Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interviews-Part 13

An interview with West German defender Berti Vogts
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, February 1974 / English)

Photo from : Onze, August 1976
(Berti Vogts, May 22, 1976, EC Quarterfinals, West Germany 2-Spain 0)

An interview with Argentina’s Mario Kempes
(Magazine / Language : Mondial, March 1983 / French)

Photo From: El Grafico, LA Historiade Argentina en Los Mundiales, de Uruguay 30 a Corea-Japon 2002, April 2006
(Mario kemps, June 14, 1978, World Cup, Argentian 2-Poland 0)

An interview with Brazilian Tostão
(Magazine / Language : Don Balon, Chile Edition, April 24, 1997 / Spanish)

Tostão Interview

Photo From: Don Balon, Chile Edition, April 24, 1997
(Tostão in action fro Brazil)


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