Sunday, January 3, 2021

Soccernostalgia Talk Podcast-Episode 36 (West Germany National Team 1980/81 with Roberto Brambilla)

This is the 36th  episode of my podcast with Mr. Paul Whittle of, @1888letter.

For this episode, we start a new interview series with Mr. Roberto Brambilla as we discuss the matches of the West Germany National Team for the 1980/81 season.

Mr. Brambilla is an Italian freelance Journalist and contributor at Italian newspaper Avvenire.

He is also the author of Italian language book on East German Football, titled;

C’era una volta l’Est - Storie di calcio dalla Germania orientale (e-Contropiede)



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  1. As a fan of the German National Team from the early 1970th onwards, this podcast brought back some very interesting memories. Thank you for that. Nevertheless, I don't agree with Mr. Brambilla who said, Bernd Schuster was kind of "crazy". He was a brilliant and very self confident young player which was very unusual at that time. Derwall was not a strong coach and he was not able to handle Schuster and give him the playmaker role. In Spain, Schuster became the reputation he deserved and he was one of the greatest players in the world at that time. Derwall also made the fault to nominate Paul Breitner again in spring of 1981. Breitner indeed had no good influence on the team. He was a good player, but in midfield, Germany at that time had good quality with Magath, Schuster or Müller. Breitner was a controversial character and he began to dominate the team with his buddy Rummenigge. Germany had no problems with the qualification for WC 1982 against average teams, but in Spain they were very lucky to reach the final and didn't show much quality except in the semifinal against France. Later on, I often asked myself, if they would have won the final against Italy with Schuster in midfield (same situation in 1986 with 33 old Magath as a No. 10 and Schuster on the peak of his career). It's speculation but it's a pity that Germany couldn't integrate one of the best players of the 1980th. Thanks again for the interesting podcast!!

    1. Hello Stuart, there is no doubt as far as schuster's talent, i believe Roberto tried to say that Schuster was difficult and not literally crazy. He should have played in a few World Cups and clearly is one of teh best playesr ever not to play in one. In my blog i wrote about Schuster's career trajectory

  2. Just read your Schuster biography. Very detailed work. Of course, he was a difficult character and an individualist, but the reporting about him in Germany was one-sided as well. He lived an unusual way of life (married with a much older woman who was his manager!!). That was completely unusual in the 1980th. With that he was a born victim for the yellow press (especially BILD). Greetings from Gemany, Uwe

    1. hello Uwe, my mistake, i assumed your screen name was your actual name. All that is true and of course we'll never what the real truth was as fans and observers. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle but everyone can agree that he was a special talent


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