Saturday, January 5, 2013

Old Team Photographs-Part 12a

Photo from: 100 Melhores do Futebol Portugues, Vol II, Author Rui Dias, 2002
(Portugal squad, June 3, 1995, European Championship Qualifier, Portugal 3-Latvia 2)
Photo from : Onze-Mondial, October 1990
(faroe Islands squad, September 12, 1990, European Championship Qualifier, Faroe Islands 1-Austria 0)

Photo from: Onze, August 1985
(Argentina squad, June 30, 1985, World Cup qualifier, Argentina 2-Peru 2)

Photo from : Onze, April 1984
(France squad, February 29, 1984, France 2-England 0, top, left to right : Joel Bats, Manuel Amoros, Yvon Le Roux, Maxime Bossis, Patrick Battiston, Jean Tigana, Luis Fernandez, Bottom, left to right, Bruno Bellone, Alain Giresse, Jose Toure, Michel Platini)

Photo from : World Soccer, July 1976
(Yugoslavia squad 1976)

Photo from:  World Cup 78, Author Phil Soar
(Poland squad, June 10, 1978, World Cup, Poland 3-Mexico 1)

Photo From: Wizards and Bravehearts, A History of the Scottish National Side, Author: David Potter, 2004
(Scotland squad, October 22, 1960, Home Championship, Wales 2-Scotland 0)

Photo From: England, The Complete Post-War Record, Author Mike Payne
(England squad 1966)

Photo From: L'Integrale de L'Equipe de France de Football, Authors: J.M. and Pierre Cazal, Michel Oreggia, 1998
(France squad, October 5, 1952, France 3-West Germany 1)

Photo from: Seleccao Brasileira -90 Anos 1914-2004, Authors Antonio Carlos Napoleao, Roberto Assaf
(Brazil squad, June 11, 1958, World Cup, Brazil 0-England 0)

Photo From: Deutschlands Fussball Landerspiele, Eine Dokumentation von 1908-1989
 (April 6, 1941, German squad, Germany 7-Hungary 0)

Photo from:  år med Svensk Fotboll 1904-84, Author Glanell Thomas red
(Sweden squad, June 16, 1938, World Cup, Hungary 5-Sweden 1)

Photo From: se Lvickem na prsou-Authors O.Bartunek, J.Kalat
(Hungary and Czechoslovakia squads, April 22, 1928, Dr. Gerö Cup, Hungary 2-Czechoslovakia 0)

Photo From: La Nazionale Italiana, 1978
(Italy squad, May 1, 1913, Italy 1-Belgium 0)

Photo From: Rode Duivels & Oranje Leeuwen., 100 jaar Derby der Lage Landen, Authors Ralf Willems, Matty Verkamman
(Belgium squad, April 30, 1905, Belgium 1-Holland 4)

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