Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Events and Consequences, Part Ten

1- Event:
Algeria’s war of Independence vs. France in the 1950s.

French Internationals of Algerian descent: Mustapha Zitouni, Rachid Mekloufi and Abdelaziz Ben Tifour  left France on April 14, 1958 to join FLN (Front de Liberation National).
Zitouni was deprived of the 1958 World Cup which allowed Robert Joncquet to take his spot in the Finals squad.

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 89, June 1967
(Rachid Mekloufi)

Photo From: Les Bleus Author Denis Chaumier, 2004
(Abdelaziz Ben Tifour)

2- Event:
Olympique Lyonnais’ Serge Chiesa refusing a National Team call-up from France Manager Stefan Kovacs on November 13, 1974.

Chiesa explained that he  did not want to be away from his familly and had decided that he no longer wanted to play for the National Team.
This incident caused a big scandal at the time and Chiesa was even called a deserter.
To this day this incident is always referenced when a French player refuses to play for the National Team.

Photo From: (Magazine Source unknown) / Contribution From a blog viewer
(Serge Chiesa, October 13, 1973, West Germany 2-France 1)

3- Event:
Danish midfielder Jesper Olsen’s erroneous backpass to his goalkeeper that was intercepted by Spain’s Emilio Butragueno to score on June 18, 1986 during a World cup second round match (Spain 5-Denmark 1).

At this point Denmark were up 1-0 from a penalty kick by Jesper Olsen himself. However, his error just before halftime, allowed Spain back into the game and they scored 4 more goals in the second half (Butragueno himself scored 4 of the 5 goals).
The term ‘Rigtig Jesper Olsen’ which translates to ‘a real Jesper Olsen’ became part of the Danish Lexicon . When someone commits a blunder in any sphere or walk of life, it is said that the person has made a ‘Rigtig Jesper Olsen’.

Photo From: Kicker Sportsmagazin Edition, 100 Jahre Deutsche Landerspiele
(Jesper Olsen and Thomas Berthold, June 13, 1986, World Cup, Denmark 2-West Germany 0)

4- Event:
Juventus Striker Marco Pacione’s performance vs. Barcelona on March 19, 1986

Marco Pacione was a promising young striker signed from Atalanta in the summer of 1985 as an extra attacking option.
However, his name in the history books will solely be remembered due to his disastrous performance vs. Barcelona in the second Leg of the Champions Cup Quarterfinals on march 19, 1986 that ended in 1-1 tie and Juventus were eliminated having lost the first leg 0-1.
In this return leg, he missed so many unmissable opportunities. During the League season itself he failed to score a single goal.
He was offloaded at the end of the season drifted from club to club (Verona, Torino, Genoa) without much success, his career seemingly blighted by this one performance.

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, June 20-26, 1984
(Marco Pacione at Atalanta, 1983/84)

5- Event:
Welsh goalkeeper Jack Kelsey’s collision with Brazil’s Vava on May 16, 1962

During a Friendly vs. Brazil in Sao Paulo on May 16, 1962 (3 to 1 Brazil win), Welsh goalkeeper Alfred John ‘Jack” Kelsey collided with Vava and in doing so damaged his spine.
During the medical examination it was revealed that he had a deformity in his spine that would have prevented from playing at all had it been discovered before.

After a few months he was forced to retire.

Photo From: Wales, The Complete who’s who of Footballers Since 1946, Author” Dean P. Hayes
(Jack Kelsey making a save)

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