Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Articles on Teams and Events-Part 19

Articles about retirements (club and/or International) of Lev Yashin, Djalma Santos, Alfredo Di Stefano, Jose Santamaria and one article asking when should a star retire
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, October 1966 / English)
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, September 1966 / English)
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, January 1967 / English)
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, March 1965 / English)

Photo From: World Soccer, July 1971
(Lev Yashin and Bobby Charlton)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, July 1991
(Alfredo di Stefano)

An article about Belgium’s 1970 World Cup players Wilfried van Moer and Nicolas de Walque discussing their experience and pitfalls to avoid for the 1982 squad’s preparations (Van Moer was incidentally aslo included for the 1982 squad)
Additionally, an article that talks about van Moer’s recall to the national team and another interview article of van Moer  
(Magazine / Language : Foot Magazine, April 1982 / French)
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, September 1980 / English)
(Magazine / Language : Mondial, January 1982 / French)

Photo from : Onze, July 1980
(van Moer watching the West Germans celebrate, June 22, 1980, UEFA European Championships, West Germany 2-Belgium 1)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, April 1982, Issue 12
(Belgium squad, June 11, 1970, World Cup, Mexico 0-Belgium 1)

An article about Horst Hrubesch and Felix Magath’s rift with West German Manager Juup Derwall and another announcing Derwall's appointment as West German Manager
(Magazine / Language : Fussball Magazin, January February 1983 / German)
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, August 1978 / English)

Hrubesch/Magath vs. Derwall

Photo from : Fussball Magazin, January February 1984
(SV Hamburg’s Felix Magath)

Photo from : Fussball Magazin, March April 1982
(Horst Hrubesch, September 10, 1980, Switzerland 2-West Germany 3)

Photo from : Mondial, November 1982
(West German Manager Juup Derwall)

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