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New Addition: FIFA Confederations Cup-Part One (1985 Artemio Franchi Trophy)

Nowadays the FIFA Confederations Cup is a regular Tournament that is hosted by the World Cup hosts one year ahead of the main event, as a dress rehearsal.
But for many years this Tournament was played in sporadic manner with no set guidelines.
The first attempt to launch this Tournament took place in 1985. The Defending European Champions France (winners in 1984) hosted Copa America winners Uruguay (winners in 1983) in Paris for what was referred to as  ‘The Artemio Franchi Trophy’. It was named after the late UEFA President, the Italian Artemio Franchi, who had been killed two years prior in a car accident.
This match would be the pre-cursor to the eventual FIFA Confederations Cup over a decade later.
This first match, played in August, was presented as a Gala match and a sort of a pre-season curtain raiser. It certainly was not perceived as an important match with a prestigious trophy at stake.
The attendance at Paris’ Parc des Princes was poor, only in the upwards of 20,000 were in the attendance.
Uruguay had already qualified for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and saw the match as part of their preparations.
Enzo Francescolli was the main attraction for the guests and he was being billed as a future star.
France, on the other hand, still had to qualify for the World Cup. Their last outing had been a disappointing World Cup qualifying loss at Bulgaria (0-2) in May.
For them, this was a preparatory match for the upcoming vital qualifiers.
France were missing a number of players through injury: defenders Manuel Amoros, Patrick Battiston, Leonard Specht and midfielder Jean Tigana.
This gave an opportunity for Yvon le Roux to earn a place in defense for the first time in over a year (since the 1984 Euros in fact).
He had lost his place the previous season due to a run on injuries. He had left his club Monaco in the summer and had regained his form for his new club Nantes.
Former Star Dominique Rocheteau was also recalled after a year (since the 1984 Euros as well). He had also regained his form with Paris St. Germain, who were league leaders at the time. Tigana’s absence was compensated by the inclusion of clubmate Thierry Tusseau. As Captain Michel Platini always led France, ably assisted by Bordeaux Captain Alain Giresse.
French Manager Henri Michel opted for a 4-4-2 formation with no wingers. He chose two distinct strikers in Rocheteau and Jose Toure.
For France, defender Maxime Bossis (who was playing in the Second Division with Racing Club Paris) was set to tie Marius Tresor’s record number of caps by playing in his 64th match for France.
As far as the match itself, France played an attractive match and were more cohesive as a unit.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 66, September 1985
(Maxime Bossis and Enzo Francescolli, August 21, 1985, Artemio Franchi Cup, France 2-Uruguay 0)

They scored as early as the 5th minute. Alain Giresse in the middle found Platini, who sent the ball in the box for the onrushing Rocheteau. He dribbled across the goalkeeper and scored with a low shot from a narrow angle.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 117, September 1985
(Domnique Rocheteau scoring France’s first goal, August 21, 1985, Artemio Franchi Cup, France 2-Uruguay 0)

Uruguay resorted to a more physical approach and had three players carded.
French goalkeeper Joel Bats was mostly a spectator. He did not have to make many saves for most of the match.
In the 56th minute, France doubled its lead. Alain Giresse sent a long range cross into the box; Toure trapped it and scored from close range.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 117, September 1985
(Jose Toure scoring France’s second goal, August 21, 1985, Artemio Franchi Cup, France 2-Uruguay 0)

Five minutes later, Platini struck the post with an indirect free kick.
Bats was called into action in the 65th minute and saved Venancio Ramos’ free kick.
Dominique Rocheteau scored another goal in the 79th minute that was called off due to offside.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 66, September 1985
(Sergio Santin taking a shot, August 21, 1985, Artemio Franchi Cup, France 2-Uruguay 0)

France’s display was praised and gave them confidence ahead of the qualifiers.
France Manager Henri Michel was very satisfied for the performance, especially of his striking duo of Rocheteau and Toure. He also praised Bossis’ performance as libero.
Bossis had been under some scrutiny due to the fact that he was playing in the Second Division and many questioned his worth as a lower Division player.
Bossis felt he had proven his critics wrong with his performance.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 66, September 1985
(Nelson Guttierez and Michel Platini, August 21, 1985, Artemio Franchi Cup, France 2-Uruguay 0)

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 66, September 1985
(Alain Giresse and Bossio, August 21, 1985, Artemio Franchi Cup, France 2-Uruguay 0)

Uruguay Manager Omar Borras regretted the fact that most of his players were scattered around various leagues and he had not had the adequate time to organize them.
This was just a first step in establishing a new Intercontinental Tournament.
There would be a seven-year wait, when another attempt would be made (King Fahd Cup in 1992) for a Tournament involving more Confederations.

