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March 14, 1984-Holland 6-Denmark 0

March 14, 1984
Holland 6-Denmark 0
Venue: Amsterdam -De Meer
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: Marcel van Langenhove (Belgium)
Goalscorers: (Holland): Wim Kieft 23, René Van der Gijp 29,88pen-
Peter Houtman 55,73-Andre Hokstra 60         
 (Denmark): None
1-Pieter ‘Piet’ Schrijvers (PEC (Prins Hendrik E.D.N.( Ende Desespereert Nimmer) Combinatie) ’82-Zwolle) [46 / 0]
5-Huibertus Johannes Nicolaas ‘Ben’ Wijnstekers  (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [28 / 1]
7-Rudi Dil ‘Ruud’ Gullit (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [13 / 5]
3-Edo Ophof (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [13 / 2]
4-Jan Jacobus ‘Sonny’ Silooy (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [2 / 0]
6-Andre Hoekstra (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [1 / 1]
8-Franklin Edmundo ‘Frank’ Rijkaard (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax-Amsterdam) [10 / 2]
2-Adrianus Andreas ‘Adri’ van Tiggelen (Football Club Groningen) [3 / 0]
11-René van der Gijp (Koninklijke Sporting Club Lokeren / Belgium) [5 / 2]
10-Willem Cornelis Nicolaas ‘Wim’ Kieft (Sporting Club Pisa / Italy) [7 / 2]
9-Petrus Johannes ‘Peter’ Houtman  (Feyenoord Rotterdam) [5 / 5]

Coach: Cornelius ‘Kees’ Rijvers

Other Subs:
Johannes Frederik ‘Joop’ Hiele (Feyenoord Rotterdam)
Ronald Koeman (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax)  
Wout Holverda (Sparta Rotterdam)
Wim Balm (Football Club Haarlem)

Team Captain: Huibertus Johannes Nicolaas ‘Ben’ Wijnstekers
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Orange Shirts, White Shorts, Orange Socks

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, De Histoire van Oranje, 1905-1989

1-Ole Kjær (Esbjerg forenede Boldklubber)  [26 / 0]
2-John Sivebak (Vejle Boldklub)  [15 / 0]
3-Jan Moelby (Amsterdamse Football Club Ajax / Holland)  [6 / 0]
4-Ivan Nielsen (Feyenoord Rotterdam / Holland)  [13 / 0]
5-Ole Madsen (Brøndby- Brøndbyøster Idrætsforening) [17 / 0]
6-Jens Jorn Bertelesen (Royal Football Club Seresien (Seraing) / Belgium) [40 / 1]    
7-John Lauridsen (Real Club Deportivo Espanol-Barcelona / Spain)  [12 / 1] (14-Allan Hansen (Hamburger Sport Verein e.V. / West Germany) [15 / 3] 46th minute)
9-Allan Rodenkam Simonsen (Vejle Boldklub) [42 / 20] (13-Per Frimann (Royale Sporting Club Anderlechtois / Belgium) [2 / 0] 46th minute)       
10-Michael Laudrup (Società Sportiva Lazio-Roma / Italy)    [9 / 9]      
8-Kenneth Brylle (Royale Sporting Club Anderlechtois / Belgium)  [5 / 1] (15-Michael Manniche (Sport Lisboa e Benfica / Portugal)  [8 / 2] 46th minute)
11-Preben Elkjaer-Larsen (Koninklijke Sporting Club Lokeren / Belgium)  [34 / 21]

Coach: Josef "Sepp" Piontek (West Germany)

Team Captain: Allan Rodenkam Simonsen, Jens Jorn Bertelesen (Second Half)

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Hummel

Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Red Shorts , White Socks

Photo From: Foot Magazine, No. 34, April 1984
(Denmark squad, Top, left to right: Madsen, Sivebaek, Molby, Brylle, Laudrup, Kjaer, bottom, left to right: Simonsen, Lauridsen, Elkjer, Nielsen, Bertelsen)


-Match number 417 for Holland and number 462 for Denmark.

-This was the 22nd meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well Denmark’s previous win, was a EC Qualifier, played on October 4, 1967, that Denmark won 3 to 2.
Michael Laudrup’s father Finn played in that match as well as Johan Cruijff.
That season (1983/84) Cruijff was playing his last season as a professional with Feyenoord and was teammates with Denmark’s Ivan Nielsen and Holland’s Gullit, Wijnestekers, Hoekstra, Houtman and Hiele.

-The previous match between the nations, as well Holland’s previous win, was a EC Qualifier, played on November 30, 1966 at Rotterdam’s De Kuip Stadium, that Holland won 2 to 0.

-The previous match between the nations in the same city was a Friendly played on March 13, 1955, that ended in a one to one tie. The match was played at Amsterdam’s Olimpisch Stadion.

