Saturday, July 28, 2012

Player Profiles-Part 14

A profile on Real Madrid’s Carlos Santillana before the Champions Cup Final vs Liverpool in 1981
 (Magazine / Language : World Soccer, June 1981 / English)

Photo From : Onze, October 1984
(Carlos Santillana and Portugal’s Lima Pereira, June 17, 1984, European Championships, Spain 1-Portugal 1)

A profile on Juventus and Italy’s young defender Antonio Cabrini
(Magazine / Language : Onze, January 1979 / French )

Photo From : Onze, May 1985
(Antonio Cabrini during 1984/85 season)

A profile on Atletico Madrid’s Brazilian striker Baltazar de Morais, who became Spain’s Pichichi that season
 (Magazine / Language : Guerin Sportivo, April  11-18 1989/ Italian)

Baltazar de Morais Profile

Photo From : Guerin Sportivo, April  11-18 1989
(Baltazar de Morais of Atletico Madrid)

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