Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trivia and Facts-Part 30

1- AS Roma teammates Rudi Voeller and Giuseppe Giannini had made a bet prior ot the 1990 World Cup.
If Italy won the World Cup, Voeller would have to shave his moustache.
If West Germany won, Giannini would have to cut his long hair, which he did.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, May 1991
(Rudi Voeller)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, May 1991
(Giuseppe Giannini)

2-During the Friendly match between France and England Amateurs on November 1, 1906 (0-15 England win), England were awarded a penalty kick after France’s Fernand Canelle committed an involuntary handball in the area.
As a gesture of fair play, England’s Vivian Woodward voluntarily missed the penalty kick.
At that point the score was 0-11.

Photo From: L'Equipe, L'equipe de France de Football,La Belle Histoire
(November 1, 1906, France 0-England (Amateur) 15)

3- England striker Geoff Hurst scored 4 penalty kicks in the space of 48 hours.
He scored 2 penalty kicks for England on March 12, 1969 in a 5 to 0 win vs. France and two days later on March 14, 1969, he scored 2 other penalty kicks for West Ham United against Coventry in a 2-5 loss.

Photo From: England, The Complete Post-War Record, Author Mike Payne
(Geoff Hurst scoring one of his penalty kicks past French goalkeeper Georges Carnus, March 12, 1969, England 5-France 0)

Photo From: England, Player by Player, Author Graham Betts
(Geoff Hurst)

4-On the days leading to Red Star Belgrade’s Champions League matchup with Panathinaikos on March 4, 1992, Red Star’s Darko Pancev was involved in a political controversy.
This was at the outbreak of the breakup and civil war in the former Yugoslavia.
Upon entering Greece with the rest of his teammates he had declared his nationality on his passport as Macedonian.
Due to Greece’s dispute over the name of Macedonia, he was detained at the airport for hours before being allowed to cross the border.
Naturally, he was very motivated for the match and scored both of Red Star’s goals in a 2-0 away win.

Photo From: World Soccer, June 1991
(Darko Pancev, May 29, 1991, Champions Cup, Red Star Belgrade 0-Olympique Marseille 0) 

5-Prior to Marcel Desailly’s debut  for France on August 22, 1993 vs. Sweden, he was asked by France Manager Gerard Houiller if he had ever played as a right back.
Urged by his Nantes Academy friend and teammate Didier Deschamps he replied yes even though he had never played as one.
Didier Deschamps had told him to seize any opportunity when it came to the national team duty.

Photo From:  Onze-Mondial, July 1998
(Marcel Desailly and Christian Vieri, July 3, 1998, World Cup, France 0-Italy 0)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, February 2001
(Marcel Desailly, August 22, 1993, World Cup Qualifier, Sweden 1-France 1)

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