Monday, May 22, 2017

Cartoons and Diagrams, Part Nine

Cartoon I:

Photo From: World Soccer, March 1995

Explanation: This cartoon shows Eric Cantona’s statue crumbling. This was just after the Kung-Fu kick incident at Crystal Palace in January 1995.

Cartoon II:

Photo From: Azzuri, Storia della Nazionale di calcio tre volte campioni del Mondo, 1910-1983

Explanation: This cartoon references Italy’s problem Georgia Chinaglia during the 1974 World Cup. After being substituted by Pietro Anastasi in the first match vs. Haiti, Chinaglia had attacked and hurled insults towards the Italian bench. The catoon shows his coach from Lazio, Tommaso Maestrelli arriving to calm things down.

 Cartoon III:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2679, August 12, 1997

Explanation: This cartoon shows France’s Robert Joncquet being injured in France’s match vs. Brazil in the 1958 World Cup (June 24, 1958, World Cup, Brazil 5-France 2)

 Cartoon IV:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1972, January 24, 1984

Explanation: This cartoon shows France and Bordeaux’s Bernard Lacombe shooting their way into the League title in 1983/84.

 Cartoon V:

Photo From: Onze, Issue 157, January 1989

Explanation: This cartoon shows Bordeaux President Claude Bez as Obelix (from Asterix and Obelix comics) ahead of Bordeaux’s clashes vs. Napoli in the UEFA Cup in November-December 1988.

 Cartoon VI:

Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 2, May 1981

Explanation: This cartoon shows Belgium’s Wilfred van Moer.

 Cartoon VII:

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, Issue 521 (Number 1), December 25, 1984-January 8, 1985

Explanation: This cartoon shows England’s Mark Hately at AC Milan (1984/85).

Cartoon VIII:

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 3, April 1989

Explanation: This cartoon references on the verge of missing out on the 1990 World Cup.

 Cartoon IX:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1679, June 13, 1978

Explanation: This cartoon shows Argentina’s and Leopoldo ‘Lucky’  Luque (as the graphic Novel character Lucky Luke)’ and Argentina Manager Cesar Luis Menotti (as his horse).

Cartoon X:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1848, September 8, 1981

Explanation: This cartoon shows France captain Michel Platini and Manager Michel Hidalgo ahead of France’s World Cup qualifier at Brussels vs. Belgium on September 9, 1981 (2-0 Belgium win).
It shows one of Platini’s Sports clothing shops, Hidalgo tells him ‘Let’s not take a beating at Brussels’ (The French term ‘veste’ stands for clothing as well as a beating).

Cartoon XI:

Photo From: World Soccer, May 1995

Explanation: This cartoon references Italian Star Roberto Baggio being rumored to join the Japanese J-League in 1995.
It shows him in a stereotypical Japanese custom.

Cartoon XII:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2033, March 26, 1985

Explanation: This cartoon references Tottenham Hotspur’s elimination in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup in March 1985 at the hands of Real Madrid (showing a broken egg).

Cartoon XIII:

Photo From: Placar, Issue 631, June 26, 1982

Explanation: This diagram shows Pele’s goal vs. Italy in the Final of the 1970 World Cup (June 21, 1970, World Cup, Brazil 4-Italy 1).

Cartoon XIV:

Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 15, July 1982

Explanation: This diagram shows USSR’s Khoren Oganesian’s goal vs. Belgium (July 1, 1982, World Cup, USSR 1-Belgium 0)

 Cartoon XV:

Photo From: AS Color, Issue 320, July 5, 1977

Explanation: This cartoon shows Real Madrid star Pirri.

 Cartoon XVI:

Photo From: Hajduk Split, Izlazi IV, 1983

Explanation: This cartoon shows Hajduk Split goalkeeper Zoran Simovic.

 Cartoon XVII:

Photo From: (Magazine Source unknown) / Contribution From a blog viewer (special thanks to Daniel Antonio Escobar Riquelme)

Explanation: This cartoon shows West Germany Manager Helmut Schoen.

Cartoon XVIII:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1720, March 27, 1979

Explanation: This diagram shows Moenchengladbach’s Hans-Gunther Bruns’ goal vs. Manchester City in the UEFA Cup (March 21, 1979, UEFA Cup, Borussia Moenchengladbach 3-Manchester City 1)

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