Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Addition: Iconic Photographs of the Game, Part One

A new addition about the most Iconic Photographs related the game.
These may also be Photographs that have been reproduced in many outlets and have significance.

 I. Photo A

Photo From: 100 Anni del Campionato del Calcio
(Juventus’ Carlo Parola and his famous bicycle kick (rovesciata) vs. Fiorentina on January 15, 1950)

Date and Location:
January 15, 1950, Stadio Communale di Firenze, Florence, Italy

Corrado Banchi, Italian Photographer

This is one of the most important photographs of Italian Football. This was during a Fiorentina-Juventus match on January 15, 1950 at Florence’s Stadio Communale.
It takes place in the 80th minute of the match and shows Juventus’ Carlo Parola with his famous bicycle kick. The photograph was referred as ‘La Rovesciata di Parola’.
The image had been reproduced over the decades in many outlets including covers of Italian Panini editions.

 II. Photo B

Photo From: Total Football, Issue 76, August  2001
(John Aldridge)

Date and Location:
June 24, 1994 at Citrus Bowl at Orlando, Florida, USA

Peter Robinson, a British Photographer

John Aldridge of the Republic of Ireland was waiting in the sidelines to be substituted in for Tommy Coyne.  The match was during the 1994 World Cup between Mexico and the Republic of Ireland (2-1 Mexico win).
Due to some miscommunication on the sidelines regarding the Fourth Official, Aldridge’s entry was held up to three minutes.
Apparently a FIFA Official had taken the substitution document form from Manager Jackie Charlton but failed to give it to the Fourth Official.
In the photographs he is indicating to the Official the number of minutes he has been waiting for.
In fact Tommy Coyne had already gone off but Aldridge was still being denied to go in.


 III. Photo C

Photo From: Goal, Issue 21, June 1997
(Pele and Bobby Moore)

Date and Location:
June 7, 1970 at Estadio Jalisco at Guadalajara, Mexico

John Varley, a British Photographer

This photo was taken at the end of the match between Brazil and England during the 1970 World Cup that Brazil won (1-0). It is one of the most indelible photographs of the history of Football showing two legends of the game (Pele and Bobby Moore) paying respects to one another.
It is one of the most used photographs of the 1970 World Cup.

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