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October 14, 1989-Italy 0-Brazil 1

October 14, 1989
Italy 0-Brazil 1
Venue: Bologna -Stadio Renato Dall'Ara
Attendance: 33,800
Referee: Helmut Kohl (Austria)
Goalscorers: (Italy): None
                    (Brazil): André Alves da Cruz 77th

1-Walter Zenga (Internazionale Football Club- Milano)   [30 / 0]
2- Giuseppe Bergomi  (Internazionale Football Club- Milano)   [60 / 6]    
3-Luigi De Agostini (Juventus Football Club-Torino) [20 / 3]
4-Franco Baresi (Associazione Calcio Milan)   [35 / 1]  
5-Riccardo Ferri (Internazionale Football Club- Milano) [27 / 4] (13-Ciro Ferrara (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli) [12 / 0] 46th)
6-Nicola Berti (Internazionale Football Club- Milano)    [9 / 3]
7-Roberto Baggio (Associazione Calcio Fiorentina-Firenze) [5 / 3]
8-Fernando De Napoli (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli) [33 / 1]  
9-Gianluca Vialli (Unione Calcio Sampdoria-Genova)  [39 / 11]
10-Giuseppe Giannini (Associazione Sportiva Roma) [29 / 3]  (15-Luca Fusi (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli)  [4 / 0] 58th)
11-Andrea Carnevale (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli)   [4 / 2]

Coach: Azeglio Vicini

Other Subs:
12-Stefano Tacconi (Juventus Football Club-Torino)
14-Paolo Maldini (Associazione Calcio Milan)   
16-Massimo Crippa (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli)   
17-Giancarlo Marocchi (Juventus Football Club-Torino)
18-Roberto Mancini (Unione Calcio Sampdoria-Genova)

Team Captain: Giuseppe Bergomi
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Diadora
Uniform Colors: Blue Shirts, White Shorts, Blue Socks

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, October  18-24, 1989
(Italy squad Top, left to right: Walter Zenga, Riccardo Ferri, Nicola Berti, Andrea Carnevalle, Giuseppe Bergomi, Luigi De Agostini, Bottom, left to right: Fernando De Napoli, Giuseppe Giannini, Roberto Baggio, Gianluca Vialli, Franco Baresi )

1- Cláudio André Mergen  ‘Taffarel’ (Sport Club Internacional- Porto Alegre) [22 / 0]
Jorge de Amorim Campos  ‘Jorginho’ (Turn und Sportverein Bayer 04 Leverkusen / West Germany) [18 / 2]
‘Aldair’ Nascimento dos Santos (Sport Lisboa e Benfica / Portugal) [13 / 0] (14-André Alves da Cruz (Associação Atlética Ponte Preta- São Paulo) [13 / 1] 70th)
Mauro Geraldo Galvão  (Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas- Rio de Janeiro[16 / 0]
Ricardo Roberto Barreto da Rocha (São Paulo Futebol Clube- São Paulo[11 / 0] 
Iomar do Nascimento Mazinho’ (Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama - Rio de Janeiro[15 / 0]
Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri  ‘Dunga’ (Associazione Calcio Fiorentina-Firenze / Italy) [17 / 1]
Ricardo Rogério de Brito Alemão’ (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli / Italy) [28 / 5] (15-‘Geovani’ Silva  (Bologna Football Club / Italy) [20 / 5] 88th)
Paulo ‘Silas’ do Prado Pereira (Sporting Clube de Portugal- Lisboa / Portugal) [24 / 1] (16-Mílton Queiroz da Paixão Tita’ (Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama - Rio de Janeiro) [29 / 6] 68th)
 Luís Antônio Corrêa da Costa ‘Müller’  (Torino Calcio 1906 / Italy) [26 / 4]
Antônio de Oliveira Filho Careca’  (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli / Italy) [41 / 21]

Coach: Sebastiano Lazaroni
Booked: Carlos Dunga 53rd

Other Subs:
12- ‘Acácio’ Cordeiro Barreto (Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama - Rio de Janeiro
13-  ‘Josimar’ Higinio Pereira  (Clube de Regatas Flamengo- Rio de Janeiro)
17-’Bismarck’ Barreto Faria (Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama - Rio de Janeiro)   

