Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Best Players to never appear in a World Cup, Part three

1- Liam Brady
Republic of Ireland midfielder was considered one of the best in Europe and had along spell in the Serie A with Juventus, Sampdoria and Inter.
Unfortunately, during this period, the Irish always missed out on Tournaments.
By the time they started qualifying regularly under Jackie Charlton, Brady was near the tail end of his career.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 19, October 1981
(Liam Brady at Juventus)

2- Faas Wilkes
Faas Wilkes is considered one of Holland’s first Football heroes in an era where Dutch Football was still not Professional.
He had a spell in Italy in the 1950s with Internazionale Milano and Torino.
However, the national was two decades away from making an impact on the World stage and missed out on qualification during his playing days.

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, De Histoire van Oranje, 1905-1989
(Faas Wilkes shaking hands with a Swiss opponent, May 19, 1955, Holland 4-Switzerland 1)

3- Jari Litmanen
Jari Litmanen is perhaps the most successful Finnish player that made an impact in the European stage. He was part of Louis van Gaal’s Ajax Amsterdam side that won the Champions League in 1995. He had spells at giants Barcelona and Liverpool as well.
Unfortunatelty, the Finns have yet to qualify for any finals thus far.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 56, September 1993
(Jari Litmanen, May 14, 1992, World Cup Qualifier, Finland 0-Bulgaria 3)

4- Carlos Bianchi
Argentina goleador made his name in the 1970s. He left and joined the French league in the 1970s and despite breaking goalscoring records and finishing top goalscorer on five occasions, he was not called up again for national team duty.
He suffered the fate of many South Americans of the time, who would be overlooked by selectors, once they were on away soil.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 29, May 1978
(Carlos Bianchi at Paris St. Germain, 197/78)

5- Rui Jordao
Portugal’s Rui Jordao was a star in the 1970s with Benfica and Sporting Lisbon in the 1980s and also had a spell at Real Zaragoza (1976/77).
He is mostly remembered for his two goal display vs. France during the 1984 Euros (June 23, 1984, France 3-Portugal 2).
Portugal did not qualify for any World Cups in his prime in the 1970s.
Unfortunately, much like compatriot Fernando Chalana, he was considered too old and out of international reckoning by the 1986 World Cup.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 53, August 1984
(Rui Jordao and Jean-Marc Ferreri, June 23, 1984, European Championship, France 3-Portugal 2)

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