Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Magazine Awards, Part Three

France Football’s Ballon d’Or:

Year 1985:
Player of the year: Michel Platini (Juventus and France)

Photo from: France Football, December 24, 1985 Issue 2072
(Michel Platini on the cover of France Football)

Onze’s Onze d’Or:

Year 1978:
Player of the year: Mario Kempes (Valencia and Argentina)

Photo from: Onze, December 1978
(Krankl, Kempes and Rensenbrink on the cover of Onze)

World Soccer’s Player of the Year:

Year 1984:
Player of the year: Michel Platini (Juventus and France)
Manager of the Year: Michel Hidalgo (France)
Team of the year: France

Photo from: World Soccer, December 1984
(Ian Rush, Zico and Michel Platini on the cover of World Soccer)

World Soccer Player of the Year

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  1. Thanks the author.

    I love Michel Platini and Les Bleus very much. He gives me an idol. From this FF magazine, we can see that many journalists also have biased for his country. Such as Austri delegation puts Prohaska on Top 5, Bulgaria puts Dimitrov etc..