Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Addition: Interviews

Another new feature that I will be doing on this blog is to go through my older magazines and scan player/coach interviews.

The interviews will be one in english and one in French, as I have mostly French/English magazines.

For the first interviews I have chosen:

A cross intervierw between then Barcelona manager Johan Cruyff and Athletic Bilbao manager, the German Juup Heyncks 
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, April 1993 / English)

Cruyff and Heyncks interview

Johan Cruyff (World Cup Qualifier, October 12, 1977 , Northern Ireland 0-Holland 1)

An interview with Brazilian Captain Socrates
(Magazine / Language : Mondial, April 1985 / French)

Socrates Interview

Socrates celebrating with teammate Junior after scoring vs. Spain (World Cup June 1, 1986 Brazil 1-Spain 0)

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