Thursday, November 19, 2015

Trivia and Facts-Part 40

1- When Bill Nicholson signed Jimmy Greaves for Tottenham Hotspur in December 1961 he paid £99,999.
He felt this would help Greaves in not feeling the pressure of being the first 6-figure transfer.

Photo From: England, Player by Player, Author: Graham Betts
(Jimmy Greaves)

2-Following Tottenham’s win over Gornik Zabrze in the Preliminary Round of Champions Cup on September 13, 1961 (4-2 Gornik win) and September 20, 1961 (8-1 Tottenham win), Gornik officials accused them of winning through brutality on the field.
Three Tottenham supporters (Peter Casey, David Kirby and Michael Curley) took offense to that. For them Tottenham were anything but savages and were angellic. To drive the point and they started dressing up with sandals, long white robes and fake beard (just like angels).
They traveled from field to field for two seasons to rally fans.

After pressure and complaint from local Church Authorities, the trio disbanded in 1963.

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 44, September 1963
(Angels of Tottenham)

3- Bordeaux teammates Alain Giresse and Bernard Lacombe had made a pledge that if Bordeaux won the French League title for the 1983/84 season, they would bicycle from Bordeaux to Lourdes to commemorate the triumph.
After winning the title they were unable to honor that pledge, as they were part of the French squad for the 1984 Euros at the conclusion of that season.
When Bordeaux won the League title again the following season (1984/85), they carried out their pledge.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 115, July 1985
(Alain Giresse and Bernard Lacombe)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 115, July 1985
(Alain Giresse and Bernard Lacombe)

4- Norway and Lillestrøm’s Tom Lund had a fear of flying. For Norway’s World Cup Qualifier in Budapest vs. Hungary (October 31, 1981, Hungary 4-Norway 1), Lund traveled by car a distance of 1200 miles.

 Photo From: Landslaget, Det Norske Fotballandslagets Historie, 1997
(Tom Lund, September 9, 1981, World Cup Qualifier, Norway 2-England 1)

5- France were schedule to play Switzerland in Berne on March 20, 1932 (3-3 tie).
On the trip to Switzerland, the French Technical Commission’s leading member Gaston Barreau, along with players: Manuel Anatol, Brothers Jean and Lucien Laurent and Ernest Liberati were left behind on the docks at Belfort and missed the train.
Barreau had the entire delegation’s passports in his possession.
Barreau and the four players had to take a taxi and drive all the way to Berne (it was snowing as well). They finally arrived at their hotel at nighttime.
It is unclear how the rest of the delegation were able to pass through without passports.

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