Sunday, January 17, 2021

Soccernostalgia Talk Podcast-Episode 37 (Brazil National Team 1958 World Cup with Brazilian Journalist José Inácio Werneck)


This is the 37th episode of my podcast with Mr. Paul Whittle of, @1888letter.

For this episode, we interview Brazilian Journalist Mr. José Inácio Werneck as we discuss the Brazil National Team of the 1958 World Cup.

Mr. Werneck is a Journalist, Lawyer, Interpreter, Translator, writer and a Triathlete.


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  1. It was very interesting to listen to the memories of Mr. Werneck. Not easy to find an eyewitness for that era, I guess. Brazil had so many talents at that time. Even a player like Pepe didn't find a place in the first team. With 9 years old I was too young to remember the 1970 wonder team of Brazil but I admired the 1982 squad of Zico and Socrates. Maybe it was the last Brazilian team to play "jogo bonito". Thanks again and greetings, Uwe (Germany)

    1. hello yes indeed, it was good to hear from someone from taht era who was a witness, regards Uwe