Thursday, December 18, 2014

Short International Careers, Part Eight

1- Franz Roth
Franz Roth was a West German midfielder who represented Bayern Munich for over a decade during its glory days with teammates Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller.
He scored Bayern Munich’s title winning goals for the 1967 Cup Winners Cup vs. Rangers Glasgow and 1976 Champions Cup vs. Saint Etienne.
Despite his solid performances he only earned four caps in a three year period.
For his first cap, he started in a  European Championship Qualifier vs. Yugoslavia  (October 7, 1967, West Germany 3-Yugoslavia 1).
He earned his final three caps, three years later.
For his second cap, he replaced Erich Maas in the 46th minute in a friendly vs. Romania (April 8, 1970, West Germany 1-Romania 1).
His third cap, he started in a friendly vs. Yugoslavia (November 18, 1970, Yugoslavia 2-West Germany 0).
His fourth and final cap was in a friendly vs. Greece on November 22, 1970 at Pireaus that the West Germans won 3 to 1.  He replaced Wolfgang Overath in the 35th minute.

Photo From: World Soccer, September 1969
(Franz Roth)

2- Mario Been
Mario Been was a Dutch midfielder that starred for Feyenoord in the 1980s and was a member of the title winning side of 1984 with Gullit and Cruyff as teammates.
He earned his solitary cap in a World Cup qualifier vs. Austria at Vienna on November 14, 1984 (Austria 1-Holland 0). In that match he replaced Ton Lokhoff in the 73rd minute.
He did not earn any more caps despite a stint in the Serie A with Pisa in 1988/90.

Photo From: Voetbal International, August 24, 1985
(Mario Been in an advertisement)

3- Stuart Ripley
English Winger Stuart Ripley was a member of the Blackburn Rovers squad  that clinched the English Premier League Title in 1995 with Alan Shearer.
He earned two caps in a four year span.
For his first cap, he started in a  World Cup Qualifier vs. San Marino  (November 17, 1993, San Marino 1-England 7).
For his second cap, he replaced David Beckham in the 68th minute in a World Cup Qualifier vs. Moldova (September 10, 1997, England 4-Moldova 0).
He was replaced 8 minutes later by Nicky Butt.

Photo From: Goal, October 1995
(Stuart Ripley with Anders Limpar on the left, August 13, 1995, Charity Shield, Everton 1-Blackburn Rovers 0)

4- Massimo Carrera
Italian and Juventus defender Massimo Carrera earned his solitary cap in a friendly vs. San Marino on February 19, 1992  (Italy 4-San Marino 0).
He replaced Moreno Mannini in the 46th minute.

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, September 18-24, 1991
(Massimo Carrera with Ruud Gullit, September 15, 1991, Juventus 1-AC Milan 1)

5- Jesus Solana
Spanish and Real Madrid defender Jesus Solana earned his solitary cap in a World Cup Qualifier vs. Republic of Ireland in Sevilla on November 16, 1988  (Spain 2-Republic of Ireland 0).
He replaced Enrique ‘Quique’ Sanchez Flores in the 84th minute.
His international career comprised of 6 minutes only.

Photo From: Don Balon, Extra Liga 88/89
(Jesus Solana)

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