Friday, December 28, 2018

Match Programmes-Part Nine

1- Official Match Programme, Wales v Finland , 1987
May 19, 1981
Language/Nation: English/ Wales

Photo From: Wales v Finland , 1987

2- Official Match Programme, England v Scotland, 1986
Match date: April 23, 1986
Language/Nation: English/ England

Photo From: England v Scotland, 1986

3- Official Match Programme, Scotland v Hungary, 1987
Match date: September 9, 1987
Language/Nation: English/Scotland

Photo From: Scotland v Hungary, 1987

4- Official Match Programme, Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland, 1989
Match date: October 11, 1989
Language/Nation: English/ Republic of Ireland

Photo From: Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland, 1989

5- Official Match Programme, Leeds United vs. Rapid Bucharest
Match date: March 7, 1973  (Cup Winners Cup)
Language/Nation: English/English

6- Official Match Programme, Aberdeen v SV Hamburg
Match date: November 25, 1981 (UEFA Cup)
Language/Nation: English/Scotland

Photo From: Aberdeen v SV Hamburg
Aberdeen v SV Hamburg

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