Team Captain: Antônio de Oliveira Filho Careca’  
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Topper
Uniform Colors: Yellow Shirts, Blue Shorts , White Socks

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, October  18-24, 1989
(Brazil squad Top, left to right: Mazinho, Claudio Taffarel, Jorginho,  Mauro Galvao, Aldair, Alemao , Bottom, left to right: Luis Muller, Antonio Careca, Carlos Dunga, Silas, Ricardo Rocha)


-Match number 463 for Italy and number 531 for Brazil.

-This was the 10th meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as the previous match on neutral soil and Italy’s previous victory, was the World Cup Finals match at Barcelona’s Sarria Stadium on July 5, 1982 that Italy won 3 to 2.
Italian player: Giuseppe Bergomi was present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
He replaced Fulvio Collovati in the 34th minute in that match.
This is Italy‘s last victory to date over Brazil.
Franco Baresi was a member of the 1982 squad, though he did not play.
Brazil’s Careca was part of the original Brazil 1982 World cup squad, but was ruled out just prior to the tournament through injury.
Italy manager Azeglio Vicini was one of Enzo Bearzot’s assistants.

-The previous match between the nations and Brazil’s previous victory was also on neutral soil, The World Cup Third Place match on June 24, 1978 at Buenos Aires’ Estadio Monumental that Brazil won 2 to 1.

-The previous match between the nations on Italian soil was a Friendly on June 9, 1973 at Roma’s Stadio Olimpico that Italy won 2 to 0.

-The next match between the nations, also at a neutral venue, would be the World Cup Final on July 17, 1994 at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Stadium in California that ended in a scoreless tie, but Brazil won penalty kick shootout 3 to 2.
Italy players: Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini, Nicola Berti and Roberto Baggio and Brazil players: Taffarel, Jorginho, Aldair, Dunga and Mazinho were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Mazinho was booked in that match.
Brazilian Dunga scored from his penalty kick attempt, while Baresi and Baggio missed for Italy.
Dunga and Baresi captained their respective sides.

-The only previous time, that the nations played on Brazilian soil was a Friendly on July 1, 1956 at Rio’s Maracana Stadium that Brazil won 2 to 0.

-Brazil’s next victories over Italy would be in 2009. The first would be a friendly at London’s Emirates Stadium on February 10, 2009, that Brazil won 2 to 0.
A few months later on June 21, 2009, during a Confederations Cup group match on June 21, 2009, Brazil won 3 to 0 at Tshwane/Pretoria’s Loftus Versfeld Stadium in South Africa.
Carlos Dunga was Brazil’s Manager in both matches.

-On October 1,, 1989, the International Federation of Football Staticians had named Walter Zenga as the World’s Best Goalkeeper.

-Brazil’s Manager Sebastiano Lazaroni had been appointed as Brazil’s Manager on January 15, 1989.
He had controversially sought to ‘Europeanize’ Brazil’s tactics and playing style.
As stated in previous entries on this blog, Mauro Galvao was used as a sweeper even though he did not play that position for his club. This period is often referred to as ‘Dunga era’. The tough and combative Dunga was seen as a symbol of this rugged, physical and non-attractive playing style.
Lazaroni had won the Copa America just few months earlier on July 16, 1989.
This was Brazil’s first title in Copa America since 1949.
This was Brazil’s official title since the 1970 World Cup.
Brazil had qualified for the World Cup just the month before in two very bad tempered matches with Chile.
The first leg had led to sending off of Romario and the second leg on September 3 is famous for the firecracker incident with Chile’s goalkeeper Roberto Rojas.

-This 1989 match was the last match to date on Italian soil.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Hors Serie 3
(Gianluca Vialli, Aldair and Ricardo Rocha)

-On September 3, 1989, former Italian international Gaetano Scirea had been killed in a car accident on a supervising mission in Poland for Juventus.

