Friday, July 27, 2012

Interviews-Part 17

An interview with Claudio Coutinho, Brazil's Manager during 1978 World Cup, discussing the aftermath and alleged problems with Rivellino
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, September 1978 / English)

Photo from : World Cup 78, by Phil Soar
(Claudio Coutinho)

An interview with Portugal’s Fernando Chalana who had just joined Bordeaux from Benfica and starred in the 1984 Euros
(Magazine / Language : Mondial, October 1984 / French)

Photo from : Mondial, August  1984
(Fernando Chalana and Rudi Bommer, June 14, 1984, European Championships, West Germany 0-Portugal 0)

An interview with Eintracht Frankfurt’s Ralf Falkenmayer, a German international towards the tail end of Juup Derwall’s reign
(Magazine / Language : Fussball Magazin, November/December 1984 / German)

Ralf Falkenmayer Interview

Photo from : Fussball Magazin, January/February 1984
(Eintracht Frankfurt’s Ralf Falkenmayer)

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