-The next match between the nations as well the next one on Dutch soil, would be a Friendly also played in Amsterdam, in Olympisch Stadion, on September 6, 1989 that ended in a 2 to 2 tie.
Holland players: Hiele, Koeman, and Kieft and Denmark Players: Sivebaek, Ivan Nielsen, Michael Laudrup and Frimann also took part in that match.
Michael Laudrup’s younger brother Brian also played in that match, while Sepp Piontek was still the Denmark manager.
Ronal Koeman who was a non-playing substitute for this 1984 match scored on a penalty kick for Holland.

Photo From: Foot Magazine, No. 34, April 1984
(Michael Laudrup)

-Denmark’s next win over Holland was a UEFA European Championship Finals match, played in Göteborg, Sweden on June 22, 1992, that actually ended in a 2 to tie, but Denmark won a penalty kick shoot-out 5 to 4.
Holland players: van Tiggelen, Koeman, Kieft, Rijkaard and Gullit and Denmark Player John Sivebaek also took part in that match.
Michael Laudrup’s younger brother Brian also played in that match
Frank Rijkaard scored one of Holland’s goals.
Denmark’s next actual win in a full-length match was during the recent UEFA European Championship Finals on June 9, 2012 in Kharkiv, Ukraine that Denmark won 1 to 0.

-Holland’s next win over Denmark was a UEFA European Championship Finals match, played in Rotterdam on June 16, 2000, that Holland 3 to 0.
Frank Rijkaard managed Holland in that match.

-West German Sepp Piontek had managed Denmark since 1979. Piontek also managed the Haiti national team in 1977 and also became Turkey Manager in 1990.

- Holland was awarded their penalty kick after Hokstra was fouled in the box.
Peter Houtman had no sleep the night before as his wife gave birth to a son.

Photo From: Foot Magazine, No. 34, April 1984
(John Lauridsen)

-Denmark was using this friendly as preparation for the upcoming UEFA European Championships in France.
Denmark had qualified from a group containing England, Hungary, Greece and Luxembourg.

-Holland having failed to qualify used this a preparation for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers in the fall.
This turned out to be their only match in the spring, needless to say, had they qualified, they would have played more friendly matches.
Holland was still in shock after Spain’s 12-1 win over Malta on December 21, 1983 had overtaken them at the top of the group on goal difference.
Holland’s group won by Spain also contained Republic of Ireland, Iceland and Malta

-Holland only played four matches the entire calendar year, this match and three World Cup qualifiers at the end of the year.

Photo From: Foot Magazine, No. 34, April 1984
(Ole Madsen and Rene van der Gijp)

-Denmark had many key players missing.
Bayern Munich’s Soren Lerby and Gent’s Soren Busk opted out because their clubs had cup matches on that day.
Captain Morten Olsen of Anderlecht was out sick.
Ajax’s Jesper Olsen, Pisa’s Klaus Berggren and Anderlecht’s Frank Arnesen were all injured.
The absent Bergrren was teammates at Pisa with Holland’s Kieft.

-Denmark Manager Sepp Piontek blamed the heavy defeat on missing 5 starters

-Denmark’s Ole Madsen played only once more for Denmark, the next friendly vs. Spain on April 11, 1984.

Photo From: Foot Magazine, No. 34, April 1984
(Bertelsen and Hoekstra)

-Denmark’s Allan Hansen earned his next and final cap on January 27, 1985 in a 0 to 1 friendly loss to Honduras.

-On December 1984, Preben Elkjaer-Larsen was voted as Denmark’s player of the year.

-This was, Dutch goalkeeper, Pieter ‘Piet’ Schrijvers’ last match for Holland. After this Hans van Breukelen was the number one Holland goalkeeper until 1992.
For this match, Pieter ‘Piet’ Schrijvers was the only remaining player from 1970s glory era for Holland.
Though by fall, Ernie Brandts and Willy van der Kerkhof would play for Holland.

-Dutch manager Kees Rijvers only managed Holland for one more match. His last match was the World Cup qualifier vs. Hungary on October 17, 1984 that resulted in a 2 to 1 home loss.
He resigned as Holland manager by November and Rinus Michels was appointed as Holland manager.
Rijvers played for Feyenoord (like many of the players on either team) and also French club AS Saint Etienne (like Denmark’s Sivebaek).
He also managed PSV Eindhoven, like non-playing substitute Ronald Koeman.

-This was Dutchman Andre Hoekstra’s one and only cap for Holland and he scored one goal.

Photo From: Sport Illustrierte, Fussball Sport, Fussball 1984 Sonderheft
(Ole Madsen and van Tiggelen)

-Holland made no substitutions during the match.

-The match was played in Ajax’s home stadium of De Meer and they were four players from both sides who were playing in their home stadium.

-Holland were missing Ajax’s Marco van Basten, Gerald Vanenburg and Pete Boeve, as well as Groningen’s Erwin Koeman, Ronald’s brother.
Groningen’s Bud Brocken appeared to be out of national team reckoning.
With Michel Valke and Willy van der Kerkhof missing, there were no PSV players in the Dutch lineup, which was a rare occurrence.

-This was Denmark’s worst defeat since losing to Romania 1 to 6 in an EC Qualifier in Bucharest on March 11, 1975.

