Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Addition: Articles on Teams and Events

Another new feature that I will be doing on this blog is to go through my older magazines and scan articles on Teams and general articles.

Like the interviews feature, these will be one in english and one in French, as I have mostly French/English magazines.

An article about Thomas Christiansen, who was a Spanish player with Danish ancestory,  in Barcelona’s B squad who was selected by Spanish manager Javier Clemente for the national team in early 1993
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, March 1993 / English)

Thomas Christiansen

A team profile on Everton during its magnificent 1984/85 season
(Magazine / Language : Onze, January 1985 / French)

Everton 1984/85

Photo From: Onze, January 1985
(Everton team lineup, 1984/85)


  1. Is Christiansen the last player to represent Spain while playing for a "B" team or in the 2nd Division?