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May 3, 1990-Austria 1-Argentina 1

May 3, 1990
Austria 1-Argentina 2
Venue: Wien (Vienna) - Praterstadion (Prater Stadium)
Attendance: 45,000
Referee: Alphonse Constantin (Belgium)
Goalscorers: (Ausrtria): Manfred Zsak 3
 (Argentina): Jorge Luis Burruchaga 31
1-Klaus Lindenberger (Fußball club Swarovski Tirol –Innsbruck) [36 caps / 0 goals]    (21-Michael Konsel (Sportklub Rapid Wien) [5 caps / 0 goals]    46)
5-Peter Schoettel (Sportklub Rapid Wien) [10 caps / 0 goals]    
2-Kurt Russ (Wiener Sport-Club) [19 caps / 0 goals]    
3-Robert Pecl (Sportklub Rapid Wien) [18 caps / 0 goals]    
4-Michael Streiter (Fußball club Swarovski Tirol –Innsbruck) [7 caps / 0 goals]    
8-Peter Artner (Wien Admira Wacker Sportklub) [20 caps / 1 goals]    
6-Manfred Zsak (Fußball Klub Austria Wien) [27 caps / 4 goals]    (14-Christian Keglevits (Sportklub Rapid Wien) [15 caps / 3 goals]    46)
7-Manfred Linzmaier (Fußball club Swarovski Tirol –Innsbruck) [18 caps / 2 goals]    (15-Andreas Reisinger (Sportklub Rapid Wien) [6 caps / 0 goals]     46)
11-Alfred Hörtnagl (Fußball club Swarovski Tirol –Innsbruck) [10 caps / 1 goals]    (17-Andreas Herzog (Sportklub Rapid Wien) [15 caps / 3 goals]    67)
10-Gerhard Rodax (Wien Admira Wacker Sportklub) [15 caps / 2 goals]    (13-Andreas Ogris (Fußball Klub Austria Wien) [27 caps / 4 goals]    46)
9- Anton Polster (Sevilla Fútbol Club / Spain) [35 caps / 15 goals]    
Coach: Josef Hickersberger
Booked: Pecl, Streiter, Zsak,Artner,Polster

Other Subs:
Anton Pfeffer (Fußball Klub Austria Wien)
Heimo Pfeiffenberger (Sportklub Rapid Wien)
Michael Baur (Fußball club Swarovski Tirol –Innsbruck)
Thomas Flogel (Fußball Klub Austria Wien)
Franz Resch (Sportklub Rapid Wien)

Team Captain: Anton Polster
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Puma
Uniform Colors: Red Shirts, White Shorts, Red Socks

Photo From: Österreichs Fußball Länderspiele Chronik 1902 – 1993, Author: Anton Egger

1-Nery Alberto Pumpido  (Real Betis Balompié -Sevilla/ Spain) [34 caps / 0 goals]    
5-Oscar Alfredo Ruggeri (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol / Spain) [48 caps / 4 goals]          
3-Juan-Ernesto Simon (Club Atlético Boca Juniors -Buenos Aires) [4 caps / 0 goals]    
4-Néstor Gabriel Lorenzo (Assocoazione Sportiva Bari / Italy) [8 caps / 0 goals]     (18-Pedro Antonio Troglio (Società Sportiva Lazio-Roma / Italy) [14 caps / 1 goals]    82)
6-José Tiburcio Serrizuela (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires)  [1 caps / 0 goals]    
2-Sergio Daniel Batista (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires)  [33 caps / 0 goals]    
7-Jorge Luis Burruchaga (Football Club de Nantes / France)  [50 caps / 12 goals]    (14-Ricardo Omar Giusti (Club Atlético Independiente Avellaneda) [49 caps / 0 goals]     88)
11-José Horacio Basualdo (Verein für Bewegungspiele Stuttgart 1893 e.V. / West Germany)  [13 caps / 0 goals]    
8-Roberto Nestor Sensini (Udinese Calcio / Italy) [14 caps / 0 goals]    
10- Diego Armando Maradona  (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli  / Italy) [71 caps / 31 goals]    
9-Abel Eduardo Balbo (Udinese Calcio / Italy) [7 caps / 0 goals]    (20-Claudio Paul Caniggia (Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio / Italy) [18 caps / 5 goals]     46)
Coach: Carlos Salvador Bilardo