-Denmark’s Jan Molby was an Ajax player and was teammates with Holland’s Ophof, Silooy, Rijkaard and Koeman.
Denmark’s absent midfielder Jesper Olsen was also an Ajax player.
Denmark’s absent defender Morten Olsen managed Ajax in the 1990s and is the current Denmark National team manager.
Denmark’s absent midfielders Soren Lerby and Frank Arnesen were also former Ajax players.
Wim Kieft, Vanenburg, Ronald Koeman, Arenesen and Lerby were past Ajax players and future PSV Eindhoven players.
Denmark’s Ivan Nielsen also eventually joined PSV in 1986 and was teammates with the above-mentioned players.
Holland’s Rene van der Gijp joined PSV Eindhoven as well the following season, as did Denmark’s Kenneth Brylle.
Michael Laudrup and his younger brother Brian also eventually played for Ajax Amsterdam.
Holland’s Adri van Tiggelen was another future PSV player.

-Denmark’s Ole Kjær, John Sivebak, Ole Madsen and Allan Simonsen were the only home based players, all the rest were on foreign teams.
All Holland players played in Holland except van der Gijp and Kieft.

-Holland’s van der Gijp and Denmark’s Elkjaer were teammates at Belgian club Lokeren.

-Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard, Adri van Tiggelen, Wim Kieft, Joop Hiele and Ronald Koeman were members of the victorious Dutch squad that won the 1988 UEFA European Championships.

-Denmark’s John Sivebaek was a member of squad that won the 1992 edition. That Denmark squad also included Michael Laudrup’s younger brother Brian as well as Jan Molby’s cousin.  
-Holland’s Adri van Tiggelen eventually joined Belgium’s Anderlecht where he was teammates with Denmark’s Per Frimann.

-Denmark became the surprise team of the 1984 UEFA European Championships and reached the semi finals.
This team also qualified for the 1986 World Cup for the first time.
The term ‘Danish Dynamite’ was coined for this generation that played an attacking attractive game.

-After his successful performances in the Euros, Preben Elkjaer transferred to Italy’s Verona and won the scudetto in 1985.

-Holland’s Kieft and Koeman and Denmark’s Nielsen were teammates on the PSV Eindhoven team that won the 1988 Champions Cup.

-Holland’s Koeman and Denmark’s Laudrup were teammates at Barcelona under manager Johann Cruijff.
They won the Champions Cup together in 1992.
Both also managed in Spain with Valencia and Getafe respectively. Laudrup is the current manager of Swansea in the EPL, while Koeman manages Feyenoord.
Allan Simonsen is a former Barcelona player.

-Holland’s Gullit and Rijkaard also won the Champions Cup with AC Milan in 1989 and 1990.

-Rijkaard also won it with Ajax in 1995. Sonny Silooy was also part of that Ajax squad though he did not play.
Rijkaard also managed the Dutch national team (1998-2000) and has also managed Barcelona to the Champions League triumph in 2006.

-Denmark’s Jens Jorn Bertelesen assumed captaincy in the Second Half, after Simonsen was substituted.

-Denmark’s Allan Simonsen was captain as Morten Olsen was unavailable.
Simonsen broke his leg in a collision with France’s Yvon Le Roux in the first match of the Euros on June 12, 1984 (France won 1-0) and had a lengthy injury recovery.

-Denmark’s Michael Laudrup was playing for Serie A’s Lazio on loan from Juventus. He had turned down Liverpool to join Juventus.

-Denmark’s Simonsen and Holland’s Gullit won the Ballon d’Or in 1977 and 1987 respectively.

-This was Denmark goalkeeper Ole Kjaer’s last cap. His poor performance ended his national team career. After this Troels Rasmussen and Ole Qvist disputed the number one position with Qvist getting the job for the Euros.

Holland’s Gullit, Rijkaard and Kieft and Denmark’s Sivebaek, Laudrup and Elkjaer all played in Italy’s Serie A in their career.
All except Sivebaek won Serie A scudettos in their career.

Holland’s Gullit and Denmark’s Sivebaek, Molby and Simonsen all played in the English League in their career.
Molby won League titles with Liverpool.

Holland’s Silooy and Kieft and Denmark’s Sivebaek, Bertelesen and Brylle all played in the French League in their career.

Holland’s Silooy and Denmark’s Hansen, Simonsen and Elkjaer all played in the West German Bundesliga in their career.

Holland’s van Tiggelen, van der Gijp and Houtman and Denmark’s Frimann, Brylle and Elkjaer all played in the Belgian League in their career.

Holland’s Koeman and Rijkaard and Denmark’s Lauridsen, Simonsen and Laudrup all played in the Spanish League in their career.

-Denmark’s John Sivebaek as well Denmark’s absent duo of Lerby and Busk all played for France’s AS Monaco in their career.

-Denmark’s Brylle and Holland’s Houtman both played for Belgium’s Club Brugge in their career.

Match Reports:

Het Nederlands Elftal, De Histoire van Oranje, 1905-1989 / Foot Magazine, April 1984

Match Video / Highlights:

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