Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Events and Consequences, Part Fourteen

1- Event:
Juventus’ Luigi Allemandi taking a bribe in 1927

The Torino and Juventus derby on June 5, 1927 was to be the title decider for the Italian League season.
Torino officials had offered Juventus defender Luigi Allemandi a bribe of 50,000 Lira (25,000 before the match and 25,000 after the match).
Torino won the match 2-1 and clinched the title. Afterwards Allemandi went to collect the rest of the money but was refused. A journalist from the ‘Tifone’ newspaper overheard the exchange and disclosed the event.
Torino’s title win was revoked and Allemandi was banned for life.
Prince Umberto II of Savoia pardoned Allemandi and he joined Internazionale Milano (Ambrosiana-Inter).
Allemandi went on to become a World Cup Champion in 1934.

Photo From: Calcio 2000, Issue 40, April 2001
(Cartoon showing Allemandi taking the bribe)

Photo From: Il Libro Azzurro del Calcio Italiano, Authors: Pericle Pratelli, Pasquale Scardillo, 1974
(Luigi Allemandi)

Photo From: Calcio 2000, Issue 40, April 2001
(The only photograph from the match, June 5, 1927, Torino 2-Juventus 1)

2- Event:
Belgian defender Michel Renquin making the Nazi salute.

On March 18, 1981, West Germany’s Koln defeated Belgium’s Standard Liege (3-2) in the Quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup.
Standard Liege defender Michel Renquin felt the Irish Referee John Carpenter was unfair to the Belgians. In English, he voiced his opinion to the Referee and was booked and after mocking him was sent off.
As he was walking off under the jeers he made a Nazi salute to the German fans. He regretted his action afterwards, but was nevertheless suspended.

Photo From: Le Dictionnaire des Diables Rouges
(Michel Renquin, June 15, 1986, World Cup, Belgium 4-USSR 3)

3- Event:
Jan Molby drunk driving.

On October 17, 1988, Liverpool’s Danish midfielder was sentenced to three months in Prison for Drunk Driving.
In addition he was banned from driving for a year and was fined for reckless driving.

Photo From: Soccer International, January 1991
(Liverpool’s Danish midfielder Jan Molby)

4- Event:
Michael Rummenigge’s Radio interview in 1984.

In a Radio Interview in 1984, a caller (possibly a Football Ground Security worker) criticized Bayern Munich’s Michael Rummenigge (younger brother of Karl-Heinz) by suggesting that the players’ salaries were too high.
Rummenigge responded that there are only 500 of us (players) but 50,000 of you.
For this he was suspended from the West German U-21 squad for 10 months and was only recalled by Berti Vogts in August 1985.

Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 29, November 1983
(Michael Rummenigge at Bayern Munich, 1983/84)

5- Event:
Louis Olagnier’s rebellion in 1920.

On January 18, 1920, France lost a friendly to Italy with the heavy score of 9-4.
After the Match French Manager Gaston Barreau was furious with his players and verbally attacked all.
His anger and verbal abuse was to such an extent that Louis Olagnier organized a strike against the Federation on the train journey back to France.

Needless, to say his action led to his ban from the National team and this match became his solitary cap.

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