-The match referee Helmut Kohl of Austria was namesake of then West German Chancellor. He passed away on September 26, 1991, aged 48. He officiated during the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

-This match was a high profile friendly, as Italy was preparing to host the World Cup the following summer. Bologna’s stadium was one of the venues for the World Cup matches.
Italy was the second nation after Mexico to host the World Cup twice. They had previously hosted in 1934.

-Italy were missing AC Milan’s Roberto Donadoni and Carlo Ancelloti.
Luigi De Agostini started at left back instead of ususal starter Paolo Maldini of AC Milan.
Also missing was Internazionale Milano striker Aldo Serena, who had been the top goalscorer of Serie A, the previous season.

-Prior to the match, Former Italy Manager Ferruccio Valcareggi and former International Angelo Schiavio were honored. Both were former Bologna players.
Schiavio scored Italy’s winning goal during the Final of 1934 World Cup. He passed away a few months later on April 17, 1990.

-Also in the audience were: Argentina Manager Carlos Bilardo, Spain Manager Luis Suarez, West Germany Manager Franz Beckenbauer, Yugoslavia Manager Ivica Osim, former Real Madrid great Francisco Gento and former Italy striker Paolo Rossi.

-Italy’s was in the midst of Baggio-mania after his impressive two-goal performance in Italy’s previous friendly vs. Bulgaria on September 20, 1989 (4 to 0 win). However, he was anonymous like most of his teammates for this match.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, January 1994
(Roberto Baggio)

-Brazil were missing Romario (PSV Eindhoven), Carlos Mozer (Olympique Marseille), Claudio Branco (Porto) and Valdo (Benfica) who were not released by their European clubs.
Striker Bebeto (Vasco da Gama) was also missing, as well as defender Ricardo Raimundo Gomes (Benfica).
Bebeto and Romario had been the heroes of the 1989 Copa triumph.
Romario would suffer an injury in the New Year that sidelined him for many months and he just barely made the World Cup Finals squad, though he was clearly in no shape to start. Bebeto would lose his starting position by the time of the World Cup to Torino based Luis Muller.

-As far as this match itself, the Italian press remarked how Brazilians played like Italians and vice versa.
They noted how Brazil played with five defenders, four in a flat formation in front of one libero.
Brazil were considered superior opponents for that day.

-They played superior defensively unknown for a Brazilian up until then and generally controlled the match.
Italy’s Franco Baresi was considered the best player on the field that day.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Europe 1, Special Coupe du Monce , Italie 1990
(Franco Baresi)

-Brazil scored their winner on the 77th minute from a curling free kick from substitute Andre Cruz who had just come on 7 minutes earlier in place of Aldair.
This was Andre Cruz’s first and only goal for Brazil.
This was Brazil’s first and up to date only win on Italian soil.

-Carlos Dunga was booked after protesting to the referee after a foul on Giannini.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, November 1989
(Gianluca Vialli, Silas and Dunga)

-Italy’s best chance was in the 59th minute when Carnevalle hit the post after being sent clear by Giannini.

-The defensive nature of this match reflected the play during the upcoming World cup, where most teams played in a very defensive fashion.

-After the match, Lazaroni said he was satisfied with the progress of his team since the Copa and felt they would have been even stronger had the absent players been present.

-In the days leading up to this match, Lazaroni had observed World Cup qualifiers (October 4, West Germany 6-Finland 1), (October 6, Czechoslovakia 2-Portugal 1),  (October 8, East Germany 2-USSR 1), (October 11, Hungary 2-Spain 2 ).

-This was Italy’s first home loss since losing to Wales on June 4, 1988 at Brescia (0-1).
Italy’s next home loss would be a friendly vs. France on February 16, 1994 at Napoli (0-1 loss).
Note: The 1990 Semifinal penalty kick loss vs. Argentina was at home, but the match had ended in a 1-1 tie.

