Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Debate Topic, Part Three

Continuing the theme from the first debate on Brazilian Soccer, let’s analyze another of Brazil’s most criticized personalities, Sebastiano Lazaroni.
His stewardship of the Brazil national Team (1989/90) remains a sore topic for most Brazilian fans and observers, so let’s take a in closer look.
Was he justified to adopt European tactics? Did that set the stage perhaps for victory in 1994? Which player selections  worked, which didn’t?
What is his legacy?

Note: In one of my ‘Soccer Memories’ I discuss this

Photo From: Soccer International, August 1990
(Sebastiano Lazaroni)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, October 1989, Issue 96
(Romario, July 30, 1989, World Cup Qualifier, Venezuela 0-Brazil 4)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, December 1989
(Brazil squad, October 14, 1989, Italy 0-Brazil 1, Top, left to right: Iomar do Nascimento Mazinho’, Cláudio André Mergen  ‘Taffarel’, Jorge de Amorim Campos  ‘Jorginho’,    Mauro Geraldo Galvão, ‘Aldair’ Nascimento dos Santos, Ricardo Rogério de Brito Alemão’, Bottom, left to right: Luís Antônio Corrêa da Costa ‘Müller’, Antônio de Oliveira Filho Careca’  , Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri  ‘Dunga’Paulo ‘Silas’ do Prado Pereira, Ricardo Roberto Barreto da Rocha)


  1. After all he won a Copa America and, if it wasn't for all the goals missed by his players vs.argentina (I remember an attacking match, with bars and posts hit by brazil's shots), he would be remembered as a winning coach. In Italy we basically remember him because his funny spoken italian as coach of Fiorentina.

  2. The defense was certainly solid but even vs Costa Rica and scotland they had difficulty in scoring more

  3. Bebeto who had been a star at the copa was inexplicably dropped by the time of wc at the expense of muller, romario was just back from injury so it was understandable that he did not start

  4. At least they had the prolific Careca. Yes, those two would have helped a lot. I can't undersand the insistence on Muller, even in '86 he played a few matches.

  5. It's not like they were not creating opportunities, they just were not putting them in the net, is that a coaching problem or player personnel is a difficult question to answer

  6. It is also important to note that after the defeat against Argentina Branco said that the players felt different during the match and many years later Maradona told the TV in Argentina that they put tranquilizers in the water and gave it to brazilian players.
    Hard to know if it changed something or not

  7. that story has been going around, I guess we will never know for sure, but even in earlier matches they had difficulty scoring despite dominating

  8. Brazil created more goal scoring chances than any other team in the 1990 world cup. They should have taken care of argentina in the second round but missed chance after chance. Lazaroni selected muller because of his world cup experience in 1986.. But bebeto should have played.the team that won the 89 copa america were better than the one that played the 1990 world cup. Its a shame romario was injured. If argentina did drug the brazilian players then it didnt really help because brazil absolutely dominated the match.. People say the 1990 brazil team was their worse world cup team but i would say 1966 1974 2006 and 2010 were worse than 1990.