Other Subs:
Sergio Javier Goycochea (Club Deportivo Los Millonarios- Santafé de Bogotá  / Colombia)
Jose Luis Brown (Racing Club de Avellaneda-Avellaneda - Buenos Aires)
Edgardo Bauza (Club Deportivo Veracruz / Mexico)
Gustavo Abel Dezotti (Unione Sportiva Cremonese-Cremona / Italy)          
Nestor Ariel Fabbri (Racing Club de Avellaneda-Avellaneda - Buenos Aires)
Julio Jorge Olarticoechea (Racing Club de Avellaneda-Avellaneda - Buenos Aires)
Pedro Damian Monzón (Club Atlético Independiente Avellaneda)
Jorge Alberto Francisco Valdano (free agent)  

Team Captain: Diego Armando Maradona

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas

Uniform Colors: Light Blue/White Striped Shirt, Black Shorts and White Socks


-Match number 516 for Austria and number 615 for Argentina.

-This was only the second meeting between the nations.

-The two teams have not played one another since this match.

- The previous match between the nations was a Friendly on May 21, 1980, that Argentina won 5-1 in the same stadium.
Argentina’s Diego Maradona was the only player remaining from that match.
He scored three goals in that match.

-Both teams were preparing for the 1990 World Cup in Italy, Argentina were the defending World Cup Champions.

Photo From: Österreichs Fußball Länderspiele Chronik 1902 – 1993, Author: Anton Egger

-On April 3, 1990, Carlos Bilardo announced that he would step down as Argentina manager at the end of the World Cup. His last match was the World Cup Final on July 8th of that year.

-Argentina’s Jorge Valdano having retired a few seasons back due to hepatitis was a free agent. He was subsequently cut from the Final World Cup Squad.

-This was Argentina’s first goal scored since the previous year’s Copa America, when they beat Uruguay 1-0 on July 8, 1989. This was also the last match they won, they would not win a match until 19 days after this match , when on May 22nd, they defeated Israel away 2-1.

-Austria had been undefeated since losing a World Cup Qualifier to Turkey (0-3) on October 25, 1989.

Photo From: El Grafico, 1990-Issue 3683
(Buruchaga scoring Argentina’s equalizer)

-On February 2, 1990, Austrian defender Heribert Weber had been formally dropped from the World Cup squad.
He had had a row with Hickersberger over his position on the field.

As a result on April 6, 1990, Toni Polster was appointed as Austria captain following the discarding of Heribert Weber.

-On September 16, 1990, Austrian manager Josef Hickersberger announced his resignation as Austria manager.
This was following a poor World Cup, but most specifically a humiliating loss to the Faroe Islands on September 12, 1990 for the UEFA European Championship qualifiers.
He returned as Austria’s manager for another spell from 2006 through June 2008.

- José Tiburcio Serrizuela’s first national team appearance for Argentina.

-On May 24, 1990, Thomas Flogel (unused Austrian substitute for this match) withdrew due to injury; Glatzmayer was called up as his replacement.

-Both captains Polster and Maradona, played for Spanish club Sevilla in their career.

-Argentina’ s manager Carlos Bilardo also coached Sevilla the season Maradona was there (1992/93).

-Toni Polster was the only foreign based player in Austria’s squad, while in contrast the majority of Argentina’s players played in foreign clubs.

-Unused Argentinian substitutes Monzon and Dezotti were the first two players ever to be sent off in a World Cup Final. They were both sent off vs. West Germany on July 8th, more than two montths after this match.

-Austrian strikers Polster and Rodax had been two of the most prolific goalscorers in Europe that season and much was expected of them, but they never delivered.
Rodax joined Polster in the Spanish League the following season when he signed for Atletico Madrid.

-Zsak’s shot was deflected by Ruggeri into the net.

-Argentina goalkeeper Pumpido played for Real Betis , the crosstown rivals of Polster’s  Sevilla FC.

-This was Maradona’s first match for Argentina since a friendly on December 22, 1989 vs. Italy (0-0 tie).

-Diego Maradona’s younger brother Hugo, played for Austrian club Rapid Vienna (1989-91).

-Argentina’s Gabriel Calderon was unavailable for this match.

-As stated in previous entries both Maradona and Batista managed Argentina’s national team.

-Both Austria’s Polster and Argentina’s Ruggeri played for Spanish Club Logrones in their careers.

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