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, October  18-24, 1989
(Gianluca Vialli and Ricardo Rocha)

-After conceding this goal, Walter Zenga did not concede a goal, until the World Cup Finals semifinal vs. Argentina on July 3, 1990 (1 to 1 tie, Penalty kick shoot-out Argentina win).
The Sequence of matches included:
November 11, 1989, Italy 1-Algeria 0
November 15, 1989, England 0-Italy 0
December 21, 1989, Italy 0-Argentina 0
February 21, 1990, Holland 0-Italy 0
March 31, 1990, Italy 1-Switzerland 0
May 30, 1990, Italy 0-Greece 0 (though unofficial)
June 9, 1990, Italy 1-Austria 0 (World Cup)
June 14, 1990, Italy 1-USA 0 (World Cup)
June 19, 1990, Italy 2-Czechoslovakia 0 (World Cup)
June 25, 1990, Italy 2-Uruguay 0 (World Cup)
June 30, 1990, Italy 1-Republic of Ireland 0 (World Cup)
In the World Cup itself, he did not concede a goal for 517 minutes.

-As the sequence above shows, Italy went through a goalscoring drought as well.
After this match and until the World Cup, Italy scored just two goals. Andrea Carnevalle, Roberto Mancini and Aldo Serena were the candidates vying for a starting spot alongside Gianluca Vialli in the attack.
However, due to the scoring problems, Italy called up the emerging Salvatore Schillaci prior to the World Cup as an extra option and he took the opportunity with open hands.

Photo From: World Soccer, Novem,ber 1989
(Silas and Roberto Baggio)

-Carlos Dunga is the current Brazilian national Team manager. He was also previously Manager from 2006 to 2010.

-Brazil’s Dunga, Alemao, Geovani, Muller and Careca were all playing for Italian Serie A clubs (except Muller who was in Serie B with Torino).
Dunga was teammates at Fiorentina with Roberto Baggio.
Alemao and Careca were teammates at Napoli with Ferrara, De Napoli, Carnevalle, Crippa and Luca Fusi.
Taffarell, Aldair, Mazinho and Silas would join Serie A clubs the following season. They joined Parma, Roma, Lecce and Cesena respectively.
Aldair would become teammates with Giannini at Roma.
Andre Cruz would eventually also end up playing in the Serie A many years later, playing for Napoli and AC Milan (with Paolo Maldini as a teammate) among others.
Silas would join Sampdoria in 1991 and become teammates with Vialli and Mancini.

-Brazil’s Geovani was the only Bologna player during the match; he came on the field two minutes from the end.
After the 1988 Olympics he was being proclaimed as Brazil’s next great hope, however, he did not live up to the hype and was benched by Lazaroni in the Copa America. He failed to make the World Cup finals squad. He appeared for Brazil in their next friendly on November 14, 1989 vs, Yugoslavia (scoreless tie) and played his final match in a friendly vs. Wales on September 11, 1991 (0-1 loss).
During his season at Bologna he was considered as one of the biggest foreign player flops.

-It was surprising that the Italian unused substitute Giancarlo Marocchi of Juventus did not see any playing time. Since, he was a former Bologna player (and future one as well) and he might have gotten the crowd more behind Italy.

-Of the Brazilian players on the field and on the bench, Geovani, Josimar and the goalscorer Andre Cruz failed to make the World Cup 1990 Finals squad.
Non-playing substitute Josimar, one of the revelations of the 1986 World Cup, was axed by Lazaroni after many off the field legal and personal problems.

-Luca Fusi and Massimo Crippa were the only Italians who did not make the World Cup 1990 Finals squad.

-Brazilians Taffarel, Mazinho, Mauro Galvao, Andre Cruz, Geovani, Tita, Acacio, Josimar, Aldair, Alemao, Dunga and Silas were part of the 1989 Copa America winning squad.

-Brazil’s Tita earned his first cap in 1979, Mauro Galvao earned his first cap in 1986, but was only called up again in early 1989 by Lazaroni.

-Brazil and Napoli midfielder Ricardo Alemao had briefly lost his starting position during the Copa America, but would regain it by the time of the World Cup. He was one of the strongest and vocal proponents of Lazaroni’s defensive tactics.