Note: Argentina’s Abel Gnecco had been the designted choice  as the match referee. However, UEFA decided to chose a lottery to select the referee.
Gnecco won the lottery and remained as the referee. Chile’s Mario Lira and Ecuador’s Elias Jacome stayed as linesmen.

Photo From: Onze, Hors serie 27, 1986
(Joel Bats and Michel Platini with the trophy, August 21, 1985, Artemio Franchi Cup, France 2-Uruguay 0)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 117, September 1985
(France squad, Top, left to right: Thierry Tusseau, Yvon l;e Roux, Joel Bats, Luis Fernandez, William Ayache, Michel Bibard  ,Bottom, left to right; Dominique Rocheteau, Alain Giresse, Maxime Bossis, Michel Platini, Jose Toure  ,August 21, 1985, Artemio Franchi Cup, France 2-Uruguay 0)

Photo From: kicker_WM-Sonderheft_1986
(Uruguay squad, August 21, 1985, Artemio Franchi Cup, France 2-Uruguay 0)

August 21, 1985
France 2-Uruguay 0

Artemio Franci Trophy (Intercontinental Cup)

Venue: Paris -Parc des Princes
Attendance: 20,405
Referee: Abel Gnecco (Argentina) 
(France): Dominique Rocheteau 5, Jose Toure 56     
(Uruguay): None
1-Joel Bats (Paris Saint-Germain Football Club)
2-Michel Bibard (Paris Saint-Germain Football Club)
4-Yvon Le Roux (Football Club de Nantes)
5-Maxime Bossis (Racing Club de Paris)
3-William Ayache (Football Club de Nantes)
8-Alain Giresse (Girondins de Bordeaux Football Club)
7-Luis Fernandez (Paris Saint-Germain Football Club)
10-Michel Platini (captain) (Juventus Football Club-Torino / Italy)
6-Thierry Tusseau (Girondins de Bordeaux Football Club)
11-Jose Toure (Football Club de Nantes)
9-Dominique Rocheteau (Paris Saint-Germain Football Club)

Coach: Henri Michel
Other Subs:
12-Jean-François Domergue (Toulouse Football Club)
13-Philippe Vercruysse (Racing Club de Lens)
14-Bruno Bellone (Association Sportive de Monaco)
15-Yannick Stopyra (Toulouse Football Club)
16-Albert Rust (Football Club de Sochaux-Montbéliard)

1-Rodolfo Sergio Rodríguez (captain) (Santos Futebol Clube- Santos - São Paulo / Brazil)
4-Víctor Hugo Diogo Silva  (Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras- São Paulo / Brazil)
2-Nelson Daniel Gutiérrez Luongo (Corporación Deportiva Club Atlético Nacional-Medellin (Itagüí) / Colombia)
3-Darío Alfonso Pereyra (São Paulo Futebol Clube- São Paulo / Brazil)
6-José Alberto Batista González (Club Deportivo Español -Buenos Aires / Argentina)
5-Miguel Angel Bossio Bastianini (Club Atlético Peñarol Montevideo)
7-Venancio Ariel Ramos Villanueva (Racing Club de Lens / France
8-Jorge Walter Barrios (Olympiakos Syndesmos Filathlon Pirea-Pireas / Greece) (15-Mario Daniel Saralegui Iriarte (Club Atlético Peñarol Montevideo) 77th)
9-Enzo Françescoli Uriarte (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires / Argentina)
10-Sergio Santín Spinelli (Corporación Deportiva Club Atlético Nacional-Medellin (Itagüí) / Colombia)
11-Wilmar Rubens Cabrera Sappa (Valencia Club de Fútbol / Spain)  (16-Gustavo Dalto (Danubio Futbol Club Montevideo) 77th)

Coach: Omar Borras
Booked: Victor Diogo 19, Dario Pereyra 21, Nelson Guttierez 65
Other Subs:
12- Fernando Harry Alvez Mosquera (Club Atlético Peñarol Montevideo)
13- Eduardo Mario Acevedo Cardozo (Defensor Sporting Club Montevideo)  
14- Néstor Montelongo (Club Atlético Peñarol Montevideo)

Others called up for Uruguay’s squad:
César Javier Vega Perrone (Danubio Futbol Club Montevideo)
Daniel Martinez (Danubio Futbol Club Montevideo)

José Luis Zalazar Rodriguez  (Club Atlético Peñarol Montevideo)

Carlos Alberto Aguilera Nova (Club Nacional de Football Montevideo)
Amaro Carlos Nadal (Club Deportivo Cali / Colombia)
Jorge Orosmán Da Silva Echeverrito (Club Atlético de Madrid / Spain

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L'Integrale de L'Equipe de France de Football, Authors: J.M. and Pierre Cazal, Michel Oreggia, 1998

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