Monday, June 13, 2016

New Addition: ‘Les Diables Rouges’ and ‘Oranje’-Part 1

A new addition about the national teams as well as clubs of neighboring countries on Belgium and Holland through different decades

I. Belgium

National Team

An article previewing Belgium’s chances during the 1970 World Cup “Belgique a des belles Possibilites”
(Magazine / Language : Miroir du Football , Issue 129, April 1970 / French By Francois Thebaud)

An article previewing Belgium’s chances during the 1982 World Cup
(Magazine / Language : Foot Magazine, Issue 14, June 1982 / French By Phillipe Lacourt)

An article previewing Belgium’s chances during the 1994 World Cup “Devil ofa Job’
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, March 1994 / English By Keir Radnedge)

News and Club scene
Club profile of Anderlecht ‘Anderlecht seem set for honors’
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, April 1961 / English By Rene Boudry)

An article about Belgium’s club scene “waterschei win place in Europe’
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, July 1980 / English By Phillip Smith)

An article profiling Standard Liege and Anderelcht during the 1982/83 season “Anderlect Standard Au Corps a Corps”
(Magazine / Language : Onze, Issue 87, March 1983 / French By Henry Guldemont)

Belgian League matches November 1984 “Anderlecht sans pitie”  
(Magazine / Language : France Football, Issue 2015, November 20, 1984 / French By Michel Dubois)

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1961
(Belgium’s Laurent Verbiest)

II. Holland

National Team

Previewing Holland for the 1978 World Cup
(Magazine / Language : Onze, Hors Serie 7, 1978  / French By Phillipe de L’Estang)

Previewing Holland for the 1988 Euros “Dutch not a one man team”
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, June 1988 / English By Simon Kuper)

Previewing Holland for the 1996 Euros “The futuere is Orange”
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, June 1996 / English By Gavin Hamilton)

News and Club scene

An article about Groningen
(Magazine / Language : Voetbal International, Nummer 23 June 6-11, 1977 / Dutch By Johan Derksen)

An article about Holland’s club scene ‘FC Amsterdam surprise many‘
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, February 1975 / English By Chris Rhys)

Dutch league results, December 4-5, 1982
(Magazine / Language : Voetbal International, Nummer 49, December 6-11, 1982 / Dutch)

Club Profile of Ajax Amsterdam 1990/91
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, November 1990 / English By Simon Kuper)

An article about Holland news ‘Muhren’s the man to help Hiddink’

(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, February 1996 / English By Eric Nicholls)

Photo From: World Soccer, June 1996
(Holland’s Edgar Davids)

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