-Brazil’s Muller, Careca, Josimar, Alemao, Mauro Galvao and Silas were members of the 1986 World Cup Finals squad.
Italy’s Giuseppe Bergomi, Fernando De Napoli, Gianluca Vialli and Walter Zenga were members of Italy’s 1986 World Cup Finals squad.

Photo From: World Soccer, Novem,ber 1989
(Andrea Carnevalle between Mazinho and Andre Cruz)

-Brazil’s Taffarell, Jorginho, Ricardo Rocha, Dunga, Aldair, Mazinho and Muller were members of the 1994 World cup winning squad.
Italy’s Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, Nicola Berti, Roberto Baggio were their Final opponents that day on July 17, 1994.
Brazil’s Mazinho earned his last cap for Brazil at that match.

-Mazinho is the father of current Bayern Miunich and Spanish international Thiago Alcantara. His other son, Rafinha Alcantara has opted for Brazil.
After joining Lecce for the 1990/91 season, he joined Fiorentina for 1991/92 season.

-Italy’s previous match at this venue was for a friendly vs. Greece (2-0 win) on October 8, 1986. This was Azeglio Vicini’s inaugural match for Italy.
Zenga, Bergomi, Baresi, De Napoli, Mancini, Vialli, Tacconi, Ferri and Giannini were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Bergomi scored both of Italy’s goals.

-Italy’s next match at this venue would be a European Championship qualifier on June 5, 1999 vs. Wales (4-0 win).
Paolo Maldini was present that day and scored one of Italy’s goals.

-Internazionale Milano players: Walter Zenga, Giuseppe Bergomi, Riccardo Ferri and Nicola Berti won the Scudetto the previous season.

-Napoli’s Careca, Alemao, Ciro Ferrara, Fernando De Napoli, Luca Fusi, Andrea Carnevale and Massimo Crippa won the Scudetto at the end of the season. They had also won the 1989 UEFA Cup vs. Stuttgart in May 1989.

-AC Milan’s Franco Baresi and Paolo Maldini won the Champions Cup at the end of that season vs. Benfica. They had also won the trophy the previous May vs. Steaua Bucharest.

-Sampdoria’s Gianluca Vialli and Roberto Mancini won the Cup Winners Cup at the end of that season vs. Anderlecht. They had also won the Coppa Italia the previous season.

-Juventus’ Luigi De Agostini, Stefano Tacconi and Giancarlo Marocchi won the UEFA Cup at the end of that season as well as the Coppa Italia. Their UEFA Cup Final opponents were Fiorentina that included Dunga and Roberto Baggio.

-On May 18, 1990, Roberto Baggio was transferred from Fiorentina to Juventus for 13 Million Dollars. That became the most expensive player transfer at the time.

-Brazil manager Sebastiano Lazaroni was appointed as Fiorentina manager for the following season. Carlos Dunga was one of his players there.

-This was Brazil’s first match vs. European opposition since a makeshift squad toured Europe in June 1989 and lost three matches to Sweden (June 16, 1-2), Denmark (June 18, 0-4) and Switzerland (June 21, 0-1).

-Italy faced three South American teams in 1989 and did not win in any of the encounters:
April 22, 1989, Italy 1-Uruguay 1
October 14, 1989, Italy 0-Brazil 1
December 21, 1989, Italy 0-Aregntina 0

-The entire Italian squad were home based, while for Brazil : Taffarel, Andre Cruz, Mauro Galvao, Ricardo Rocha, Mazinho, Tita, Acacio, Josimar and Bismarck were home based.

-After the Bosman ruling, the following Italian players played abroad: Zenga, Berti, Vialli, Giannini, Fusi and Mancini.

-Napoli teammates Luca Fusi and Ciro Ferrara were members of Juventus’ Scudetto winning squad of 1994/95 along with Gianluca Vialli, Roberto Baggio and Giancarlo Marocchi.

-The following season, Andrea Carnevalle would join AS Roma. However, early in the season he would be embroiled in a doping scandal with teammate Angelo Peruzzi and be suspended for a year.

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