottingham Forest FC.

- The most controversial moment of this match occurred on the hour mark. David Platt with clear sight of the goal was brought down by Dutch captain Ronald Koeman right outside of the box. England players protested for a penalty, however, replays showed that the foul did occur just outside of the box. According to the rules, Koeman should have been sent off; instead he received a yellow card.
Later the referee admitted he would have given penalty kick had not been overruled by his linesman; the decision for free kick seems justified.

Photo from:World Soccer, April 1994

- A few minutes after this incident Holland were awarded a free kick and Koeman who should have been sent off earlier scored the free kick with a chip.
It was a twice taken free kick, the first time there was encroachment in the English wall and Paul Ince was booked. The second time Koeman chipped it.

-England’s next match vs. San Marino on November 17th would be Graham Taylor’s last match in charge. He resigned on November 23, 1993.

-Then little known Dutch manager Dick Advocaat was originally hired in 1992 for the qualification campaign only. He was due to step aside after qualification was secured in favor of Dutch legend and then FC Barcelona coach Johan Cruyff. In early 1994, due to unspecified reasons Johan Cruyff refused to manage Holland at the World Cup. Therefore, Dick Advocaat was made permanent manager. He managed Holland until the end of the calendar year 1994. Beginning in 1995, he was appointed as manager of PSV Eindhoven.
He has since managed the national teams of Belgium (very briefly), Russia as well as Scottish club Rangers FC Glasgow and Russian club FK Zenit St-Petersburg.

Photo From: Forever England, A History of the National Side, Authors Mark Shaoul, Tony Williamson

-The Dutch also had Marco van Basten out injured. In fact he missed that entire season and the entire following season. He was forced to retire in August 1995.

-Former Dutch captain Ruud Gullit was also missing for Holland. He had retired from the national team after the previous meeting between the two nations on April 28, 1993.
Gullit, who had transferred that season from AC Milan to Sampdoria, was having a renaissance season with English teammate David Platt and future England manager the Swede Sven-Goran Eriksson.
He was coaxed out of retirement just before the World Cup Finals. However, after one friendly match, he retired again and this time for good and missed the World Cup.

-Erwin Koeman was making his first appearance for Holland since May 27, 1992 (3-2 win vs. Austria).

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, de histoire van oranje, 1989-1995, Authors: Matty Verkamman and Henk Mees

-Starting that season, English goalkeeper David Seaman was once again established as the starting goalkeeper. He was previously the number one goalkeeper for the first half of 1991 only. He would remain England’s number one until the end of 2002.

-The following Dutch players played in the English Premier League in their careers :Ed De Goey (Chelsea), John De Wolf (Wolverhampton), Marc Overmars and Dennis Bergkamp (both Arsenal), Ulrich van Giobbel (Southampton) , Bryan Roy (Nottingham Forrest) and Wim Jonk (Sheffield Wednesday)

-Marc Overmars and Bergkamp became teammates at Arsenal with Seaman, Adams, Platt, Merson and Ian Wright.

- The Dutch squad was announced on  October 5, 1993
Goalkeepers: Theo Snelders, Ed De Goey
Defenders: John De Wolf, Ulrich van Gobbel, Ronald Koeman, Frank De Boer
Midfielders: Ronald De Boer, Wim Jonk, Jan Wouters, Erwin Koeman, Aron Winter, Frank Rijkaard
Strikers: Marc Overmars, Dennis Bergkamp, Bryan Roy, Johnny Bosman, Hans Gillhaus (Aberdeen)

-The dutch lineup contained two pairs of brothers: Ronald and Erwin Koeman and Frank and Ronald De Boer.

-English players Dorigo, Palmer and Sharpe played their last ever matches for England.

-English player Paul Gascoigne missed this match through suspension.

-England striker Les Ferdinand was also missing through injury, The English coaching staff had requested to have Ferdinand present by having an epidural in his back. However, his Club (Queens Park Rangers)’ manager Gerry Francis opposed it

-Dutchman Frank Rijkaard scored a goal, which was wrongly ruled offside.

-Ronald Koeman, Wouters and frank De Boer all eventually coached Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam.

-Dutch midfielder Aron Winter was teammates with the absent Gascoigne at Italian Serie A club Lazio. He also eventually became teammates with Englishman Paul Ince at Internazionale FC Milano during 1996/97 season.

-Dennis Bergkamp won the English Footballer of the year award  in 1998.

-For their following fixture on November 17, 1993, Holland defeated Poland away 3-1 and secured qualification to the World Cup.

-Holland had been unbeaten since losing to Norway 1-2 on September 23, 1992. Their next loss would be on April 20, 1994 vs. Republic of Ireland 0-1. An eleven match unbeaten streak.

-England manager Graham Taylor had agreed to participate in a documentary for the World Cup Qualification. As part of the agreement he had consented to wear a microphone. The documentary which was titled “The Impossible Job” instead became controversial and if anything shed a more negative light on Taylor and England squad.
The programme saw Taylor use one particular expletive 38 times as he railed against players/officials, while giving the nation the catchphrase, "do I not like that".
Some players claimed they were aware of the cameras, others said they didn’t.
England Assistant manager Lawrie McMenemy was visibly opposed to the idea. While, the other assistant Phil Neal, claimed that the documentary damaged his reputation and made it difficult for future employment.
For this particular match, the cameras and microphone recorded Graham Taylor going over to the fourth official at the end of the match and telling him to “thank” the referee for being responsible for his impending sacking.

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